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Remove Yourself To Improve Yourself

Author : Kennith Allen Thomas
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Who are you? It's one of the most direct questions known to man. Yet, the most difficult to answer. The reality is, many times in life, our minds get caught up in the matrix of what the world wants. As a result, we tend to lose focus on our dreams, visions, missions, and overall purpose in life.Believe it or not, even some of the most successful people and influencers of our time have hit the ceiling and have lost their path. Many of them search for years to get back the greatness they've once had. But have failed to get out of their own way when it mattered most.This pattern has happened on many different life levels: faith, Marriage, Parenting, Family, Relationships, Business, Career Building, and health. The main reason we lose who we are is that we allow our accolades to define who we are. When in reality, that is only the outer layer. We fall in love with what people see on the outside and disregard the engine that got us there on the inside.In this book, Kennith Allen Thomas teaches us the value of discovering the greatness from within for Ultimate success in life. Removing the unnecessary baggage and weight, most of us don't even know we are carrying. Kennith takes you on a mental detox journey that will improve your daily life and get you refocused to discover your real purpose from within. Developing the positive development strategies, you need to start Living Beyond Measure.

Do It Yourself Natural Eyesight Improvement Original and Modern Bates Method

Author : Clark Night
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Natural Eyesight Improvement based on the Method, Treatments of Ophthalmologist William H. Bates. (Color Version) Paperback contains popular EFT book and Dr. Bates books, Magazines in the E-Book. Amazon 'look inside' will soon have the color preview.Includes 20 Color Printable PDF E-Books with this Paperback book, Eyecharts, Audio, Video Lessons, 600+ color pictures, all the Author's and Ophthalmologist Bates 50 books. Contact the Author for the download link; Address is on the 'Thank-You Page' inside the book. E-Book contains 'Word Search''- type in any word, Example; Myopia to see 50-100 Treatments for unclear distant vision. Adobe Translates to Italian, Spanish, German... Activities; Shifting-Natural Eye Movement, Central Fixation, Relaxation, Memory & Imagination, Switching Close, Middle, Far for perfect equally clear vision, convergence, accommodation, divergence, un-accommodation in the left and right eyes at all distances, Left and Right Brain Hemisphere Activation & Integration, Color Treatment, Visualization, Alpha, Theta, Delta Brain Wave Deep Relaxation, Palming, Positive Thinking, Posture, Body Movement, Physical Therapy, Abdominal Breathing, Chi Energy Circulation, Strengthening, Sunning, Saccadic Sunning, Seeing, Reading Fine Print and Eyecharts Clear, EFT, Acupressure, and other Activities for clear Close and Distant, Day and Night Vision, Healthy Eyes. E-mail, phone support. 20 E-BOOKS CONTAIN; +This Paperback Natural Eyesight Improvement Book in Color, with 100 pictures. Less reading, Easy to learn steps; Read the directions printed on the pictures for Fast Vision Improvement. +Better Eyesight Magazine by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates (Unedited, full set: 132 Magazines -July, 1919 to June, 1930.) Illustrated with 500 pictures and additional, up to date Modern Training. +Original Antique Better Eyesight Magazine by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates. Photo copy of all his Original Magazine Pages. (Unedited, full set: 132 Magazines - July, 1919 to June, 1930.) Learn the Method, Treatments directly from the Original Eye Doctor that discovered Natural Eyesight Improvement! +The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses by Dr. Bates (photo copy of all the original book pages) with pictures. +Medical Articles by Dr. Bates - with pictures. +Stories From The Clinic by Emily C. Lierman/Bates. +Use Your Own Eyes by Dr. William B. MacCracken. +Normal Sight Without Glasses by Dr. William B. MacCracken. +Strengthening The eyes-A New Course In Scientific Eye Training In 28 Lessons by Bernarr MacFadden - with pictures & modern training. +EFT Training Book. +Clear Close Vision - Seeing Fine Print Clear. +Ten Steps For Clear Eyesight without Glasses. +Astigmatism Removal Treatments. +New additional books.+Eyecharts - 15 Large, Small and Fine Print Charts for Clear Close and Distant Vision, White and Black Letter Charts, Astigmatism Test and Removal Charts. +Audio and Video lessons in training chapters. Dr. Bates discovered the natural principles, true function of the eyes and applied relaxation, natural methods to return the eyes, eye muscles, mind/brain, body (entire visual system) to normal function with healthy eyes and clear vision. Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine stories, articles describe how Dr. Bates, Emily Lierman Bates, other Doctors, School Teachers, Bates Method Students/Teachers, Children and Parents used Natural Treatments to remove, correct, prevent many different eye problems without use of eyeglasses, surgery, drugs. The natural treatments they applied removed/prevented; unclear close and distant vision, astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, conical cornea, cornea scars, retinitis pigmentosa, detached retina, wandering/crossed eyes (strabismus) and other conditions. See 'William H. Bates Author's Page' for entire Biography, Videos of internal book pages, description of the Paperback, 20 E-books.

