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Blue Water Reflections

Author : Mary C. Burnell
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Reflections in Blue Water and Other Stories

Author : Richard Bist
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A collection of ten short stories that reflect on different aspects of life, from the heartbreakingly familiar to the strangeness and quirkiness that defines our existence.

Reflections on Blue Water

Author : Alan Ross
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'This valedictory volume is the quintessence of [Alan] Ross, a deft and deceptively airy set of literary wanderings through a part of the Mediterranean - the islands of the south-western coast of Italy - he had known since being demobilised from the Royal Navy at the end of the Second World War... Ross's memoir is a showcase for a supremely poetic sensibility, and a naturally gifted writer with an unerring eye for detail, reporting on his experience with an infectiously joyous lyricism.' Eldon King, Observer 'A fund of associative literary information that could only have been amassed by a passionate reader. Gorky, Ibsen, Rilke, DH Lawrence, Walter Benjamin, Pablo Neruda and scores more wrote in or near Ischia; Ross describes their books and their lives with detailed succinctness, en route dipping in and out of his own thoughts and travel observations.' Helen Simpson, Guardian

Artist s Photo Reference Reflections Textures Backgrounds

Author : Gary Greene
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There's no better way to add interest to any piece of artwork than with reflections, textures and backgrounds. This unique photo reference helps both fine and decorative artists tackle these subjects with ease.You will find stunning photos of a wide variety of scenes and objects, including: • the textures of nature, such as autumn leaves, stones, fruits, weathered wood and sand • man-made textures like rusty metal, bricks and pottery • breathtaking settings form deserts to meadows and mountains • reflections in calm, rough and rippling water • scenes featuring waves, clouds, snow and forests There are also six painting demonstrations in all the major mediums that show you exactly how to get the most out of reference photos. Artists of all levels will appreciate this inspiring guide.


Author : Ravi Batra
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Reflections is immense pleasure & thought - provoking. Gentle rhythm in the poems and lucid, tasteful expressions on themes which are undoubtedly laudable is soothing & rejuvenates one in ones otherwise busy & tension- ridden life. Shri Loknath Misra (Ex-Governor) Assam In Reflections, the poets sense of commitment to the readers as friend, philosopher and guide has found its pristine expression in each line of the poems impeccable style & chaste manner. Subjects addressed cover vast tapestry. Shri M V Dieghe (Ex Governor) Meghalaya

Reflections of a Zen Buddhist Nun

Author : Kim Iryŏp
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The life and work of Kim Iryŏp (1896–1971) bear witness to Korea’s encounter with modernity. A prolific writer, Iryŏp reflected on identity and existential loneliness in her poems, short stories, and autobiographical essays. As a pioneering feminist intellectual, she dedicated herself to gender issues and understanding the changing role of women in Korean society. As an influential Buddhist nun, she examined religious teachings and strove to interpret modern human existence through a religious world view. Originally published in Korea when Iryŏp was in her sixties, Reflections of a Zen Buddhist Nun (Ŏnŭ sudoin ŭi hoesang) makes available for the first time in English a rich, intimate, and unfailingly candid source of material with which to understand modern Korea, Korean women, and Korean Buddhism. Throughout her writing, Iryŏp poses such questions as: How does one come to terms with one’s identity? What is the meaning of revolt and what are its limitations? How do we understand the different dimensions of love in the context of Buddhist teachings? What is Buddhist awakening? How do we attain it? How do we understand God and the relationship between good and evil? What is the meaning of religious practice in our time? We see through her thought and life experiences the co-existence of seemingly conflicting ideas and ideals—Christianity and Buddhism, sexual liberalism and religious celibacy, among others. In Reflections of a Zen Buddhist Nun, Iryŏp challenges readers with her creative interpretations of Buddhist doctrine and her reflections on the meaning of Buddhist practice. In the process she offers insight into a time when the ideas and contributions of women to twentieth-century Korean society and intellectual life were just beginning to emerge from the shadows, where they had been obscured in the name of modernization and nation-building.

Reflections on the New River

Author : Chris Arvidson,
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From its headwaters in western North Carolina near the Tennessee line, the New River runs north 337 miles, cutting through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and West Virginia on its way to the Ohio. No big cities inhabit its banks—just a few small towns along the way—and it carries no significant commercial traffic. The age of the New is debated, but it is certainly one of the world’s oldest rivers, predating the Atlantic Ocean. This anthology assembles history, poetry, essays and stories by writers who have been inspired by the ancient and secluded stream, and from those whose lives are connected to its flow. Contributors hail from Ashe, Alleghany, Watauga and Wilkes counties in North Carolina, as well as Virginia and West Virginia.

