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The New Schaff Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge

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The New Schaff Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge

Author : Samuel Macauley Jackson
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The New Schaff Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge

Author : Albert Hauck
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The Concise Dictionary of Religions Knowledge

Author : Samuel Macauley Jackson
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Religious Studies Skills Book

Author : Eugene V. Gallagher
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Studying religion in college or university? This book shows you how to perform well on your course tests and examinations, write successful papers, and participate meaningfully in class discussions. You'll learn new skills and also enhance existing ones, which you can put into practice with in-text exercises and assignments. Written by two award-winning instructors, this book identifies the close reading of texts, material culture, and religious actions as the fundamental skill for the study of religion at undergraduate level. It shows how critical analytical thinking about religious actions and ideas is founded on careful, patient, yet creative “reading” of religious stories, rituals, objects, and spaces. The book leads you through the description, analysis, and interpretation of examples from multiple historical periods, cultures, and religious traditions, including primary source material such as Matthew 6:9-13 (the Lord's Prayer), the gohonzon scroll of the Japanese new religion Soka Gakkai, and the pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj). It provides you with typical assignments you will encounter in your studies, showing you how you might approach tasks such as reflective, interpretive or summary essays. Further resources, found on the book's website, include bibliographies, and links to useful podcasts.

Religion and Knowledge

Author : Dr Elisabeth Arweck
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Religions have always been associated with particular forms of knowledge, often knowledge accorded special significance and sometimes knowledge at odds with prevailing understandings of truth and authority in wider society. New religious movements emerge on the basis of reformulated, often controversial, understandings of how the world works and where ultimate meaning can be found. Governments have risen and fallen on the basis of such differences and global conflict has raged around competing claims about the origins and content of religious truth. Such concerns give rise to recurrent questions, faced by academics, governments and the general public. How do we treat statements made by religious groups and on what basis are they made? What authorities lie behind religious claims to truth? How can competing claims about knowledge be resolved? Are there instances when it is appropriate to police religious knowledge claims or restrict their public expression? This book addresses the relationship between religion and knowledge from a sociological perspective, taking both religion and knowledge as phenomena located within ever changing social contexts. It builds on historical foundations, but offers a distinctive focus on the changing status of religious phenomena at the turn of the twenty-first century. Including critical engagement with live debates about intelligent design and the ‘new atheism’, this collection of essays brings recent research on religious movements into conversation with debates about socialisation, reflexivity and the changing capacity of social institutions to shape human identities. Contributors examine religion as an institutional context for the production of knowledge, as a form of knowledge to be transmitted or conveyed and as a social field in which controversies about knowledge emerge.

WJEC GCSE Religious Studies Unit 2 Religion and Ethical Themes

Author : Joy White
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For the new Welsh specification for first teaching 2017. Trust the experts; let the market-leading publisher and subject specialists with examining experience provide accessible content that draws out the key ethical theories, helping to ensure your students have a thorough understanding - Teach the Unit 2 content confidently with comprehensive coverage of Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist beliefs and practices. - Enable students to build a strong core of knowledge with engaging activities throughout the textbook. - Boost students' confidence approaching assessment with guidance on tackling different question types. - Equip students' with the detailed knowledge they need to succeed with clear, lively explanations that make key concepts accessible to all ability levels. Covers: - Christianity: Beliefs and teachings - Islam: Beliefs and teachings - Judaism: Beliefs and teachings - Buddhism: Beliefs and teachings - Relationships - Human Rights

Religious Studies and Comparative Methodology

Author : Arvind Sharma
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A contribution to the methodology of religious studies, this work discusses using comparison to provide mutual illumination among religious traditions while avoiding the problem of assimilating one tradition to another.

Religious Studies in Alberta

Author : Ronald W. Neufeldt
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This first volume on the “state-of-the-art” in religious studies in Canada offers a description and critique of the field in the colleges, universities, and secondary schools in Alberta. Among the findings: philosophical-theological and textual approaches to the study of religion predominate, to the relative neglect of methodologies employed in fields such as sociology and anthropology; the quality and quantity of published research is significant but focusses on Christian studies; some interdisciplinary study is being carried on and benefits religious studies as well as other fields; religious studies scholars in Alberta have a relatively high public profile, but their exercise of public responsibility is time consuming and can jeopardize career advancement; in view of wide-spread religious illiteracy among students, descriptive courses must not be neglected in favour of analytical ones. An appendix listing courses offered in the schools surveyed concludes the volume.

Religious Individualisation

Author : Martin Fuchs
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This volume brings together key findings of the long-term research project ‘Religious Individualisation in Historical Perspective’ (Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, Erfurt University). Combining a wide range of disciplinary approaches, methods and theories, the volume assembles over 50 contributions that explore and compare processes of religious individualisation in different religious environments and historical periods, in particular in Asia, the Mediterranean, and Europe from antiquity to the recent past. Contrary to standard theories of modernisation, which tend to regard religious individualisation as a specifically modern or early modern as well as an essentially Western or Christian phenomenon, the chapters reveal processes of religious individualisation in a large variety of non-Western and pre-modern scenarios. Furthermore, the volume challenges prevalent views that regard religions primarily as collective phenomena and provides nuanced perspectives on the appropriation of religious agency, the pluralisation of religious options, dynamics of de-traditionalisation and privatisation, the development of elaborated notions of the self, the facilitation of religious deviance, and on the notion of dividuality.