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Relationship Fundraising

Author : Ken Burnett
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A donor-based approach to the business of raising money.

Tiny Essentials of Fundraising

Author : Neil Sloggie
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A guide to essential information about fundraising as seen through the eyes of a new recruit to the fundraising profession.

Tiny Essentials of Writing for Fundraising

Author : George Smith
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Fundraising Principles and Practice

Author : Adrian Sargeant
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The complete guide to fundraising planning, tools, methods, and more Fundraising Principles and Practice provides a unique resource for students and professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of fundraising in the current nonprofit environment. Based on emerging research drawn from economics, psychology, social psychology, and sociology, this book provides comprehensive analysis of the nonprofit sector. The discussion delves into donor behavior, decision making, social influences, and models, then uses that context to describe today's fundraising methods, tools, and practices. A robust planning framework helps you set objectives, formulate strategies, create a budget, schedule, and monitor activities, with in-depth guidance toward assessing and fine-tuning your approach. Coverage includes online fundraising, major gifts, planned giving, direct response, grants, corporate fundraising, and donor retention, with an integrated pedagogical approach that facilitates active learning. Case studies and examples illustrate the theory and principles presented, and the companion website offers additional opportunity to deepen your learning and assess your knowledge. Fundraising has become a career specialty, and those who are successful at it are among the most in-demand in the nonprofit world. Great fundraisers make an organization's mission possible, and this book covers the essential information you need to help your organization succeed. Adopt an organized approach to fundraising planning Learn the common behaviors and motivations of donors Master the tools and practices of nonprofit fundraising Manage volunteers, monitor progress, evaluate events, and more Fundraising is the the nonprofit's powerhouse. It's the critical component that supports and maintains all activities, and forms the foundation of the organization itself. Steady management, clear organization, effective methods, and the most up-to-date tools are vital to the role, and familiarity with donor psychology is essential for using these tools to their utmost capability. Fundraising Principles and Practice provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the field, with in-depth coverage of today's most effective approaches.

Friends for Life

Author : Ken Burnett
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Face Time Relationship Philanthropy

Author : Robert Ian Peacock
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The Zen of Fundraising

Author : Ken Burnett
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If all that has ever been said and written about the art and science of fundraising could be distilled down to just what really matters—what fundraisers everywhere need to know—there would be only a small number of true gems deserving of the description, “nuggets of information.” Leading international fundraiser Ken Burnett, author of the classic Relationship Fundraising, has identified and defined 89 such nuggets which he presents here as The Zen of Fundraising, a fun read, one-of-a-kind look into what makes donors tick and–more importantly–what makes them give.

Relationship Fundraising

Author : Julian Smyth
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Treating your donors properly is crucial in order to maximise their support. This authoritative Guide will tell you everything you need to know to do it correctly.It begins with the important issue - what is relationship fundraising and why is it important to your organisation. It next looks at databases and other tools to help you identify and use the various items of information you have about donors and prospective donors.Treating donors properly is the heart of relationship fundraising and practical advice given will help you to do so.Finally, gifts at death are discussed as these are often the largest and most intensive of all donations.

Fundraising When Money Is Tight

Author : Mal Warwick
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A Nonprofit Survival Kit for Hard Times "This is a must-read for all of us in fundraising. Mal Warwick includes practical approaches for difficult economic times, from zero-based thinking about our programs to strategies for relating to our donors and making certain our fundraising programs are prepared to succeed not only now but when the economy recovers." —Eugene R. Tempel, president, Indiana University Foundation "Brilliant! No nonprofit organization can afford to ignore the insightful advice Mal Warwick offers in this concise and eminently readable book. It's practical, down-to-earth, and addresses the complex, real-world challenges of raising money in tough times." —Ben Jealous, president, NAACP "Fundraising When Money Is Tight is an important book in a difficult time for all. This is the right book for anyone who is committed to advancing the public good." —Jane Wales, founder, Global Philanthropy Forum, and vice president, Aspen Institute "This is a must-read book by any fundraising manager. It's timely, it's a good read, and the moment I put it down I made sure my managers got focused, got real, and got with the project today." —Mark Astarita, director of fundraising, British Red Cross "Mal Warwick will leave you with a focusing framework and dozens of practical, immediately actionable how-tos. It is hard to imagine anyone in the citizen sector who will not breathe easier after reading this book." —Bill Drayton, CEO, Ashoka, and chair, Youth Venture

