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Remembering Forever

Author : Dallas Releford
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Young government agents Mark Peters and Elizabeth Morgan think they are investigating a mad serial killer until they encounter aliens, ghost pirates, a rogue government contractor who has developed a way to enslave people's memories in a computer chip and an robot army out to take over the world. Add a little suspense, mass murder, mystery, young romance and a demanding boss and you have an adventure that you will never forget. Follow these two adventurers into the realm of science fiction like you have never read before.

May God Remember

Author : Lawrence A. Hoffman
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Engaging and sobering. Traces the development of Yizkor from the original memorializing of Jewish communities destroyed by the Crusaders to the touching service we have today, and reflects on how we remember both personal losses and the martyrs of history.

Remembering the Darkness

Author : Veronica Shapovalov
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This engrossing collection of prison memoirs by Russian women is the first to portray the direct experiences of the wide range of women who were incarcerated in Soviet prisons and camps. Comprising the stories of women from all classes and backgrounds, this book covers the entire span of the Gulag's existence from the 1920s to the 1980s, including the little-known periods of political repression of the 1960s and 1980s. These memoirs and letters provide a rich portrait of how women led everyday life in prison and in the camps, of the strategies of accommodation and resistance they employed, and the challenges they faced when they reentered Soviet society. Although readers will hear the voices of women who were in excruciating physical and emotional pain, they will also find remarkable testimonies to the agency and resilience of women who struggled against incredible odds. Written by women from all stations in life and from drastically different backgrounds, these stories reconstruct not only the world of the Gulag but also its meaning for society at large. The documents excerpted here point to areas of Soviet history and culture that have yet to be fully investigated as they illuminate women's experiences of friendship, work, hope, inspiration, loss, and terror. All the works selected for the collection are united by their authors' sense of group and individual identity. To varying degrees, all of them associate their experiences with events and people beyond their personal experiences and immediate surroundings, thus expanding the traditional perspective of women's writing. These riveting stories, never before published in English or Russian, will appeal to scholars and students of Soviet history and literature, as well as general readers interested in women's history.

Remembering the Great War in the Middle East

Author : Hans-Lukas Kieser
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This book addresses the conflicts, myths, and memories that grew out of the Great War in Ottoman Turkey, and their legacies in society and politics. It is the third volume in a series dedicated to the combined analysis of the Ottoman Great War and the Armenian Genocide. In Australia and New Zealand, and even more in the post-Ottoman Middle East, the memory of the First World War still has an immediacy that it has long lost in Europe. For the post-Ottoman regions, the first of the two World Wars, which ended Ottoman rule, was the formative experience. This volume analyses this complex configuration: why these entanglements became possible; how shared or even contradictory memories have been constructed over the past hundred years, and how differing historiographies have developed. Remembering the Great War in the Middle East reaches towards a new conceptualization of the “long last Ottoman decade” (1912-22), one that places this era and its actors more firmly at the center, instead of on the periphery, of a history of a Greater Europe, a history comprising – as contemporary maps did – Europe, Russia, and the Ottoman world.

Remembering the Dragon Lady

Author :
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Remembering the Reformation

Author : Alexandra Walsham
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This stimulating volume explores how the memory of the Reformation has been remembered, forgotten, contested, and reinvented between the sixteenth and twenty-first centuries. Remembering the Reformation traces how a complex, protracted, and unpredictable process came to be perceived, recorded, and commemorated as a transformative event. Exploring both local and global patterns of memory, the contributors examine the ways in which the Reformation embedded itself in the historical imagination and analyse the enduring, unstable, and divided legacies that it engendered. The book also underlines how modern scholarship is indebted to processes of memory-making initiated in the early modern period and challenges the conventional models of periodisation that the Reformation itself helped to create. This collection of essays offers an expansive examination and theoretically engaged discussion of concepts and practices of memory and Reformation. This volume is ideal for upper level undergraduates and postgraduates studying the Reformation, Early Modern Religious History, Early Modern European History, and Early Modern Literature.

Remembering a King

Author : Euphonious Poet
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How can one describe something such of greatness as this book? Awe-inspiring, captivating, amazing, and insightful are just a few works to describe how I felt while writing this book. I hope you will feel the same way and more. Upon reading this book, I promise you your life will never be the same. Your thoughts, truths, and what you believed or heard to be true about Michael will be confirmed or made false. You will come to know the true person of who Michael was and always will be. Remembering

Remembering Our Oneness

Author : Thomas Paul Hansen
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In his previous metaphysical book, Trying to Remember, Dr. Thomas Paul Hansen explored this question and statement: Are you a spiritual being having a physical experience or a physical being having an occasional spiritual experience? Which one you believe makes all the difference in the world. In his new book, Remembering Our Oneness, learn how to live as the spiritual being that you are, even while experiencing this illusion of a physical universe. Learn how to be in this world, but not of this world. Learn how to co-create a world of peace that will help all of us awaken to our true Godself nature. We can take concrete action for peace in the world and at the same time remember that our true spiritual nature is already inside each one of us. Did we actually make this physical universe ourselves, with our minds? Why would we have done so? Find out why the old seeing is believing concept should be changed to believing is seeing.

How to Remember Everything

Author : Jacob Sager Weinstein
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How to Remember Everything is the ultimate guide to unlocking the power of your brain! Kids will learn how to ace history tests by memorizing dates, feel confident about remembering people's names, win cards games by mastering entire decks, and hang on to happy memories for a lifetime. This invaluable memory guide for children is full of recall-building techniques, fun challenges, and hilarious art.

Remember Me

Author : Brenda Cheryl Gillespie
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What if you awoke one morning and could not remember your name, where you live, your family, your favorite food, your hometown, or any other bit of information from your past. Where would you go? Who would you turn to? A terrible road accident had taken everything from Anne. How can she even begin to find her way back to her real life when the family with whom she has been placed is harboring a deep secret that no one wants to share with her. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Anne’s journey. Will she ever remember her past, or............