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Remembering Me of Gary Indiana

Author : Emma Jackson-Causey
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Remembering Me of Gary, Indiana: An Unexpected Crossroads From a Life of Love By: Emma Jackson-Causey Begin your journey to find your authentic self along with your spouse and heal your marriage. When we marry at a young age, we hope to have a life of closeness and connection with our spouse ‘til death do us part. What you don’t realize often times is that you need a break or two to rediscover YOU in the marriage. I came to realize that I, too, needed this time to rediscover me. I let go of my fear, doubt, and anxiety, and I let God begin His work in our lives, individually. Praying for a Christ-like attitude towards my marriage was the key to transitioning to Fishers, Indiana, in a great mood and feeling partnered with Christ. I no longer felt alone; I was praying to the author of life, love, and marriage. God took his rightful place in my heart. He became my first love, again. Sentimentally yours, Emma

Always Remember Me

Author : Cynthia Lusk
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How do you survive the hours and days living with the knowledge that your son is slowly dying from a glioblastoma multiformes brain tumor? How do you continue to share your love with family while attempting to enjoy the time of your life? Join Cynthia Lusk as she shares her story of the Lusk Family after their youngest child developed brain cancer. As her husband, Scott, texted to his extended family, “The good news is: Jedidiah gets a make-a-wish! The bad news is: Jedidiah is eligible for a make-a-wish ... Oh no!” The family pulled together to show their support and love for Jedidiah; continued to honor God; and lived and loved through laughter, tears, and prayers on their eleven-month journey from Jedidiah’s diagnosis until his untimely death that came all too soon.

Remember Me

Author : Deborah Bedford
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Sam Tibbits loves life -- especially life at Piddock Beach, where his family spends their vacations. It's here that he's come to care for Aubrey, his childhood confidante. So the year Aubrey's family moves away with no forwarding address, Sam is crushed. He was going to propose. Aubrey McCart enjoys being with Sam; he accepts her unconditionally like her father never has. But when her father's pride and joy -- her brother -- is killed in Vietnam, Aubrey is unable to cope. She chooses a path that changes her life forever, leading her away from Sam. Years later, when Sam and Aubrey find themselves back at Piddock Beach, the two are forced to confront their abandoned friendship and make peace with their lives. But can they do so without overstepping their moral boundaries?

Remember Me

Author : Charles Joyner
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Remember Me is a short primer on the coast of Georgia and its unique African cultural heritage. Charles Joyner offers a rich picture of that culture’s stories, songs, and traditions, as well as the nineteenth-century plantation life in which it endured.

Remember Me to Marcie

Author : Martin Yoseloff
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Remember Me

Author : Bonnie Summers
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Remember Me by Bonnie Summers Remember Me “Every Now and Again” by Bonnie Summers is a captivating compilation of autobiographical poems. In this collection, the author journals memories of her life’s events and a wide array of feelings experienced from the time she was a small child. Come along on this journey and be drawn in as Bonnie bares her soul, which just might stir emotions within you… possibly some that you haven’t yet acknowledged.

Remember Me Vendetta

Author : Carlos Alexander Murray
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A once gambler/drug dealer gives his all to make another run at Kingpin status only to retire on top of the game. Carlos Andretti making a push for success finds a profitable way out of the game also bringing with him his young, now rich protege who has a change of heart in retiring from his grip of power and street fame. Agreeing to settle off the profits of a Mega Millionaires club built and designed to bring enough money for all to live comfortable for decades, a murder plot to kill Mr. A. and steal his millions invested is executed. But as an innocent, cursed soul has been wrongfully sacrificed, the scales of reality tip with an unresting soul coming back for vengeance on all participating in his death.

Remember Me

Author : Amy McLellan
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'Complex, intriguing, clever, twisty, beautifully put together' MARI HANNAH, author of WITHOUT A TRACE * * * * * * * How do you find a killer when you can't recognise a face? Last night my sister was murdered. The police think I killed her. I was there. I watched the knife go in. I saw the man who did it. He's someone I know. But he won't be caught. Because he knows I have prosopagnosia - I can't recognise faces. But if I don't find him, I'll be found guilty of murder. * * * * * * * Praise for REMEMBER ME: 'Had me hooked from the very beginning, a gripping premise and such a deliciously flawed cast of characters' JENNY BLACKHURST 'Beautifully written...Truly shocking, this is a book that will have everyone talking about it' MARY TORJUSSEN 'Loved the protagonist from the first chapter and was rooting for her until the end' SARAH WARD 'Hooks you from the start, with a twisty, page-turning pace that keeps you guessing' JAMES SWALLOW

Dear Bill Remember Me

Author : Norma Fox Mazer
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Eight extraordinary stories of heartbreak, growing up, and the importance of finding your voice Everything changes eventually. Jessie Granatstein doesn’t think she’ll have anything to say in the journal her teacher asks her to write—until suddenly, the words come tumbling out. Zoe Eberhardt has been raised and cherished by the strong, powerful women in her family, but when she turns fourteen, she starts to see that she’ll soon have to establish an identity of her own. Marylee is quiet and thoughtful—unlike her confident, sparkling mother. But when she sees something she’s not supposed to, she realizes it might be time to start speaking out. For the young women in these stories, growing up may be complicated, but it always leads in surprising new directions.

You Don t Remember Me Do You

Author : Terry Conroy
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Stoke City legend Terry Conroy lifts the lid on how the great Potters side of the early 70s took on the giants of the day in epic encounters, and often won. How they almost won the league, and proved worthy opponents of Europe's finest; and how the fans' favourite ginger winger scored one and created the other goal in Stoke's first major trophy win at Wembley. Terry's tales take in Hudson, Greenhoff and Banks, Best, Charlton and Redknapp. He talks about his rollercoaster international career with the Republic of Ireland, both as player and as assistant - and also reveals the cost of playing with cortisone injections, the impact of a drinking culture on the club's potential success, and how he won his own personal battles. A fabulous story of a life lived to the full - a delight for all Stoke City fans, lovers of 1970s culture and football supporters in general.