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Reflections in a Sailor s Eyes

Author : Jack Binder
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True Stories from Faraway A selction of short stories from our three most popular books; Two's a Crew, Where Wild Winds Blow, and Around the World in Ever Increasing Circles, plus short stories published in Australian periodicals.

Physics of Sailing

Author : John Kimball
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Breaking down the complicated concepts of speed, acceleration, torque, fluid mechanics, and surface physics, Physics of Sailing provides a lively, easily accessible introduction to the basic science underlying the sport of sailing. It illustrates the many ways physics can be used to understand the principles of sailboat propulsion and how a scientific understanding of the boat, wind, and water can lead to more skillful sailing. After a brief but insightful tour of the history of sailing, the book explores the physics involved in making faster sailing crafts for both upwind and downwind sailing, including Newton’s impact theory of fluid resistance and lift and drag phenomena. It compares possible sail shapes, presents measurements of hull smoothness, and describes wind turbulence, the nature of water waves, and the structure of wakes. Using the physics of optics, the author also explains the connection between water’s appearance and the wind. Along with a glossary of sailing terms, he includes many examples throughout to illustrate the concepts in practice. Avoiding unnecessary formalisms, this book skillfully applies the principles of fluid mechanics to sailboat technology and the art of sailing. It should help you become a more knowledgeable sailor.

Reflections on a Simple Twist of Fate Literature Art and Parkinson s Disease

Author : Dean Scaros
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What happens when our lives are suddenly disrupted by chronic or terminal illness? Of course, science, family, faith and friends are there to help. But as author Dean Scaros demonstrates in this elegantly written and affecting book all the issues we face as a result of illness have been expressed through human artistic sensibility. We have been seeking meaning and solace -- and have often found it - ever since we painted figures on the walls of our caves. This book considers - through the lens of great literature and art- issues that are important to us as we struggle to come to terms with progressive, debilitating illness: issues such as, personal dignity, courage, fear, hope, love, time, chance, fate and friendship, to name just a few. These issues are not physical or clinical. Rather they concern the ways in which we think and feel about our experience. Reflecting on them affords us an opportunity to better understand our experience and even gain a measure of wisdom from it.

Reflections on a Changing Family

Author : Linda Knebel Pruden
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What experiences are you thankful for? The question is deceptively simple. But when Linda Knebel Pruden asked it, she found herself on a spiritual quest spanning a hundred years of American history. Reaching beyond memoir, Linda looks to her parents and grandparents lives to uncover the roots of the problems that surface again and again in her own life. She finds tangled knots of stubbornness, mental illness, and determined self-sufficiency, but also great faith and unspoken depths of love. Triggering memories with the recipes of her immigrant heritage, she learns to appreciate both the triumphs and the losses that shaped her life, even decades before her birth. Join her in listening for the truths that call to us again and again in our lives, and in celebrating everything we have to learn from and teach each other.

Reflections International

Author :
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Eye on the Sea

Author : Mary Jane Hayes
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Poetic short essays on the essence of boating: its joys, mysteries, and challenges.

Reflections in the Sea

Author : Douglas Hextall Chedzey Phillips-Birt
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The View from the Masthead

Author : Hester Blum
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With long, solitary periods at sea, far from literary and cultural centers, sailors comprise a remarkable population of readers and writers. Although their contributions have been little recognized in literary history, seamen were important figures in the nineteenth-century American literary sphere. In the first book to explore their unique contribution to literary culture, Hester Blum examines the first-person narratives of working sailors, from little-known sea tales to more famous works by Herman Melville, James Fenimore Cooper, Edgar Allan Poe, and Richard Henry Dana. In their narratives, sailors wrote about how their working lives coexisted with--indeed, mutually drove--their imaginative lives. Even at leisure, they were always on the job site. Blum analyzes seamen's libraries, Barbary captivity narratives, naval memoirs, writings about the Galapagos Islands, Melville's sea vision, and the crisis of death and burial at sea. She argues that the extent of sailors' literacy and the range of their reading were unusual for a laboring class, belying the popular image of Jack Tar as merely a swaggering, profane, or marginal figure. As Blum demonstrates, seamen's narratives propose a method for aligning labor and contemplation that has broader applications for the study of American literature and history.

Sailor Moon Reflections

Author : Roland Parliament
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The work of a voice artist isn't necessarily what it may seem to the viewer or listener. It is a craft that is learned through intense study and practice. The cast of Sailor Moon were paragons of this art form and reveal their techniques in accomplishing their roles in this book. This is the inside story of the English recording of Sailor Moon and will make the reader aware of the arduous work that actually took place to achieve this groundbreaking series that still receives continuing adoration. Anyone with an ambition to be a voice actor, or any fan of the series should read this book. It will open your eyes to a career that is exciting, fun and ultimately rewarding. It was written by Roland Parliament, the director of 65 episodes of Sailor Moon who was there every long day of the recording process. His observations will enlighten you to the very tough work the actors went through to bring to life a program that would become such a highly successful and entertaining series.

Dr Cohen s Healthy Sailor Book

Author : Michael Martin Cohen
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Reflections on a Teapot

Author : Ronald Sanders
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Reflections on a Life Well Lived

Author : Cora deGraff Heineman
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Memoir from materials gathered - letters, articles, commentary on - about and by Cora deGraff Heineman.

Canada Reflections and Impressions of a Visitor

Author : Georges Conchon
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Incidents and Reflections

Author : John Black Atkins
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Reflection in Jamaica

Author : Mary Eliza Bakewell Gaunt
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Great Scenes From The World Theater

Author :
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Reflections on Violence

Author : Georges Sorel
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Reflections on Malraux

Author : Will Morrisey
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Author : Susan Kenney
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Sara and Phil Boyd struggle, together and apart, to find hope and meaning in their lives as Phil battles a life-threatening illness

The March of Time Being the Reflections of a British Soldier on the Radical Changes in the British Way of Life and Ethics During His Lifetime 1907 19

Author : Andrew Dunlop
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