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Remaining Faithful in Ministry

Author : John MacArthur
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Looking at the heart of the apostle Paul through 9 convictions found in 2 Corinthians 4, veteran pastor John MacArthur calls church leaders to faithful endurance in ministry.

The Ministry Staff Member

Author : Douglas L. Fagerstrom
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“When are you going to become a real pastor?”“When are you going to get your own church?”“How long will you be here?”During his thirty-one years serving in churches across the country, Doug Fagerstrom has both known the joys of being a ministry staff member and experienced many misconceptions of the role. In The Ministry Staff Member, he draws on his vast experience to correct false notions and provide a clear, accurate understanding. This comprehensive and practical handbook provides staff members—paid and volunteer, church and parachurch—with invaluable tools for success and helps those around them to better understand and appreciate the importance of what they do. Dozens of sidebar articles and suggested resource lists provide a useful toolbox you’ll want to turn to again and again.

The Teaching Ministry of Congregations

Author : Richard Robert Osmer
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In this important and groundbreaking book, Osmer develops a practical theology of the teaching ministry. He begins with the Apostle Paul, identifying in Paul's letters to his congregations the core tasks of the teaching ministry.

Postmodernism and Youth Ministry

Author : Scott M. Kopp
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There are a number of ministers today that are unaware of the characteristics of postmodernism and of how it affects our young people. This book is written for all who work with youth and young adults in ministry; be they youth minister, youth pastor, director of religious education, Sunday school teacher, high school or college campus minister, or pastor or pastoral associate. It is an introduction to and framework for youth ministry and postmodernism. By bringing together and synthesizing the present literature on postmodern theory and guides for youth ministry, this book begins the discussion and lays the groundwork for a more comprehensive model and study for the future of youth ministry with a postmodern generation together with ideas for the working youth minister to begin implementation today.

Remaining Faithful

Author : Julie Lupien
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This guide offers a series of exercises for reflection, integration, and prayer following a short-term experience in another culture. In short-term mission experiences, people serve in a culture different from their own for a few days, a week, or a few months. Sometimes called immersion experiences, short-term mission can include alternative spring breaks, medical outreach teams, building programs, parish twinning, mission trips, and other volunteer programs offering people an opportunity to give of their time to help others. As increasing numbers of people participate in short-term mission, this book offers practical tools for integrating the experience as part of a lifelong commitment to service. The exercises can be used by individuals or groups to guide regular, structured reflection for one year following the short-term service experience. This book is one in a series of five volumes published by From Mission to Mission, an organization serving returning missioners and volunteers since 1980. The guide shares insights from decades of experience with those returning from a time of living and serving in another culture.

Sin and Danger of leaving a Faithful Ministry An address to those who left his Ministry in May 1843 By the Rev John Bonar

Author : John Archibald BONAR
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Youth Ministry Nuts and Bolts Revised and Updated

Author : Duffy Robbins
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Youth ministry veteran and bestselling author, Duffy Robbins, offers an updated and revised edition of his book about the important, behind-the-scenes mechaincs of youth ministry. The tasks of budgeting, decision-making, time management, team ministry, staff relationships, conflict resolution, working with parents, and a range of other issues, are the things that keep a ministry together and functioning well. Nobody gets into youth ministry because they want to think about these things; but a lot of people get out of youth ministry because they didn’t think about them. All youth workers—whether paid or volunteer, full-time or part-time—will find Youth Ministry Nuts and Bolts to be a thoughtful, fun, practical guide to youth ministry administration.

Fifteen Secrets for Life and Ministry

Author : Robert R. Kopp
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A much needed book by a maverick, mainline clergyman. You are invited into the confessions and conclusions of this well-known pastor, as he steps out of the box to share fifteen secrets for remaining faithful within sacred and secular cultures - cultures that are increasingly hostile to Christianity and to the person of Jesus Christ. But here's a word of caution! This is a tell-all book in which the author reveals his sins (e.g. an affair) and exposes the apostasy of churches just like yours. Prepare to laugh and cry as you mine the salt which stings to heal, in this book.