Monet Narcissus and Self Reflection

Author : Steven Zalman Levine
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Steven Z. Levine provides a new understanding of the life and work of Claude Monet and the myth of the modern artist. Levine analyzes the extensive critical reception of Monet and the artist's own prolific writings in the context of the story of Narcissus, popular in late nineteenth-century France. Through a careful blending of psychoanalytical theory and historical study, Levine identifies narcissism and obsession as driving forces in Monet's art and demonstrates how we derive meaning from the accumulated verbal responses to an artist's work.

Memories Dreams Reflections

Author : C. G. Jung
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An eye-opening biography of one of the most influential psychiatrists of the modern age, drawing from his lectures, conversations, and own writings. In the spring of 1957, when he was eighty-one years old, Carl Gustav Jung undertook the telling of his life story. Memories, Dreams, Reflections is that book, composed of conversations with his colleague and friend Aniela Jaffé, as well as chapters written in his own hand, and other materials. Jung continued to work on the final stages of the manuscript until shortly before his death on June 6, 1961, making this a uniquely comprehensive reflection on a remarkable life. Fully corrected, this edition also includes Jung's VII Sermones ad Mortuos.

River Reflections

Author : Verne Huser
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Three-hundred-and-fifty years of river literature come together in this memorable collection.

Quest for the Ridge

Author : Errol L. Sweetser
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Life and living is a complex system interwoven in reality and fantasy, happiness and sadness, but always fusing with his or her dreams in the spirit of the creator, the wilderness, and ones special quest for his or her ridge. Join me in my four stories of reality and fantasy in my own quest for the ridge, and perhaps yours. Join Pucky in his shoe box adventure, MoMent the Fox in the Monument Valley, and a small boy in his fantasy world in Once I was King, all fusing and joining their friends in the final destination of the Spirit of the Wilderness. May their dreams become part of your dreams.

Reflections on Our Independence

Author : Winston Forde
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Sierra Leone was granted full status as an Independent member country of the British Commonwealth on 26th April 1961. In April 1971 it became a Republican State. As it celebrates 50 years of life as an independent nation feelings are mixed as to how successful, or progressive things have turned out to be; but celebrate we must. The author has, therefore taken the opportunity to encapsulate in a semi-fictional Trilogy some random thoughts of ordinary people who still think of the good old days, as they wrestle with the continuing difficulties being experienced in the ordinary aspects of daily life, as we strive for a better future.

Reflections of Challenges and Triumphs

Author : Lincoln Wallace
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In his powerful autobiography, Reflections of Challenges and Triumphs, first-time author Lincoln Wallace offers an introspective glance into his life’s journey from suffering to triumph. Living an emotionally impoverished childhood, filled with self-abnegation and doubt, Lincoln could have gone on a downward spiral. Instead, paying heed to his own inner voice and holding fast to his dreams, he lifted himself out of the toxicity of negative beliefs and erroneous misconceptions about his personhood and his destiny - which, he ultimately discovered, only he could define. Latching on to his natural gift for the martial arts, Lincoln learned the art of respectful self-defense. Through seeking – and encountering - the best part of himself, he continuously reaches out as a guide and mentor to his admiring family members and students. He especially wants the disenfranchised, marginalized youth of our society to understand that they can lift themselves up – even if circumstances aren’t ideal or they don’t have role models to emulate, and even if they are told that they are not good enough. Such heartless criticisms – outright falsehoods - were meted upon Lincoln by his mother, who berated and downgraded him. Nonetheless, he pursued – and achieved – his objective of “becoming someone,” enriching lives in the process. “I want kids to know that if I did it, they can do it, too. What good is having experiences and gaining knowledge, if lessons can’t be shared?” the author observes. His story demonstrates that, no matter how downcast a heart may be, hope inheres in self-belief, holding one’s head high, having faith in a brighter dawn, and knowing, with every breath, that such will come.

Marker Magic

Author : Richard M. McGarry
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Discover the art of rendering with markers through: * Profiles of top rendering pros, their techniques, and examples of their best work. * 65 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques you can use right now to improve your next design presentation. * Specific color combinations for rendering wood, brick, foliage, skies, chrome and other materials. * 40 Mini-Lessons with demonstrations of solutions to everyday rendering problems.

