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Refusal of the Shadow

Author : Michael Richardson
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Refusal of the Shadow explores the nature of the relationship between black anti-colonialist movements in the Caribbean and the most radical of the European avant-gardes, and presents a series of texts which reveal its complexity.

The Shadow of a Dream

Author : William Dean Howells
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White Collar Crime in the Shadow Economy

Author : Petter Gottschalk
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This open access book examines the magnitude, causes of, and reactions to white-collar crime, based on the theories and research of those who have uncovered various forms of white-collar crime. It argues that the offenders who are convicted represent only ‘the tip of the iceberg’ of a much greater problem: because white-collar crime is forced to compete with other kinds of financial crime like social security fraud for police resources and so receives less attention and fewer investigations. Gottschalk and Gunnesdal also offer insights into estimation techniques for the shadow economy, in an attempt to comprehend the size of the problem. Holding broad appeal for academics, practitioners in public administration, and government agencies, this innovative study serves as a timely starting point for examining the lack of investigation, detection, and conviction of powerful white-collar criminals.

Substance and Shadow

Author : Henry James
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Substance and Shadow Second edition revised

Author : Henry James
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Substance and Shadow or Morality and Religion in their relation to life etc

Author : Henry James
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In the Shadow of just Wars

Author : Fabrice Weissman
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In this text international experts and members of the MSF analyse the way issues surrounding the role of aid organizations in just wars have crystallized over the five years spanning the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st.

The Great Refusal

Author : Paul Elmer More
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In the Shadow of Marriage

Author : Anne M. O. Griffiths
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Anne Griffiths originally went to Botswana to establish a university course in family law. But independent fieldwork in Botswana convinced her of the central role of the traditional customary legal system that stands alongside the colonial common law of courts and magistrates she was examining in her course. In the first comparative work on these two systems, Griffiths shows how the structure of both legal institutions is based on power and gender relations that heavily favor males. Griffiths's analysis is based on careful observation of how people actually experience the law as well as the more standard tools of statutes and cases familiar to Western legal scholars. She explains how women's access to law is determined by social relations over which they have little control. In this powerful feminist critique of law and anthropology, Griffiths shows how law and custom are inseparable for Kwena women. Both colonial common law and customary law pose comparable and constant challenges to Kwena women's attempts to improve their positions in society.

Sunlight and Shadow in the Christian Life

Author : William John Knox-Little
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In the Shadow of the Holocaust and the Inquisition

Author : Raanan Rein
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This is an analysis of the reasons for the failure of all efforts to establish diplomatic relations between Israel and Francoist Spain from the late 1940s to the mid-1970s. It uncovers the political discussions and the diplomatic moves of each country.

Scott s Shadow

Author : Ian Duncan
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Scott's Shadow is the first comprehensive account of the flowering of Scottish fiction between 1802 and 1832, when post-Enlightenment Edinburgh rivaled London as a center for literary and cultural innovation. Ian Duncan shows how Walter Scott became the central figure in these developments, and how he helped redefine the novel as the principal modern genre for the representation of national historical life. Duncan traces the rise of a cultural nationalist ideology and the ascendancy of Scott's Waverley novels in the years after Waterloo. He argues that the key to Scott's achievement and its unprecedented impact was the actualization of a realist aesthetic of fiction, one that offered a socializing model of the imagination as first theorized by Scottish philosopher and historian David Hume. This aesthetic, Duncan contends, provides a powerful novelistic alternative to the Kantian-Coleridgean account of the imagination that has been taken as normative for British Romanticism since the early twentieth century. Duncan goes on to examine in detail how other Scottish writers inspired by Scott's innovations--James Hogg and John Galt in particular--produced in their own novels and tales rival accounts of regional, national, and imperial history. Scott's Shadow illuminates a major but neglected episode of British Romanticism as well as a pivotal moment in the history and development of the novel.

Sunshine and Shadow in New York

Author : Matthew Hale Smith
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The Shadow of a Life

Author : Beryl Hope
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Europe in 1882 out of the shadow The Royal Family of France Twelve lectures on current French History

Author : Lucian Edward HENRY
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Author : Meagan Spooner
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Ever since she escaped the city within the Wall, Lark Ainsley's wanted one thing: to find her brother Basil. She's always believed he would be the one to put an end to the constant fear and flight. And now, hidden underground in the chaotically magical city of Lethe, Lark feels closer to him than ever. But Lethe is a city cowering in fear of its founder, the mysterious Prometheus, and of his private police force. To get the truth about Basil, Lark has no choice but to face Prometheus. Facing her fears has become second nature to Lark. Facing the truth is another matter. Lark never asked to be anyone's savior. She certainly never wanted to be anyone's weapon. She might not have a choice.

The Shadow Throne

Author : Django Wexler
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“An immensely entertaining novel” ( from the author of The Thousand Names... The King of the Vordan is on his deathbed. Soon his daughter, Raesinia will be the first Queen Regnant in centuries—and a target for those who seek to control her. The most dangerous is Duke Orlanko, Minister of Information, and master of the secret police. He is the most feared man in the kingdom, and he knows an arcane secret that puts Raesinia completely at his mercy. But Raesinia has found unlikely allies in the returning war hero Janus bet Vhalnich, and his loyal deputies, Captain Marcus d’Ivoire and Lieutenant Winter Ihernglass. As Marcus and Winter struggle to find their places in the home they never thought they would see again, they help Janus and Raesinia set in motion events that could shatter Orlanko’s powers, but perhaps at the price of throwing the nation into chaos. But with the people suffering under the Duke’s tyranny, they intend to protect the kingdom with every power they can command, earthly or otherwise.

The Valley and the Shadow

Author : J. M. Dixon
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The cathedral s shadow by Marianne Farningham

Author : Mary Anne Hearne
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In His Father s Shadow

Author : Stanley A. Renshon
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From a pampered son who showed little promise, to his rise to the presidency, George W. Bush has transformed himself through acts of will and faith. Stanley Renshon examines the psychological transformation of Bush and identifies those pivotal changes that allowed him to achieve success in his personal life and in the political arena, and shows how Bush's personal transformation has come to shape his political policies. The man who battled--and defeated--his own inner demons has become a president determined to battle the demons of terrorism and extremism that prevent democracy from flourishing around the world. This psychological portrait provides a much-needed antidote to prevailing critiques that ridicule Bush's values and policies, as it celebrates his resolve and strong leadership.