Two Views on Women in Ministry

Author : James R. Beck
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What does the Bible say about women’s roles in the church? With pros and cons on either side of a heated, ongoing debate, no definitive conclusions have emerged. This book furnishes you with a clear and thorough presentation of the two primary views on women in ministry so you can better understand each one’s strengths, weaknesses, and complexities. Each view—egalitarian (equal ministry opportunity for both genders) and complementarian (ministry roles differentiated by gender)—is represented by two contributors. This revised edition of the book brings the exchange of ideas and perspectives into the traditional Counterpoints format. Each author states his or her case and is then critiqued by the other contributors. The fair-minded, interactive Counterpoints forum allows you to compare and contrast the two different positions, and to form your own opinion concerning the practical and often deeply personal issue of women in ministry. The Counterpoints series provides a forum for comparison and critique of different views on issues important to Christians. Counterpoints books address two categories: Church Life and Bible and Theology. Complete your library with other books in the Counterpoints series.

Global Youth Ministry

Author : Terry D. Linhart
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As the world's youth population continues to grow and interact globally in an instant through blogging, texting, and social networking, youth ministry is adapting in equal fashion. Authors Terry Linhart and David Livermore offer advice that's substantiated by more than twenty prominent worldwide youth leaders: be prepared. Global Youth Ministry is the first textbook to recognize the phenomenon of global youth ministry and to coordinate leading youth ministry voices in a discussion of the theological, theoretical, sociocultural, and historical issues that shape ministries around the world. Traditionally, students of international youth ministries have had to wade through a range of sources, perspectives, and agendas. This versatile text distills all that, and focuses on real-world experiences, challenges, and issues that are part of international ministries. This book is essential reading for undergraduate and graduate-level students and youth ministry leaders who have a heart for missions, social awareness and spiritual empathy, and a desire to serve young people around the world.

New Ministries

Author : William R. Burrows
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This is an exciting, informed, thoughtful, and ground-breaking book on one of the most vital--and threatening--issues facing the contemporary church. Father Burrows seeks effectively to show that the older forms of church and clerical life, developed in the West, are both irrelevant and stultifying when transferred in to the Third World--and that, as a consequence, new forms of church and clerical life, forms still within the Catholic heritage to which he affirms, must be developed if the church is long to survive in that new world. Frankly admitting that his suggestions are only the beginning and by no means final, Burrows nevertheless makes crystal-clear the need for more open attitudes towards the forms of church and the need for more open attitudes towards the forms of church and clergy if the newer churches are to become genuinely creative forces in the Third World rather than lingering embassies from the First World. I found the work exceedingly stimulating, the approach fresh and open, and his suggestions more than worthy of careful thought by all those concerned with the Church in a global context. -Langdon Gilkey, Shailer Mathews Professor of Theology, University of Chicago Divinity School New Ministries deals with topics of vital concern for the Christian churches and it does so in a way that will catch and keep the reader's interest. Burrows handles this rather explosive topic with personal sensitivity and with scholarly care. -Paul F. Knitter, Professor of Theology, Xavier

Crisis Ministry

Author : Daniel G. Bagby
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Covers more than 25 pastoral care crises arranged from A-Z, Abortion to Suicide.

The Ministry of the whole Person

Author :
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A Faithful Ministry

Author : John Milton Holmes
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Remarks on the Ministry of Instruction in the Church By H Drummond

Author :
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Remaining Faithful

Author : Phyllis Peterson
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This is a book created to help people who are struggling to remain faithful to their primary relationship. We live in a world full of temptation, fantasy and hedonism. It is difficult, sometimes, to remain focused on what is real, lasting and of value when the rest of the world sings its siren song of self-gratification and easy familiarity. Knowing what is right is one thing. Being able to do what is right in the face of temptation and disappointments is another. Doing what is right requires the kind of soul-level understanding that comes from combining the inspiration of Scripture with the insight born of reflection. For inspiration, this book offers the Writings of Baha'u'llah, Prophet-Founder of the Baha'i Faith, and the explanations provided by His son, 'Abdu'l-Baha. To encourage reflection, the author has provided observations and questions born of her own life experience and that of the many people she has helped throughout the years.

