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Regional Perspectives on Neolithic Pit Deposition

Author : Hugo Anderson-Whymark
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Pits have been cropping up in excavations for centuries, resulting in a very broad spectrum of interpretations. The 15 papers in this volume explore new thoughts and interpretations arising from new analysis of Neolithic pits and their contents.

Economic Zooarchaeology

Author : Peter Rowley-Conwy
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Economic archaeology is the study of how past peoples exploited animals and plants, using as evidence the remains of those animals and plants. The animal side is usually termed zooarchaeology, the plant side archaeobotany. What distinguishes them from other studies of ancient animals and plants is that their ultimate aim is to find out about human behaviour – the animal and plant remains are a means to this end. The 33 papers present a wide array of topics covering many areas of archaeological interest. Aspects of method and theory, animal bone identification, human palaeopathology, prehistoric animal utilisation in South America, and the study of dog cemeteries are covered. The long-running controversy over the milking of animals and the use of dairy products by humans is discussed as is the ecological impact of hunting by farmers, with studies from Serbia and Syria. For Britain, coverage extends from Mesolithic Star Carr, via the origins of agriculture and the farmers of Lismore Fields, through considerations of the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Outside Britain, papers discuss Neolithic subsistence in Cyprus and Croatia, Iron Age society in Spain, Medieval and post-medieval animal utilisation in northern Russia, and the claimed finding of a modern red deer skeleton in Egypt’s Eastern Desert. In exploring these themes, this volume celebrates the life and work of Tony Legge (zoo)archaeologist and teacher.

Neolithic of Mainland Scotland

Author : Kenneth Brophy
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Archaeologists show us how the Neolithic human lived in mainland ScotlandWhat was life like in Scotland between 4000 and 2000BC? Where were people living? How did they treat their dead? Why did they spend so much time building extravagant ritual monuments? What was special about the relationship people had with trees and holes in the ground? What can we say about how people lived in the Neolithic and early Bronze Age of mainland Scotland where much of the evidence we have lies beneath the ploughsoil, or survives as slumped banks and ditches, or ruinous megaliths?Each contribution to this volume presents fresh research and radical new interpretations of the pits, postholes, ditches, rubbish dumps, human remains and broken potsherds left behind by our Neolithic forebears.From the APFWhat was life like in Scotland between 4000 and 2000BC? Where were people living? How did they treat their dead? Why did they spend so much time building extravagant ritual monuments? What was special about the relationship people had with trees? Why was so much time and effort spent digging holes and filling them back up again? What can we say about how people lived in the Neolithic and early Bronze Age of mainland Scotland where much of the evidence we have lies beneath the plough soil, or survives as slumped banks and filled ditches, or ruinous megaliths?This book will draw together leading experts and young researchers to present fresh research and outline radical new interpretations of the pits, postholes, ditches, rubbish dumps, human remains and broken potsherds left behind by our Neolithic forebears. Much of this evidence has come to light in the past few decades, putting the emphasis very much lowland, mainland Scotland as opposed to more famous Orcadian Neolithic sites. Inspired by the work of Gordon Barclay, the leading scholars of Scotland's Neolithic in the last 40 years, the chapters in this book offer a wide-ranging analysis of the evidence we have for the first farmers in Scotland.

The Neolithic of Britain and Ireland

Author : Vicki Cummings
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The Neolithic of Britain and Ireland provides a synthesis of this dynamic period of prehistory from the end of the Mesolithic through to the early Beaker period. Drawing on new excavations and the application of new scientific approaches to data from this period, this book considers both life and death in the Neolithic. It offers a clear and concise introduction to this period but with an emphasis on the wider and on-going research questions. It is an important text for students new to the study of this period of prehistory as well as acting as a reference for students and scholars already researching this area. The book begins by considering the Mesolithic prelude, specifically the millennium prior to the start of the Neolithic in Britain and Ireland. It then goes on to consider what life was like for people at the time, alongside the monumental record and how people treated the dead. This is presented chronologically, with separate chapters on the early Neolithic, middle Neolithic, late Neolithic and early Beaker periods. Finally it considers future research priorities for the study of the Neolithic.