Sports Fundraising

Author : David J. Kelley
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Sports Fundraising is a complete introduction to fundamental principles and best practice in sports fundraising. Focusing on the particular challenges of fundraising in intercollegiate and interscholastic sport, and for youth sport organizations, the book is designed to help students develop the professional skills that they will need for a successful career in sports or education administration. Packed with real-life case studies and scenarios, the book offers a step-by-step guide to the effective planning, communication, implementation and management of sports fundraising projects, and introduces the most important issues in contemporary sports fundraising. Each chapter contains a range of useful features, from definitions of key terms to skill-building exercises, exploring both quantitative and qualitative methods for understanding the fundraising process and designing more effective fundraising projects. This is an essential course text for any athletic or sport fundraising course, and an invaluable reference for all professional fundraisers working in sport or education.

Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy

Author : Janice Gow Pettey
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Practical tools and techniques to incorporate ethical standards and practices in nonprofit fundraising Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy is a helpful and inspiring resource for nonprofits large and small, young and mature, local and international. The insightful guidance and case studies found within these pages will help you understand how to address specific ethical issues within your nonprofit and leave plenty of food for thought and discussion. Adds new materials on new business practice codes, the Ethics Assessment Inventory, coverage of new ethics standards Now includes an ethics assessment tool on the Ethical Fundraising, Second Edition companion website Considers essential topics including: appearance of impropriety, rights of donors, tainted money, using donations as intended, choosing a leadership role, ethical decision-making, restoring public confidence in the nonprofit sector, and the ethics of grant making and grant seeking Written by luminaries in the field of ethics in fundraising Explores a topic that all professional fundraisers must engage with in order to build the trust and confidence of the giving public Offers an invaluable collection of essays based on the rich experience of philanthropic leaders Presents wise reflections on the central role of ethics in fundraising Featuring contributions from a host of well-known and respected senior-level fundraising professionals, several of whom are members of the AFP Ethics Committee, Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy features a wealth of practical tools to help fundraising practitioners, board members, and governing boards implement these essential concepts into their own organizations.

Fundraising Fundamentals

Author : James M. Greenfield
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"Fundraising Fundamentals is a practical and valuable resource forfundraising professionals, trustees, philanthropists, and nonprofitexecutives who aspire to raise substantial monies for worthycauses. I have utilized Jim Greenfield's literature in variousfundraising courses . . . my students have benefited from thetheory and substance that Jim so clearly conveys along withreal-life models that can be applied to their respectiveorganizations." -Stephen M. Levy, CFRE, President of Levy PhilanthropicCounsel Former Chair of the Association of Professionals FoundationBoard Adjunct Professor of Philanthropy, Columbia University Proven methods and techniques for running a successful annualgiving campaign Learn how to carry out winning annual giving campaigns that willhelp your nonprofit organization grow and increase its financialresources with Fundraising Fundamentals. Complete with theessential basics of fundraising and comprehensive enough to helpexperienced fundraisers improve their campaigns, this up-to-dateSecond Edition features key material on: * How to find likely first-time donors * Membership organizations and donor clubs * Methods of donor renewal, upgrading, and reward * Recruiting and training volunteer solicitors * Multimedia and Internet soliciting techniques

