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Relational and Responsive Inclusion

Author : Mere Berryman
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Socially unjust circumstances continue to perpetuate inadequate classroom, school and system-level responses to longstanding social justice imperatives, shutting out power-sharing solutions to educational disparities and marginalizing populations of Indigenous and minoritized peoples. To address these educational disparities, this book proposes a relational and culturally responsive framework, from within a critical and indigenous paradigm that is designed to foster one's sense of becoming and belonging in the world with all people, and thus promotes inclusion. Praxis such as this challenges traditional paradigms that marginalize or dehumanize those with whom we seek to work. Social justice in education must be concerned with recognizing, respecting and being inclusive of the diversity of all students. Social justice is about valuing and including all children for the potential they arrive with and for the families that stand beside them, rather than on what we might aspire to change and mold them into being.

Inclusive Practices and Social Justice Leadership for Special Populations in Urban Settings

Author : M.C. Kate Esposito
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Inclusive Practices and Social Justice Leadership for Special Populations in Urban Settings: A Moral Imperative is comprised of a collection of chapters written by educators who refuse to let the voices of dissent remain marginalized in our discussion of education in the 21st century education. Drawing from the authors’ extensive experience in educational research and practice, coupled with their commitment to inclusion of special populations and social justice they urge readers to examine how educational policies are produced for the least advantaged in our schools. Effective inclusionary practices most certainly benefit all students, including English language learners, those who face gender discrimination, those who are in the foster care system, and those who are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgendered. This collection presents a broader theoretical inclusive framework rooted in social justice: which we assert, offers the best practices for a greater number of students who are at risk of minimal academic success. This broader conceptualization of inclusive schools adds to extant discourses about students with exceptional needs and provides effective strategies school leaders operating from a social justice framework can implement to create more inclusive school environments for all students, especially those in urban centers. It is hoped that lessons learned will improve the preparation and practice of school leaders, thus improve educational outcomes for students from special populations.

Tales from School

Author : Rod Wills
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This is a book about the struggle of many New Zealand families to have their children with learning disabilities included in local community schools. It reviews the influences in the post war period that shaped the state response to the right of all children to attend school. Reflections from both education policy makers and parents of that time are included. The book also examines the more recent impact of neoliberal politics on education policy and the consequences experienced by families with school-aged children with disabilities who may well become ‘collateral damage in the enterprise of improving schools.’ After examining the families’ experience the book asks how inclusion can be fostered in schools and classrooms? Practitioners and academics present research findings that indicate alternative ways of thinking and acting that attest to more ethical and humane responses to human difference. Citizens, school personnel, politicians and policy makers should be challenged by the tales from school arising from attempts to achieve a ‘world class, inclusive education system.’ Cover photograph by Rod Wills, “Oratia District School”

Safe Supportive and Inclusive Learning Environments for Young People in Crisis and Trauma

Author : Patty Towl
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Children and young people from diverse populations are statistically more at risk of exclusion, however education providers can make a difference to all children and young persons’ learning outcomes no matter what their personal circumstances. To achieve this, not only must educators form closer and more authentic relationships with these children and their communities, but the governments that fund learning environments must also be prepared to provide adequate resourcing and training opportunities. Safe, Supportive, and Inclusive Learning Environments for Young People in Crisis and Trauma addresses both the general and specific issues that may prevent children and young people from diverse populations from being safe, supported, and included in learning environments. Some chapters focus on general factors that contribute to both inclusion and exclusion at early childhood and in formal school environments, while others present research-based best practice and practical advice to enable good education outcomes for indigenous, migrant, and LGBTQI children and those who experience mental health problems, drug misuse, and abuse. Lastly, the book includes information about how to negotiate and set up programmes that have been shown to be effective with communities that differ from the dominant culture. This book provides practitioners in education, health, and social work with information and practical advice on how to retain all children and young people in early childhood, formal school education, and tertiary settings.

Making Open Development Inclusive

Author : Matthew L. Smith
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"Making Open Development Inclusive: Lessons from IDRC Research focuses on the connection between openness and inclusion in global development. It brings together the latest research that cuts across a wide variety of political, economic, and social arenas - from governance to education to entrepreneurship and more. The chapters draw on empirical evidence from a wide and diverse range of applications of openness, uncovering the many critical and underlying elements that shape and structure how particular openness initiatives and/or activities play out - and critically - who gets to participate, and who benefits [or not] from openness, while exploring the frontiers where openness intersects with deeper challenges of development, technology, and innovation"--

The Routledge Companion to Inclusive Leadership

Author : Joan Marques
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An important reference work on a practice that is needed more than ever in a VUCA world, this book helps readers understand the importance of responsible and constructive practices and behavior in leadership. The broad approach to inclusive leadership presented in this volume highlights correlations between inclusive leadership and myriad issues, qualities, and circumstances that serve as foundations or impact factors on it. Some contributors review contemporary concepts and challenges such as change, innovation, the bottom line, sustainability, and performance excellence against inclusive leadership. Other contributors reflect on critical practices and qualities, such as trust, passion, ethics, spirituality, and empathy, and their relationships with inclusive leadership. A range of religious and spiritual influences are also evaluated in the context of inclusive leadership, such as (but not limited to) Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Christianity. Postgraduate students, instructors, and coaches will appreciate this comprehensive look at inclusive leadership, which has become an urgent concept to be internalized and practiced by all, regardless of positions, possessions, locations, or generations.

