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Relating to Rock Art in the Contemporary World

Author : Liam M. Brady
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Rock art has long been considered an archaeological artifact reflecting activities from the past, yet it is also a phenomenon with present-day meaning and relevance to both indigenous and non-indigenous communities. Relating to Rock Art in the Contemporary World challenges traditional ways of thinking about this highly recognizable form of visual heritage and provides insight into its contemporary significance. One of the most visually striking forms of material culture embedded in landscapes, rock art is ascribed different meanings by diverse groups of people including indigenous peoples, governments, tourism offices, and the general public, all of whom relate to images and sites in unique ways. In this volume, leading scholars from around the globe shift the discourse from a primarily archaeological basis to one that examines the myriad ways that symbolism, meaning, and significance in rock art are being renegotiated in various geographical and cultural settings, from Australia to the British Isles. They also consider how people manage the complex meanings, emotions, and cultural and political practices tied to rock art sites and how these factors impact processes relating to identity construction and reaffirmation today. Richly illustrated and geographically diverse, Relating to Rock Art in the Contemporary World connects archaeology, anthropology, and heritage studies. The book will appeal to students and scholars of archaeology, anthropology, heritage, heritage management, identity studies, art history, indigenous studies, and visual theory, as well as professionals and amateurs who have vested or avocational interests in rock art. Contributors: Agustín Acevedo, Manuel Bea, Jutinach Bowonsachoti, Gemma Boyle, John J. Bradley, Noelene Cole, Inés Domingo, Kurt E. Dongoske, Davida Eisenberg-Degen, Dánae Fiore, Ursula K. Frederick, Kelley Hays-Gilpin, Catherine Namono, George H. Nash, John Norder, Marianna Ocampo, Joshua Schmidt, Duangpond Singhaseni, Benjamin W. Smith, Atthasit Sukkham, Noel Hidalgo Tan, Watinee Tanompolkrang, Luke Taylor, Dagmara Zawadzka

Visual Culture Heritage and Identity Using Rock Art to Reconnect Past and Present

Author : Andrzej Rozwadowski
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This book presents a fresh perspective on rock art by considering how ancient images function in the present. It focuses on how ancient heritage is recognized and reified in the modern world, and how rock art stimulates contemporary processes of cultural identity-making.

Rock Art of South eastern South Africa and Lesotho 1806 to 1997

Author : Karin Herbert
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Archaeologies of Art

Author : Inés Domingo Sanz
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This international volume draws together key research that examines visual arts of the past and contemporary indigenous societies. Placing each art style in its temporal and geographic context, the contributors show how depictions represent social mechanisms of identity construction, and how stylistic differences in product and process serve to reinforce cultural identity. Examples stretch from the Paleolithic to contemporary world and include rock art, body art, and portable arts. Ethnographic studies of contemporary art production and use, such as among contemporary Aboriginal groups, are included to help illuminate artistic practices and meanings in the past. The volume reflects the diversity of approaches used by archaeologists to incorporate visual arts into their analysis of past cultures and should be of great value to archaeologists, anthropologists, and art historians. Sponsored by the World Archaeological Congress.

Natal Museum Journal of Humanities

Author :
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A Companion to Rock Art

Author : Jo McDonald
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This unique guide provides an artistic and archaeological journey deep into human history, exploring the petroglyphic and pictographic forms of rock art produced by the earliest humans to contemporary peoples around the world. Summarizes the diversity of views on ancient rock art from leading international scholars Includes new discoveries and research, illustrated with over 160 images (including 30 color plates) from major rock art sites around the world Examines key work of noted authorities (e.g. Lewis-Williams, Conkey, Whitley and Clottes), and outlines new directions for rock art research Is broadly international in scope, identifying rock art from North and South America, Australia, the Pacific, Africa, India, Siberia and Europe Represents new approaches in the archaeological study of rock art, exploring issues that include gender, shamanism, landscape, identity, indigeneity, heritage and tourism, as well as technological and methodological advances in rock art analyses

African Rock Art

Author : David Coulson
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Covering the entire continent, a magnifiienty illustrated book contains more than two hundred full-color photographs of Africa's rock art, coupled with historical and interpretive analyses, compiled to raise public awareness of the variety, importance, and frailty of these extraordinary works.

Rock Art Research

Author :
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Acts of the International Symposium on Rock Art

Author : Sverre Marstrander
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Contemporary Approaches to World Rock Art

Author :
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Features information on rock art, presented by Mike Morwood. Discusses the distribution and chronology of major rock art bodies throughout the world, techniques for dating and analyzing rock art, and current approaches to rock art conservation and management.


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Rock Art as Social Representation

Author : European Association of Archaeologists. Meeting
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Derived from a session at the European Association of Archaeologists 4th annual meeting at Gothenburg in 1998. These eight papers address the various and varied theoretical perspectives on social representation in rock art. Existing theories are challenged and new ideas presented in this study of contemporary rock art research.

Encyclopedia of World Art Pakistan to Rembrandt

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Rock Art Papers

Author : Ken Hedges
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Author : Mary Frame
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Less familiar strands of the history of modern art are often obscured by the canonical history of Western abstraction. In rethreading them, "Abstraction: The Amerindian Paradigm" ascertains the unfolding of an abstract art that was born of a cross-fertilization with the indigenous arts of the Americas. The abstract forms that have emerged from practices such as weaving and ceramics, which the West has long deemed "lowly crafts," are reread, challenging the dominant assumption that abstract art is a prerogative of the modern West. The uncompromising geometry and bold colors of ancient Andean weavings--insistently characterized in ethnographic and art historical discourses as decorative--are heralded here as the textile paradigm of abstraction, a grid that precedes by millennia the Western modernist grid. Between the 1920s and 40s, Paul Klee, Joaquin Torres-Garcia, Josef and Anni Albers, Barnett Newman, and Adolph Gottlieb led the way in gazing at the ancient American arts. Later, Louise Nevelson, Alfred Jensen, Mathias Goeritz, Tony Smith, Helmut Federle, and South American artists Libero Badii, Francisco Matto, Gonzalo Fonseca, Eduardo Ramirez Villamizar, Alejandro Puente, and Cesar Paternosto, as well as textile artist Lenore Tawney and poet/artist Cecilia Vicuna, had significant encounters with the Amerindian arts. In their accompanying essays, Cesar Paternosto focuses on the emergence of an abstraction rooted on the indigenous arts of the Americas; Lucy R. Lippard writes on her experiences while researching the rock art of New Mexico; Mary Frame discusses the cultural resonance of textile structural forms in the ancient Andes; Cecilia de Torres narrates the story of the pioneering trecks to pre-Columbian sites by Torres-Garcia's disciples; and Valentin Ferdinan discusses the formative aspects of modern culture in Latin America.

Rock Art and Ethnography

Author : Mike J. Morwood
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Proceedings of Symposia H and O of the first Australian Rock Art Research Association (AURA) Congress, with contributions by 21 authors, 10 of them dealing with Aboriginal art in Australia and others covering Japanese, Indian and East African rock art. Number 5 in the TOccasional Aura Paper' series.


Author : Centro camuno di studi preistorici
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Monograph on Rock Art and Cave Art

Author : R. Kannan
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U X L Encyclopedia of Science

Author : Rob Nagel
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Includes photographs and drawings, this encyclopedia features topics related to the physical, life, and earth sciences.

Man in India

Author :
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