Achieving Excellence in Fundraising

Author : Timothy L. Seiler
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Hank Rosso's Achieving Excellence in Fund Raising, 3rd Edition, explains the fund raising profession's major principles, concepts and techniques. A host of respected authors demonstrate why fund raising is a strategic management discipline, and elucidate each step in the fund raising cycle: assessing human and societal needs, setting goals, selecting gift markets and fund raising techniques, soliciting new gifts, and encouraging renewals. This book provides a conceptual foundation for the fund raising profession, thoroughly examining its principles, strategies and methods. Using practical examples, the authors explain the reasoning behind the planning and selection of strategies for all fund raising activities. Edited by Gene Tempel, Executive Director of Indiana University's Center on Philanthropy, this third edition of the Rosso's fund raising classic both retains the original philosophical principles of the first edition and offers new insights on recent fund raising developments. Each chapter has been updated, and Tempel has added new sections on technology and fund raising, the internet, women as donors, stewardship, and fund raising as a profession. Authors include such fund raising luminaries as Tim Seiler, Dwight Burlingame, Lilya Wagner, Mal Warwick, Kay Sprinkel Grace and Kim Klein.

Major Donors

Author : Ted Hart
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Boost Your Nonprofit's Success! Written by a sterling group of experts for their nonprofit peers, Major Donors: Finding Big Gifts in Your Database and Online supplies all types of nonprofit organizations with the best strategies for navigating the ever-changing world of fundraising on the Internet. Truly international in its examples, research, advice, and knowledge, this book is rich with avenues and ideas about approaching prospective givers--and generous with cross-cultural tips about conducting cultivation and solicitation in various countries. "At last, a practical book that helps us move our thinking in the critical future area of major gift fundraising. As one of the oldest techniques in the fundraiser's armory, we have sat for too long using the same frameworks and techniques; this book offers new thinking, new insights, and new approaches that will help fundraisers harness the potential of the growing band of high-net-worth individuals within their country and internationally. This book is packed with up-to-the-minute, practical information that will enhance existing major gift programs as much as it will help beginners get their head around where to start." --Tony Elischer, Managing Director, THINK Consulting Solutions "Institutional advancement is a deeply personal process that requires in-depth understanding of our supporters, to the degree to which specific aspects of our own priorities reflect our donors' personal aspirations and interests. Prospect research is indispensable to this process and to identifying possible supporters from thousands of possible donors--it would have been impossible for the University of Toronto campaign to have succeeded in the absence of our investment in prospect research." --Dr. Jon S. Dellandrea, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Development and External Affairs, University of Oxford "Major Donors offers some of the best advice from some of the world's leading prospect researchers, and it will help you to become a much better fundraiser. It is a great resource and an important part of any fundraising library. When you follow the advice in this book, you will raise much more money." --Harvey McKinnon, President, Harvey McKinnon Associates author of Hidden Gold and How Today's Rich Give, and coauthor of the international bestseller The Power of Giving

An Executive s Guide to Fundraising Operations

Author : Christopher M. Cannon
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Format : PDF, ePub
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A straightforward guide to the principles of effective fundraising operations An Executive Guide to Fundraising Operations provides fundraisers with easy-to-understand approaches to evaluate and address fundraising operations needs and opportunities. This guide simplifies and focuses on the analysis of problems and needs, allowing a quick return to fundraising. Provides the essential framework to improve and innovate development operations Includes dozens of practical tools, including sample policies for data, database, reporting, and business processes Offers sample workflow illustrations for gift processing and acknowledgment, report specification, and other processes Features sample reports for campaign management, performance management, and exception management Delivers effective calculators for operational rules of thumb No matter what the department is called, most fundraisers struggle with evaluating operational issues. This guide leads you through principles of effective fundraising operations, simplifies complicated topics, and offers solutions to some of the most vexing operations dilemmas.

Beyond Fundraising

Author : Kay Sprinkel Grace
File Size : 65.48 MB
Format : PDF
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Do you or your volunteers fear rejection or feel like a beggar when fundraising? Do you worry about soliciting donors too often? Are you tired of the relentless cycle of fundraising activities necessary to generate revenues for your programs? Beyond Fundraising: New Strategies for Nonprofit Innovation and Investment, Second Edition dispels these concerns and helps you: Learn how to position your organization in the community as a constructive, vital, and successful social investment Develop an investor relationship with donors and engage their values-based commitment capacity to make a difference in their communities In this revised and updated Second Edition, fundraising expert Kay Sprinkel Grace presents her internationally field-tested core beliefs, principles, and strategies for developing long-term relationships with donor-investors and volunteers. Share in the wisdom and experience that have helped countless nonprofit organizations grow their base of support and go beyond fundraising into true donor and fund development.