Reflections on Water

Author : Marion Dianne Werra-Baburchak
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"You know the feeling you get when people understand you? Well, that's the feeling you will get when you experience Marion's reflections on faith, joy, sorrow, romance, victory and healing. She has caused my heart to reflect on my journey with new hope." Chaplain Carl Williamson Cancer Treatment Centers of America "The words of a poet are reflections of the inner person. As you enjoy the unique beauty of the author with her expressions of passion and personality, this book will unlock your creativity and enrich your view of life. It will inspire you in areas of joy, comfort, truth and hope. You will view nature in living color as you walk down the poetic path with Marion. Now grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax...enjoy the poems of one of the great authors of our day as you read "Reflections on Water." Pastor Jerry Terry Calvary's Love Church "I have watched Marion walk as an overcomer, and it is that indomitable, insightful spirit that comes through in her poetry. As you read these pages you will sense her passion for life that is focused on fulfilling God's will. She sees and communicates life through a faith-filled lens that inspires all..." Pastor Michael Posey Church of the Harvest Marion Dianne Werra Baburchak was born and raised in Staten Island, New York and presently resides in Jasper, Indiana with her husband Charles and son Jonathan. She is a poet, thespian and substitute teacher who celebrates creativity and the Arts; most notably Shakespeare and English Classics. Marion is a cancer survivor with contagious joy and zeal for life which resounds her heart's refrain: "Faith and Fun!" She lives to reflect the love of God for mankind and perpetuate her ardent passion for the restoration and flourishing of souls.

Night Water Reflections

Author : John V. LaMotte, Jr.
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Night Water Reflections is a collection of poetry that I have written over the course of my life from those halcyon high school days until today. This daily passion play has been scripted in and out of my mind on scraps of paper, notepads and napkins… and on any other carbonless cord cut, thin sliced wood sheaths I could find at my moments of love, anger, joy or sorrow… aggravation, exaltation or creative inspiration. These poetry pieces were often crafted late at night when I should have been paying more attention to the road when driving or in odd places like country barns or city alleys.


Author : Mark Insingel
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Reflections of Life in Our Town

Author : James
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Reflections of Life in Our Town is a satirical look at life and values in small town America. The book is occasionally absurd, occasionally offensive, sometimes sensitive, but mostly just funny. Our Town does not exist in a time, nor does it really inhabit a specific place, though most of it's inhabitants believe that they are somewhere in Ohio, and all agree that they are definitely on the planet Earth. The citizens of Our Town live life pretty much as any Americans do, dealing with such issues as the spread of communism, the rise of the superstore, and rampaging ogres at the end of the street (?), as we all would. The cast of characters in Our Town is wildly varied, from the senile village elder, Grandpa Genkaku, to the physically indescribable Laughlin twins. There is a child prodigy with a fish bowl on her head, a many tentacled alien from the dark side of Saturn, and of course, the aforementioned ogres. Though varied, together they form a relatively tight community trying to cope with the trials of everyday life. And everyday life in Our Town is pretty much like life in any town. You have your good days and your bad; your successes and your failures. One day, a wandering band of angels is scandalizing the local women, the next day, the circus comes to town. Life is kind of like a roller coaster that way. The citizens of Our Town also offer forays into outer space in order to rediscover previously discovered planets, and a quest for god while in pursuit of a red balloon. While life in Our Town may not be quite as exciting as life in places like Toledo, we generally manage to fill our days quite well. So, these are my reflections of life in Our Town. While some may seem a bit bizarre at first glance, upon closer inspection, they really are not that much different from the things most people experience in life. After all, its about values, and an appreciation for the things which we hold most dear. So, join me as I take a stroll down memory lane. Relax, and have a laugh, just be careful not to step in any ogre $#!?...

We Shall Dance Again

Author : Surindra Lal
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We Shall Dance Again is a kaleidoscope of human relations: caring, loving, lustful, humiliating and revengeful. The central character of the story, Siddhartha, engulfed in these relations has tasted their extremes. Sonia, a stunning beauty, who does not think even the most eligible man worth her casual glance, pampers him with her mad love. She ushers him into the charming world brimming with desires of a home, of children and of a life-long companionship of love and devotion. But in response to her abject surrender, he only has a liking for her no love. He vacillates between liking and love and eventually loses her. Sonia is fragrant and balmy and she oozes honey. And then comes Kranti , his wife, who with her cruelty and sickening absurdities, deflates all his pride to the edge and he has lost himself. She demolishes that Siddhartha whom his Dadi Maa tenderly raised with her selfless love. Kranti stinks of choked gutters and spits venom. Bereft of all hopes and rid of all desires when he is searching himself, Bharti happens. She is a dazzling beauty, earthly and spiritually both. Bharti is odourless like the spirits and exudes nectar. Both make love but in void. With her divine love, Siddhartha attains nirvana and is transformed to Siddha the atman for whom Sonia and Kranti, love and hatred, pleasure and pain, all become synonymous.

Riverside Reflections

Author : Riverside Writers
File Size : 44.55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Twenty-four established and emerging writers from the Rappahannock region share their vision through stories and poems of nature, love, life and spirit, plus quirky takes on the world around us.