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Religion in the Emergence of Civilization

Author : Ian Hodder
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This book presents an interdisciplinary study of the role of spirituality and religious ritual in the emergence of complex societies. Involving an eminent group of natural scientists, archaeologists, anthropologists, philosophers, and theologians, this volume examines Çatalhöyük as a case study. A nine-thousand-year old town in central Turkey, Çatalhöyük was first excavated in the 1960s and has since become integral to understanding the symbolic and ritual worlds of the early farmers and village-dwellers in the Middle East. It is thus an ideal location for exploring theories about the role of religion in early settled life. This book provides a unique overview of current debates concerning religion and its historical variations. Through exploration of themes including the integration of the spiritual and the material, the role of belief in religion, the cognitive bases for religion, and religion's social roles, this book situates the results from Çatalhöyük within a broader understanding of the Neolithic in the Middle East.

Philosophy Religion and the Coming World Civilization

Author : L.S. Rouner
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Gabriel Marcel reminds me that I asked him to write for this book. This is quite true, but not the whole story. During the visit with Ernest Hocking which he describes so eloquently in his essay, "Solips ism Surmounted," he learned from Hocking's hostess, Elizabeth Hazard, that I was planning hopefully for a Hocking F estschri/t. On his return to Harvard, where he was preparing his James Lectures, he wrote me offering an essay should these plans develop. Encouraged, I kept his letter while I moved my family to India and settled into a new job. When it was possible to begin work on the book in earnest I then made my request, reminding him of his original offer. I mention this because I discovered that his enthusiasm was to be typical of those who came to know about the project. Charles Moore commented that such a book was "long overdue," and Walter Stace spoke for us all when he said: "I am sure that there is no one in our profession who would not wish to be associated with any project in his honor. " Given the wide range of Hocking's interests and influence, it was difficult to know just how the volume should be organized.

Religion Civilization and Civil War

Author : Jonathan Fox
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In Religion, Civilization, and Civil War author Jonathan Fox carves out a new space of research and interrogation in conflict studies. As a preeminent observer of religious trends on domestic conflicts, Fox utilizes new statistical analysis in the Minorities at Risk (MAR) dataset - which tracks several hundred politically active ethnic groups across the globe, to examine the impact of religion and religious practice on rebellion, protest, discrimination, and international intervention. Fox also employs the State Failure (SF) dataset, which tracks internal wars and failed governances. Fox expertly uses this information to analyze ethnic wars, mass killings, and civil wars between 1948 and 2001. Covering over five decades, this study provides the most comprehensive and detailed empirical analysis of the impact of religion and civilization on domestic conflict to date and will become a critical resource for both international relations and political science scholars. Like his first book, Ethnoreligious Conflict in the Late 20th Century: A General Theory, which was touted as closing gaps in the concept of ethnoreligious conflict, Religion, Civilization, and Civil War provides the data to substantiate, expand, and transform the way scholars understand global conflict since World War Two.

Axial Civilizations and World History

Author : Johann P. Arnason
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A collection of essays by social theorists, historical sociologists and area specialists in classical, biblical and Asian studies. The contributions deal with cultural transformations in major civilizational centres during the “Axial Age”, the middle centuries of the last millennium BCE, and their long-term consequences.

A Study of History Reconsiderations

Author : Arnold Joseph Toynbee
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Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilization and Religion

Author : Ian Richard Netton
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The Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilization and Religion provides scholarly coverage of the religion, culture and history of the Islamic world, at a time when that world is undergoing considerable change and is a focus of international study and debate. The non-Muslim world's perceptions of Islam have often tended to be dominated by unrepresentative radical extremist movements and media interpretations of events involving such movements, to the extent that many people are unaware of the depth and variety of Islamic thought. At the same time, many who have had a formal training in Islamic studies have tended to concentrate on the traditional, to the exclusion of the contemporary. The Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilization and Religion covers the full range of Islamic thought, in historical depth, but it also provides substantial coverage of contemporary trends across the Muslim world. With well over a thousand entries on Islamic theology, history, arts, science, law and institutions, and coverage of Islam in individual countries and cities around the world, the Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilization and Religion provides an extremely rich resource for students and researchers in religious studies and Middle Eastern studies. Entries are cross-referenced and bibliographies are provided. There is a full index. Routledge published The Qura'n: An Encyclopedia in 2005, an excellent companion to the Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilization and Religion.

Political letters or Observations on religion and civilization

Author : Frances Wright
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Christianity its influence on Civilization and its relation to Nature s religion the Harmonial or Universal Philosophy A lecture etc

Author : Caleb S. Weeks
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Globalization and Civilizations

Author : Mehdi Mozaffari
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Uniquely, critically interrogates the concept of 'civilization' by asking whether it is still valid in the globalized world economy of the twenty-first century. Includes case studies on the Arab world, Islam, China and Japan.

Islam Religion History and Civilization

Author : Seyyed Hossein Nasr
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One of the world's leading Islamicists offers a concise introduction to the history, beliefs, and practice of his faith.