Mindful and Relational Approaches to Social Justice Equity and Diversity in Teacher Education

Author : Julian Kitchen
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As teaching is socially, culturally, and politically constructed, it is important that teacher educators committed to social justice attempt to create secure environment where all voices are heard and teacher candidates can inquire into personally and socially challenging topics within a safe and caring classroom culture. Relationships of trust are fundamental to teaching about social justice and to being receptive as learners in such classes. Mindfulness on the part of teacher educators and teacher candidates can go a long way in fostering respect, openness and acceptance in such classes. Together they can lead to teacher educators and candidates thinking deeply about themselves, schools and schooling as they move towards a vision of a more equitable and just society. The teacher educators who have contributed to this volume recognize the challenges of balancing respect for their students with the call to social justice. Their accounts and critical reflections convey how relational and mindful approaches might offer positive avenues to self and shared exploration by teacher candidates and teacher educators alike. Several chapters attend to the challenges for educators as they encounter culturally and linguistically diverse contexts. Others attend to these issues within the complexity of diverse university classrooms in order to guide teacher candidates towards dispositions and practices that help foster inclusion and engage diverse learners and communities. Together, these chapters offer thoughtful approaches to living alongside aspiring teachers as they develop deeper understanding of the concepts of race and diversity, and inclusive approaches to teaching and learning.

Supporting Children with Communication Difficulties in Inclusive Settings

Author : Linda McCormick
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This thoroughly updated text is written especially for future language interventionists and special education teachers who will work on collaborative teams in public settings. Supporting Children with Communication Difficulties in Inclusive Settings, Second Edition, teaches an innovative service delivery model where parents and professionals share expertise and responsibility for maximizing and supporting language and communicative competence in classrooms with wide ability and cultural, racial/ethnic, linguistic, and economic diversity. It provides step-by-step directions and hands-on activities to give students practice in applying the procedures. The writing is clear and does not assume that the student has had previous courses or knowledge in speech-language intervention. The content offers basic strategies to assess, plan for, teach, and evaluate language and communication.

Stories of Inclusion

Author : Deborah A. Piatelli
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Bridging the literatures of social movement theory, critical race studies, and feminist theory, this book offers new insight into how privilege affects the process of creating inclusive communities across racial and class differences. This is the only ethnographic study of a contemporary peace and justice network that critically examines how racial and class privilege interact in cross-difference organizing, and offers important practical solutions on how to build a new peace and justice movement.

Relational Responsibility

Author : Sheila McNamee
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Questioning the tradition of individual responsibility, this pioneering book also transforms the concept of responsibility by giving centre stage to the relational process rather than to the individual - replacing alienation and isolation with meaningful dialogue. The first three chapters are the editors' own contribution on relational responsibility - followed by their analysis of a challenging case study involving the issue of child sexual abuse. The next 14 chapters contain responses from leading academics and professionals in the fields of communication, psychology and organizational development, which extend the editors' original dialogue. In conclusion, Sheila McNamee and Kenneth Gergen illustrate relational responsi

Sexuality Counseling

Author : Lynn L. Long
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For courses in Sexuality Counseling, Marriage and Relationship Counseling, and Family Therapy. Sexuality Counseling: An Integrative Approach blends a wide range of theoretical perspectives into a systematic, five-stage integrative couples modelthat prom

Inclusion Through Intercultural Approaches to Education

Author : Richard M. Pelton
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This study examined how educational leaders enact policies and practices to support the integration of refugee students. During periods of resettlement, refugee students faced systemic acculturation in schools as they adjust to social and cultural norms. Campus leaders established specific programs in collaboration with community partners to integrate refugee students into school communities. The research questions for this project were related to how school leaders promote sustained integration of refugee students. This research investigated innovative, campus-based programs with an intercultural approach to support refugee students. This research incorporated a multi-sited ethnography to develop a relational study of how school leaders support refugee integration. Campus leaders supported the integration of refugee students through equitable, culturally responsive practices. The inclusion of intercultural aspects in school-based programs promoted the integration of refugee students in both the school and greater community. The results of this research have implications in both school leadership and community development.

Intercultural Communication Competence

Author : Richard L. Wiseman
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Bringing together current research, theories and methods from leading scholars in the field, this volume is a state-of-the-art study of intercultural communication competence and effectiveness. In the first part, contributors analyze the conceptual decisions made in intercultural communication competence research by examining decisions regarding conceptualization, operationalization, research design and sampling. The second part presents four different theoretical orientations while illustrating how each person's theoretical bias directs the focus of research. Lastly, both quantitative and qualitative research approaches used in studying intercultural communication competence are examined.

Strategies for Teaching in a Diverse Society

Author : Thomas J. Lasley
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Strategies for Teaching in a Diverse Society solves a crucial problem encountered by today's teacher educators: How can we adequately prepare teachers to deal with the variety of students that they will teach? Lasley and Matczynski are the first to successfully address the central question about how multicultural and diversity coverage can be incorporated into the instructional areas of education. Strategies for Teaching in a Diverse Society illustrates that attention to individual and cultural differences is a vital step to truly successful teacher preparation. It offers instructors great flexibility with actual teacher examples from all content areas for the elementary, middle, and secondary school levels. Explanations for each method of instruction are supported by a plethora of case studies, applicable diversity issues, evaluation criteria, and sample lesson plans.

Depression in Women

Author : Christina Lynn Haemmerle
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CEA Critic

Author :
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Contemporary Perspectives on Interpersonal Communication

Author : Sandra Sporbert Petronio
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Beyond Simple Inclusion

Author : Stephanie L. Kerschbaum
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Cultural Politics of Everyday Life

Author : John Shotter
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Business Research Yearbook

Author :
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