Fundraising and the Next Generation

Author : Emily Davis
File Size : 21.43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Step-by-step guidance to key fundraising methods to attract, engage, and retain donors of all ages Fundraising and the Next Generation brings readers up to date on cases, research, opportunities, and challenges regarding philanthropy's next generation. Readers will learn practical strategies for cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of Gen X and Y philanthropists using new technologies and traditional tools. Fundraising and the Next Generation covers the behaviors, key characteristics, and approaches for working with philanthropists under the age of forty. In addition, other age cohorts will be discussed to provide perspective, comparison, and related strategies. Includes step-by-step tools for setting up next gen technology in your organization and engaging Gen X and Y as donors Features a glossary of social media terms, a list of academic resources for development and professional advancement, and an assessment toolkit Defines the key characteristics of the four current generations, their habits for charitable giving, and how every development office can successfully engage them in philanthropy Provides a website with additional information beyond the book Savvy fundraising leaders understand that successful and sustained philanthropy is not just an issue for today. Long-term planning and diversified strategies allow fundraisers to access every prospective contribution possible. Timely and relevant, Fundraising and the Next Generation brings readers up to date on cases, research, opportunities, and challenges regarding philanthropy's next generation.

Becoming a Fundraiser

Author : Victoria Steele
File Size : 42.21 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Written by a librarian who has also been a professional fundraiser and by a library fundraiser who is also a public relations professional, this revised and updated book offers an original perspective on the neglected subject of raising money for libraries.

Fundraising Strategies for Community Colleges

Author : Steve Klingaman
File Size : 64.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book is a co-publication with CASE. Fundraising Strategies for Community Colleges is a hands-on, step-by-step guide to building a million-dollar-a-year development office. Community colleges educate nearly half the undergraduates in America yet receive as little as two percent of all gifts to higher education. Private philanthropy is now essential to the mission of community colleges. In order to gain a fair share, community colleges can rely on this book to deploy strategies effectively used by 4-year colleges. The author, Steve Klingaman, has raised over $40 million dollars for two-year and four-year colleges over a 25-year development career. With its emphasis on planning the work and working the plan, Fundraising Strategies for Community Colleges offers practical advice and concrete steps on how to build a strong advancement team with robust Annual Fund, grants, major gifts, planned giving programs. Topics include: * Strategies used at one two-year college that raised $50 million over ten years * 75 boxed tips on the details that matter most * How to create an institutional commitment to advancement * How to enhance the advancement function * How to build an effective foundation board that gives * How to grow the Annual Fund with sustainable, repeatable gifts * Secrets top universities use to close major gifts * Continuous quality improvement techniques to improve results year after year. Fundraising Strategies for Community Colleges is the only comprehensive development guide to focus on community college fund raising. Written for development professionals, college presidents, board members, trustees, faculty leaders, and other college leadership, this book is an essential, practical guide that fills a critical gap in the market.

Leading the Fundraising Charge

Author : Karla A. Williams
File Size : 75.17 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Practical guidance to deal with the challenges executives facewhen leading a philanthropically supported nonprofitorganization In today's donor-focused environment, the executive director hasa greater responsibility to play an active, informed, andinfluential role in creating an environment that is conducive tooptimal philanthropy. Leading the Fundraising Chargeaddresses the challenges and issues that executives face whenleading a nonprofit organization that is dependent on philanthropicsupport.. Offers nonprofit directors and executives the tools they needto help their organizations survive and thrive in any economicscenario Provides a perspective that is unique to the nonprofitexecutive's position Helps every executive director to evaluate and prioritize thebest fund development strategies At no other time in the history of organized philanthropy hasfundraising been more critical, complex, and challenging. Thoroughand focused, Leading the Fundraising Charge equips you withthe guidance you need to lead your nonprofit effectively.