Muge 150th

Author : Nuno Bicho
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Muge 150th: The 150th Anniversary of the Discovery of Mesolithic Shellmiddens is organised into two volumes. While the first volume focused on Mesolithic finds in both the Muge and Sado valleys, this book, with a total of twenty-two chapters, brings together a series of papers on the Mesolithic period and its transition to the Neolithic all over Europe, including Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Servia, Sweden and the UK, as well as a series of general papers discussing methodological or theoretical aspects of the Mesolithic. In addition, the closing chapters of this volume venture outside the realm of the European Mesolithic-Neolithic world, presenting case studies on shell middens from both the Patagonia and the Red Sea.

The Oxford Handbook of Neolithic Europe

Author : Chris Fowler
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The Neolithic —a period in which the first sedentary agrarian communities were established across much of Europe—has been a key topic of archaeological research for over a century. However, the variety of evidence across Europe, the range of languages in which research is carried out, and the way research traditions in different countries have developed makes it very difficult for both students and specialists to gain an overview of continent-wide trends. The Oxford Handbook of Neolithic Europe provides the first comprehensive, geographically extensive, thematic overview of the European Neolithic —from Iberia to Russia and from Norway to Malta —offering both a general introduction and a clear exploration of key issues and current debates surrounding evidence and interpretation. Chapters written by leading experts in the field examine topics such as the movement of plants, animals, ideas, and people (including recent trends in the application of genetics and isotope analyses); cultural change (from the first appearance of farming to the first metal artefacts); domestic architecture; subsistence; material culture; monuments; and burial and other treatments of the dead. In doing so, the volume also considers the history of research and sets out agendas and themes for future work in the field.

Lund Archaeological Review

Author :
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Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

Author : Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
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Includes List of members.


Author : David Souden
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Endorsed by English Heritage experts, this a uthoritative book uses the latest archaeological methods and discoveries to explain current knowledge on Stonehenge '

The Neolithic and Bronze Age Settlement at Oversley Farm Styal Cheshire

Author : D. J. Garner
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This report details excavations carried out in 1997-98 prior to the building of the second runway at Manchester Airport. The evidence recovered demonstrates a reuse of the site from the Early Neolithic period onwards, primarily as a small agriculturally-based 'farmstead', probably heavily dependent upon livestock-farming, particularly sheep.

The Undiscovered Country

Author : Paul Garwood
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This is the first volume in a series - The Making of the West Midlands - that explores the archaeology of the English West Midlands region from the Lower Palaeolithic to the Industrial Revolution. These books, based on the West Midlands Research Framework seminars held in 2002-3, aim to transform perceptions of the nature and significance of the archaeological evidence across a large part of central Britain, in an area extending from the plains of eastern England to the Cambrian Mountains and from the Cotswolds to the southern Pennines. The earlier prehistory of the region, in particular, has been neglected at a national level and deserves far wider recognition in research terms. This first volume reveals the scale, richness and diversity of the evidence from all earlier prehistoric periods in the West Midlands, from the Lower Palaeolithic to the Bronze Age, and considers its research significance and potential. The book is copiously illustrated, and includes a large number of colour maps and plans.

Deconstructing Context

Author : Demetra Papaconstantinou
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The importance of context has been extensively discussed in recent years. This volume attempts to address the fragmentation and misconceptions that have developed around context in archaeology, highlighting the common threads that link together varying contextual perspectives. The first part of the book examines the concept of archaeological context by offering a critical assessment of its 'historical' development. The second section presents a number of case studies, and the third section discusses the management of archaeological material. Finally, part four takes the discussion on context further, setting the content of the book in a wider perspective.


