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Remembering Malcolm

Author : Benjamin Karim
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“A memoir that shows the private Malcolm as a man who spoke far more of obedience, moderation, and peace than he did of violence.”—Atlanta Journal & Constitution Many books have been written about Malcolm X in the decades since his assassination, but in Remembering Malcolm, his assistant minister Benjamin Karim reveals an intimately human side of the great leader we have never seen before. Writing with an insider’s knowledge and a disciple’s devotion, Karim paints an unforgettable portrait of Malcolm X as counselor, minister, healer, and, above all, a dedicated member of his community. Here is a dramatic account of how Malcolm galvanized the Black Muslims through his tireless work at Harlem’s New York Mosque Number Seven in the early 1960s. Here, too, are Karim’s affectionate memories of the daily rituals and beliefs that bound Malcolm’s people together—the courtship and marriage rites, the strict customs governing relations between men and women, the three-day fasts that ended in sumptuous sundown feasts, the rigorous discipline, and the quiet joys sanctioned by their faith. Remembering Malcolm is at once a beautiful memoir about a compelling human being and a vital historical document about one of the true American visionaries of the twentieth century.

Betty Shabazz Surviving Malcolm X

Author : Russell John Rickford
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Profiles Betty Shabazz's life before, during, and after her marriage to Malcolm X, exploring her efforts to move beyond the often extraordinary personal tragedy touching her and her family.

Malcolm X African American Revolutionary

Author : Dennis D. Wainstock
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"This biography begins with Malcolm's seven-year imprisonment from age 21 and continues through his official adoption of the religion of the Nation of Islam; his ministry at Elijah Muhammad's Temple Number Seven and other contributions to the Nation's growth; his disillusionment and rejection of the Nation's teachings; and his pilgrimage to Mecca and other international travels. "--Provided by publisher.

Islam in the African American Experience

Author : Richard Brent Turner
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This second edition features a new introduction, which discusses developments since the earlier edition, including Islam in a post-9/11 America.

The Cambridge Companion to Malcolm X

Author : Robert Terrill
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This Companion presents new perspectives on Malcolm X's life and legacy for students of American history.

Teaching Malcolm X

Author : Theresa Perry
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The volume brings together a dazzling array of perspectives on Malcolm X to discuss the importance of X as a cultural hero and provide guidelines for teaching Malcolm-related material at elementary, high school and university levels.

Blood Brothers

Author : Randy Roberts
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The basis of the Netflix documentary BLOOD BROTHERS, the first book to bring to life the fateful friendship between Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali In 1962, boxing writers and fans considered Cassius Clay an obnoxious self-promoter, and few believed that he would become the heavyweight champion of the world. But Malcolm X, the most famous minister in the Nation of Islam, saw the potential in Clay, not just for boxing greatness, but as a means of spreading the Nation’s message. The two became fast friends, keeping their interactions secret from the press for fear of jeopardizing Clay’s career. Clay began living a double life—a patriotic “good negro” in public, and a radical reformer behind the scenes. Soon, however, their friendship would sour, with disastrous and far-reaching consequences. Based on previously untapped sources, from Malcolm’s personal papers to FBI records, Blood Brothers is the first book to offer an in-depth portrait of this complex bond. An extraordinary narrative of love and deep affection, as well as deceit, betrayal, and violence, this story is a window into the public and private lives of two of our greatest national icons, and the tumultuous period in American history that they helped to shape.

Remembering Malcolm

Author : Benjamin Karim
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A chronicle of Malcolm X's life, work, politics, and assassination by his first assistant minister

Malcolm X

Author :
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Malcolm X: From Political Eschatology to Religious Revolutionary offers a variety of historical, religious and philosophical perspectives into the significance of Malcolm X’s life and thought today.

Malcolm X

Author : Andrew Helfer
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The age of multitasking needs better narrative history. It must be absolutely factual, immediately accessible, smart, and brilliantly fun. Enter Andrew Helfer, the award-winning graphic-novel editor behind Road to Perdition and The History of Violence, and welcome the launch of a unique line of graphic biographies. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these graphic biographies qualify as tomes. But if you're among the millions who haven't time for another doorstop of a biography, these books are for you. With the thoroughly researched and passionately drawn Malcolm X, Helfer and award-winning artist Randy DuBurke capture Malcolm Little's extraordinary transformation from a black youth beaten down by Jim Crow America into Malcolm X, the charismatic, controversial, and doomed national spokesman for the Nation of Islam.