The Resolve of a Faithful Ministry a Discourse on Isaiah LXII I Etc

Author : Rev. Hugh STEWART (of Newtownards.)
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Joseph Tuckerman and the Outdoor Church

Author : Jedediah Mannis
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Joseph Tuckerman and the Outdoor Church is about the Rev. Joseph Tuckerman, a Unitarian minister who created and led a street ministry in Boston, Massachusetts, between 1826 and 1839 at the behest of his friend and college roommate, William Ellery Channing. Because of Tuckerman's innovative approach to encountering and helping the poor people he met near the Boston wharves, he is considered the father of American social work as well as a prescient, dedicated, and socially active minister whose work led directly to the Social Gospel Movement. The book examines and interprets Tuckerman's theology and ministry of outreach in light of the author's experience as pastor of the Outdoor Church of Cambridge, Inc., an outdoor ministry to homeless men and women in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Outdoor Church offers prayer services and pastoral assistance outdoors in all seasons and all weather in order to be accessible to chronically homeless men and women who, because of shame or embarrassment, hostility or illness, cannot or will not enter conventional churches. Joseph Tuckerman and the Outdoor Church is a unique and gripping look at a radically innovative nineteenth-century minister through the prism of the actual application of his thinking and his example to an ongoing ministry to the chronically homeless men and women of Cambridge.

Thy Will Be Done Recognizing Temptation and Remaining Faithful

Author : Raymond E. Ashmore
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"Temptations discover what we are."-Thomas Kempis But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. -Hebrews 5: 14 For the most part, our lives, interests, and even many ministry efforts focus on concerns that don't concern Jesus Christ. There are temptations so subtle and so obscured in religious jargon that, instead of being recognized for what they are (areas of temptation and sin), they are taught as doctrines of faith and sold to the masses who follow naively. We are not to prostitute ourselves to the values of this evil world system, even if they are baptized and preached as Christian. If we do, no matter how up-tempo our church meetings are, we may not realize that our faith is impotent and an affront to the godliness that is the true life of Christ. If you're ready to consider what the scriptures teach about temptation-the enemy of God's will for our lives-then read Thy Will Be Done. Your eyes will be opened. "Dr. Ray Ashmore is a trained theologian with a rich and victorious experience. From such a man we can learn and experience something of the same freedom in Christ that he experiences." -Robbie Phillips, Present Word Ministries Ray Ashmore, D. Min., is a graduate of Columbia International University, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, and the Presbyterian Erskine Theological Seminary. He is founding director of Imparting Life, a ministry committed to reforming today's church and assisting emerging communities to grow in kingdom living. He is also author of THY KINGDOM COME: Just Don't Bother Us With It. Ashmore lives with his wife, Susan, in Ridgeway, South Carolina.

Gold Tested in Fire

Author : Ronald D. Witherup
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The recent Year for Priests focused considerable attention on the priesthood, resulting in many books, articles, retreats, conferences, and symposia. In Gold Tested in Fire, Ronald D. Witherup, SS, makes an important new contribution. Intersecting scriptural and theological context with lived pastoral insight, Witherup explores both classic and contemporary understandings of the priesthood, offers insights into the four pillars" suggested for priestly formation, and looks at the charism of priests, and the need for ongoing formation across a life-span. Having engaged in priestly formation in seminaries for a number of years, Witherup moves beyond overly idealized or pietistic approaches to the presbyteral life to offer key insights on the challenges and rewards inherent in contemporary priestly ministry. Underlying his approach is the firm conviction that the present testing in the priesthood is a profound summons to a new Pentecost, inopportunity for the priesthood to be cleansed and remade, and ultimately stronger.