Mind Easing

Author : Bick Wanck
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Today more than ever, everyone must be her or his own healer, and this is especially true in the management of anxiety and depression. In the first major conceptual leap in mental health care in forty years, Mind Easing's Three-Layered Healing Plan harmonizes wellness approaches, therapy, and, when needed, medicine into a safe and effective plan tailored to the needs and wishes of the individual. Written by noted psychiatrist Bick Wanck, MD, one of the founders of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry and an experienced clinician, writer, and educator, Mind Easing shows how to relieve and often resolve anxiety and depression by assisting the mind's natural ability to heal. Along with non-medicinal healing methods, Mind Easing shows how to use psychiatric medicine (if needed) safely and effectively as part of a mindfully constructed healing plan. Because some psychiatric medicines can blunt feelings and dull thinking, they can impede the flow of healing and interfere with the pleasures of living. Mind Easing suggests when and how psychiatric medicines may be stopped when they are counterproductive to healing. Mind Easing presents a comprehensive Three-Layered Healing Plan for anxiety and depression. Some readers will find all they need in Layer One: Enhancement of Healing without needing the help of a professional. Others will benefit from Layer Two: Guidance which describes how psychotherapy, body and energy work, and spiritual guidance may be used to assist healing. Those readers who experience severe anxiety and depression will find helpful information in Layer Three: Restoration of Healing. where Dr. Wanck explains the concepts of "soft" and "hard" anxiety and depression. Soft anxiety and depression are generally caused by stressful current life events or past adversity where hard anxiety and depression are caused by genetically inherited conditions or by physiologic hardening of symptoms resulting from persistent or severe adversity or trauma.

Blame Yourself

Author : Titus Peevy
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Blame Yourself! is a book that takes a wider look at self-improvement, covering the development of the body, mind, and spirit individually then holistically. It defines these in a way that's direct and simple but also gets to the central philosophies that underpin these concepts. It explores ancient religious and philosophical ideas and correlates those to modern-day application. This book not only guides you to success in physical fitness, mental sharpness, and spiritual depth but also does so in a way that puts each into context with each other and in your life. In order to make the changes you need, to get the results you want, to become the person you admire, you have to begin by blaming yourself.

The Laughing Guide to a Better Life

Author : Isaac Prilleltensky
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The book combines humor with science to engage readers in a process of change. Based on empirical research of proven strategies, readers will learn how to leverage four drivers of change: interactions, context, awareness, and next steps. This is an action model aimed at motivating readers to engage in achievable steps to improve their lives.

Love Lost Love Found

Author : Tatiana Jerome
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Turn Heartache into Empowerment When author Tatiana Jerome had a bad experience with a relationship breakup, she decided to explore her feelings through communicating with other women on social media. By facing her pain and challenges, even acknowledging what she did to contribute to the relationship’s failure, she began to heal and move beyond the broken heart to a better understanding of what would make her happy, and, most of all, of the type of love she deserved. Her insightful posts and blogs went viral, and soon other women were coming to her for advice and support. Based on Tatiana’s journey and that of other women she has coached, Love Lost, Love Found is a woman-to-woman conversation that nurtures each woman hurting over her breakup by allowing her to let go of her past, find love within herself, and welcome new love into her life. You’ll learn to avoid self-sabotaging behavior and other things on Tatiana’s “drop list,” implement a personal action plan, attend to your physical well-being, and stay connected to your spiritual life. Uplifting and honest, Tatiana helps you ask the difficult questions and face reality while building a better life by prioritizing self-respect, self-care, and self-confidence. You’ll discover that focusing on your own healing, spirituality, and growth is the surest path to leading an extraordinary life and attracting new love.

Unlocking Tough Doors To Success

Author : Hulisani Mushiane
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As believers we are required to be transformed by renewing our minds,thoughts and mentality.However,we have been asking ourselves of the secrets of success,Unfortunately society has given us the wrong idea of success as women,of which many have become victims.This book will open your spiritual eyes and transform your mind to receive the blessing that God has for you.It will build your confidence in prayer and in God.It will build your confidence to face the challenges in your journey to success.

Fit Financial Approach

Author : Mike Broker, CFP®, CPT
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The Fit Financial Approach features information and direction on how to improve one’s life in two of the most important areas: health and wealth. The fit are getting fitter; the fat are getting fatter. Americans’ have waistlines that are too big and retirement accounts that are not big enough. The amount of information, both factual and misleading, is overwhelming. The good news – the fix is the same for both the health and wealth problems people face. The answers to these problems are simple... but they are not easy. It is known to eat less in order to lose weight. It is known people should spend less. People know to save and build their credit, just as they know to do cardio and lift weights. See... simple, but not easy. The Fit Financial Approach provides the empowerment, knowledge, and direction Americans need to improve their lives one step at a time in a tried and true method that actually works. They won’t find “head in the clouds” expectations or unrealistic goals. It is Mike Broker, CFP®, CPT hope that Americans find a way to stop the downward spiral of fitness and finances and turn it into a spiral staircase that they can climb one step at a time to the life they truly want to live.

Dare s Guide to Pandemic Survival

Author : Nicky Dare
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Pandemic Survival is the practical guide for solutions to change your life during lockdown. This survival guide is all about creative and practical ideas that will bring hope, joy and inspiration in such dire times. This entire book focuses on SOLUTIONS, not the problem. HOW TO STAY CALM IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS Now that the entire world is in a lockdown situation, many of us are stuck and confined at our homes. We are seeking for solutions to cope with it, because life goes on. We have to learn to adapt to these new 'normalities' in our lives. The author provides some compelling articles focusing on specific issues which you may be facing and hope to bring solutions to your current challenges during lockdown. The book is to empower your ability to manage your stressful situation. Once you start managing your stressful situation, you can start to embrace the time spent with the family in that closed environment, irrespective of how long it may take. So quit worrying about the Pandemic and start enjoying quality time with your loved members of the family. This book reveals practical easy-to-read-and-understand tips and resources how you can have the ability to master your circumstances and get over it all! • Start engaging in home activities together and re-connect to the often-neglected or forgotten traditional family values • Stop worrying of things you can not control in this world. • Most importantly, you will also STOP wasting time crazily searching online for quick fix solutions!!! Because this guide is the only solution you need! • Continue to live life you deserve to live!

Practicing the Power of Now

Author : Eckhart Tolle
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A collection of simple meditations and exercises helps readers highten their consciousness of the present and live in the moment more completely. 50,000 first printing. $50,000 ad/promo. Original.