Author : Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society
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Ancient Interactions

Author : Katherine V. Boyle
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The history and archaeology of the Scythians and other steppe peoples are relatively familiar, but what of their predecessors who colonized and occupied this vast region, from the Carpathians to China, before the Iron Age? The papers in this volume provide an overview and reassessment of our knowledge of the period from Neolithic to Iron Age in an area which covers approximately one-sixth of the earth's land surface. The subject matter of the papers ranges broadly from East to West on a number of major themes: the development of pastoral eonomies; the diffusion of ideas, and the movement of peoples. The authors too come from geographically diverse regions and different traditions and methods of research and their evolution are outlined and debated. New analytical techniques are highlighted. Arising from a symposium held at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research (Cambridge, UK) in 2000, this volume helps to fill an important gap in the literature on the later prehistory of Central Asia.

Scotland in Ancient Europe

Author : Ian Shepherd
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And conclusion / Roger J. Mercer -- The bronze doors of No. 9, Millbank, London, with a note on the architect and sculptor associated with Imperial Chemical Industries House and their contribution to the heritage / Roger J. Mercer.

Developing Landscapes of Lowland Britain

Author : Michael Gordon Fulford
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Subtitled `The Archaeology of British Gravels', this book reviews recent work and sets out the state of research for different periods of history and prehistory. Rescue work in advance of gravel extraction has produced a large volume of sometimes inaccessible information and the authors of this volume are well placed to produce an overview, all being expert practitioners. They include George Lambrick, Richard Bradley, Mark Robinson, Francis Pryor and Mike Fulford.

Wetland Archaeology Environments

Author : Malcolm Lillie
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For the past thirty years or so, wetlands have been at the forefront of developments in understanding past cultural activity and associated landscapes. The exceptional preservation afforded by waterlogged sites are paralleled only by those of comparable extremes: frozen and arid contexts. Wetland sites then, can provide a wealth of information that 'dryland' sites seldom can. But such preservation is not limited to organic deposits, but also records the environmental conditions at the time, thereby allowing for detailed reconstruction of the associated environment and landscape. Between 1992 and 2000, a project based at the University of Hull undertook the systematic investigation of over half a million hectares of land located primarily in the catchment of the Humber Basin. In order to mark the successful completion of this, the Humber Wetlands Project, the editors invited colleagues from all over the world to contribute a series of chapters to this book. The aim was to outline the current state of wetland cultural and palaeoenvironmental knowledge, and to provide multidisciplinary insights into the methodological approaches and theoretical aspects of this important area of study.


Author : L. P. Louwe Kooijmans
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The neolithic settlement of Schipluiden was discovered by archaeologists called in to the Delfland region in 2000, where a new wastewater treatment plant was planned. It is a particularly interesting site, as it dates from a time when the local inhabitants switched from a hunter-gatherer-fisher lifestyle to one based around arable and stock farming, and was also a time of significant environmental change.

From Cairn to Cemetery

Author : Vicki Cummings
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This volume presents the methodology and results for the excavations at Cairnderry and Bargrennan, south-west Scotland. A comparative chapter compares the excavation results from both sites, and presents interpretations of these results, particularly in terms of the architecture and the early Bronze Age mortuary practices. Chapter 5 considers the architecture of Cairnderry and Bargrennan in terms of wider trends in the construction of chambered cairns throughout the British Isles and throughout the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. Chapter 6 places the early Bronze Age activity at Cairnderry and Bargrennan within a local context by examining mortuary practices across Dumfries and Galloway. It focuses on comparisons with other sites where cremated bones were deposited and cinerary urns used and/or sites where cairns were constructed or re-used in the early Bronze Age. Chapter 7 provides a summary of conclusions as to the finds and revisits the problem of dating Bargrennan chambered cairns, before suggesting avenues for future research in Galloway. The appendices draw together the specialists reports on finds from the excavations (including a substantial contextualisation of some of the early Bronze Age artefacts), context descriptions and radiocarbon dating results.

Landscape of the Megaliths

Author : Mark Gillings
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The Longstones Project was a joint-universities programme of excavation and survey designed to develop a fuller understanding of the context and dynamics of monument construction during the later Neolithic period in the Avebury region. This text presents the results of the project.