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Reflective Approaches to European Governance

Author : Knud Erik Jørgensen
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Celebrating the existence of contending theories of European integration, the book begins with a critical exploration of the concepts and theories used to examine this unique policy, presenting theoretically informed, empirical studies of the origin of the key themes of European governance, territorial politics, domestic-European linkages and the EU's foreign policy affairs.

The Time of European Governance

Author : Magnus Ekengren
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A study of the impact of European governance on the time of national policymakers and institutions. A theoretical approach to the changing demands of policy-planning as the focus shifts to the present and new demands and rhythms influence European decision-making.

Time and European Governance

Author : Magnus Ekengren
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European Approaches to International Relations Theory

Author : Jörg Friedrichs
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A well-established community of American scholars has long dominated the discipline of international relations. Recently, however, certain strands of continental theorizing are being introduced into the mainstream. This is a critical examination of European approaches to international relations theory, suggesting practical ways of challenging manistream thought. Freidrichs presents a detailed sociological analysis of knowledge production in existing European IR communities, namely France, Italy and Scandinavia. He also discusses a selection of European schools and approaches.

EU Social Policy in the 1990s

Author : Gerda Falkner
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This book offers an analytical overview of schools of thought on European integration which offer useful insights into EU social politics. Building on this framework, the chapters then examine in detail pre-Maastricht social policy and the 'social partners', the innovations of the Treaty itself, and where EU social policy stands at the end of the 1990s. Case studies of European Works Councils, parental leave, and atypical work, are included to highlight the day-to-day processes at work in social policy formation and the major interest groups and EU institutions involved. This is an up-to-date and accessible study which finds the social policy-making environment in the EU has become increasingly corporatist in the 1990s.

European Governance

Author : G.P.E. Walzenbach
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This collection provides a balanced evaluation of multi-level governance. Written by international experts of policy-making in the European Union, each contribution builds on common conceptual definitions, critically debating their adaptation to policy-specific contexts and investigating their usefulness for conducting empirical research. This engaging text uses case studies to identify the specific changes that have occurred in power relations across different levels of the EU system. With varying emphasis on state and non-state actors, on country comparisons and international processes, the reader is invited to join a fruitful dialogue among the contributors about the symbiotic relationship of multi-level analysis with other conceptual innovations such as transnational regulation, network formation or market internationalization. This book confronts sophisticated theoretical reasoning with the actual realities of policy-making and is therefore essential reading for all those interested in the risks and opportunities of a comparative-interdisciplinary approach to European governance.

Dynamics and Obstacles of European Governance

Author : Dirk De Bièvre
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This book examines some of the major origins of change in institutions and policies in European governance. The authors combine a sophisticated institutional analysis with in-depth insights into European policies across a wide variety of policy fields. The fields examined are higher education, employment, research, police co-operation, as well as foreign affairs, trade, energy, and security and defence policy. Presenting the fruit of years of collaboration in an EU-funded Research Training Network, the authors expand the mechanisms through which political actors transform apparent deadlock into actual change in European policy making.

International Relations Theory and the Politics of European Integration

Author : Morten Kelstrup
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International Relations Theory and the Politics of European Integration focuses on the roles of community, power and security, within the European Union. It features contributions from highly respected international scholars, and covers subjects such as: · sovereignty and European integration · the EU and the politics of migration · the internationalisation of military security · the EU as a security actor · money, finance and power · the quest for legitimacy with regards to EU enlargement.

Religion and the Struggle for European Union

Author : Brent F. Nelsen
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In Religion and the Struggle for European Union, Brent F. Nelsen and James L. Guth delve into the powerful role of religion in shaping European attitudes on politics, political integration, and the national and continental identities of its leaders and citizens. Nelsen and Guth contend that for centuries Catholicism promoted the universality of the Church and the essential unity of Christendom. Protestantism, by contrast, esteemed particularity and feared Catholic dominance. These differing visions of Europe have influenced the process of postwar integration in profound ways. Nelsen and Guth compare the Catholic view of Europe as a single cultural entity best governed as a unified polity against traditional Protestant estrangement from continental culture and its preference for pragmatic cooperation over the sacrifice of sovereignty. As the authors show, this deep cultural divide, rooted in the struggles of the Reformation, resists the ongoing secularization of the continent. Unless addressed, it threatens decades of hard-won gains in security and prosperity. Farsighted and rich with data, Religion and the Struggle for European Union offers a pragmatic way forward in the EU's attempts to solve its social, economic, and political crises.

European Foreign and Security Policy

Author : Catherine Gegout
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The first book to offer a theory explaining European Union decision-making in foreign and security policies, European Foreign and Security Policy also provides a detailed and practical analysis of how the Common Foreign and Security Policy really works, before and since the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. `Decision-making in the European Union is a process often characterized by obscurity and complexity. In European Foreign and Security Policy, Catherine Gegout explains, with a high degree of clarity, the real-world mechanisms by which agreements are reached among members.'