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Renal Transplantation Sense and Sensitization

Author : S.M. Gore
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In 1986, the Committee of Experts on Blood Transfusion and Immunohae- tology of the Council of Europe chose for their Programme of Co-ordinated Research "An investigation of the procurement and sharing of transplantable organs for potential recipients who are highly sensitized to HLA-antigens". This topic was of common concern to all centres practising renal transplan- tion. The terms of reference of the study were: To estimate the number of patients who are virtually "untransplantable" because of high sensitization in each European country. To study the nature of immunization in terms of the type and specificity of antibodies present in the blood and techniques used for their detection. To investigate possible practical solutions - both current and future, invo- ing cross-matching procedures, the circulation of reference material from patients, and the willingness of the national organizations to share resources. 4. To explore other methods of resolving this problem. Although the study did not offer the prospect of a brilliant new insight into the problem of high sensitization, it was unique in several ways: for the first time we saw all European organizations collaborating in a common project to provide information on their activities, their problems and the methods to resolve them; it introduced, for this subject, relatively novel statistical methods to investigate susceptibility to sensitization and factors affecting transplant outcome; it enabled a large database of transplanted highly sensitized patients and matched controls to be assembled, that would have been unavailable as a research resource at any single centre.

Procurement Preservation and Allocation of Vascularized Organs

Author : G.M. Collins
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At the brink of the third millennium organ transplanta mati on how, in the case of shortage, a fair allocation of tion will become routine and the results will be so ex the scarce organs can be achieved. This is a very cellent that every patient in need of a transplant timely subject that continues to be discussed between deserves to be transplanted. How to provide every doctors and between laymen. patient with his or her organ and how to guarantee This book serves the needs of several groups of that the organ is in a superb condition? That is the specialists working with transplant patients. Firstly, the challenge for all of us privileged to work in this doctors who are directly involved in the care of the magnificent field of medicine. multi-organ donor, and who have to collaborate to do In this book, an international team of experts has the best for their recipients. Heart surgeons might like laid down their intellectual knowledge on the process to learn from liver surgeons and vice versa. Secondly, that precedes successful transplantation: Procurement, the paramedical specialist who is involved in the treat Preservation and Allocation. In four sections important ment of transplant patients and their families will find aspects of this preamble of the actual transplantation in this book many answers to questions. Students can are dealt with. also use it as a source for general information.

The HLA System

Author : John Lee
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This volume documents our growing understanding of the human major histocompatibility complex. The application of this information is ever more important as the limits of transplantation continue to be reduced, including the recent success of bone marrow transplantation between unrelated but closely matched individuals. In addition, the need to transfuse platelets in the face of immunologic barriers continues to challenge transfusion services. Thus, the serologic information summarized in this volume is essential for optimal patient care. At the same time, recombinant DNA technology has led to a revolution in our understanding of many aspects of basic biology. Among the advances has been the initial characterization of the structure of some HLA loci. While this will ultimately improve clinical services, constant reference to serologic data is essential so that the powerful new techniques can be applied in the most effective ways. The timing of the First Red Cross International Histocompatibility Workshop is fortunate as it brings together experts from around the world to address the state of the art. We are all grateful to Dr. John Lee and his colleagues for organizing the workshop, and for bringing together in this volume the material to be presented in Beijing during October 17-23, 1990. Leon W. Hoyer, M.D.

Clinical Transplants

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Tubulo Interstitial Nephropathies

Author : Alberto Amerio
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Proceedings of the 4th Bari Seminar in Nephrology, April 25-28, 1990

Pathology of the Kidney

Author : Robert H. Heptinstall
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Research Grants Index

Author : National Institutes of Health (U.S.). Division of Research Grants
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Kidney Transplantation

Author : Peter J. Morris
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Renal Transplantation

Author : Roy Yorke Calne
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Organ Transplantation and Replacement

Author : G. James Cerilli
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Renal Transplantation

Author : Edgar L. Milford
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Diseases of the Kidney

Author : Robert W. Schrier
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Medical Journal of Australia

Author :
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Immunobiology of Transplantation Cancer and Pregnancy

Author : Prasanta K. Ray
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Heart Failure A Companion to Braunwald s Heart Disease E book

Author : Douglas L. Mann
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Dr. Douglas L. Mann, one of the foremost experts in the field, presents the 2nd Edition of Heart Failure: A Companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease. This completely reworked edition covers the scientific and clinical guidance you need to effectively manage your patients and captures the dramatic advances made in the field over the last five years. Now in full color, this edition features eleven new chapters, including advanced cardiac imaging techniques, use of biomarkers, cell-based therapies and tissue engineering, device therapies, and much more. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Compatible with Kindle®, nook®, and other popular devices. Use this Braunwald’s companion as the definitive source to prepare for the ABIM’s new Heart Failure board exam. Access the fully searchable contents of the book online at Expert Consult. This edition includes 67 new authors, who are experts in the field of heart failure Stay on the cutting edge with new chapters on: The latest practice guidelines for medical and device therapy Hemodynamic assessment of heart failure Contemporary medical therapy for heart failure patients with reduced and preserved ejection fraction Biomarkers in heart failure Pulmonary hypertension Management of co-morbidities in heart failure Mechanical cardiac support devices Get up to speed with the latest clinical trials, as well as how they have influenced current practice guidelines Explore what’s changing in key areas such as basic mechanisms of heart failure, genetic screening, cell and gene therapies, pulmonary hypertension, heart failure prevention, co-morbid conditions, telemedicine/remote monitoring, and palliative care

Handbook of Kidney Transplantation

Author : Gabriel M. Danovitch
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Practical Reasoning in Bioethics

Author : James F. Childress
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"This is a valuable clarification, re-statement and defence of principlism as an approach to applied ethics. It is strongly recommended to many teachers of bioethics..." -- Journal of the American Medical Association "Childress' book deserves careful study by all concerned with the ethical aspect of contemporary biomedical challenges." -- Science Books & Films "An ideal supplement for a graduate seminar on bioethics or for upper-division undergraduates needing more information in this area." -- Choice In these revised and updated essays, renowned ethicist James F. Childress highlights the role of imagination in practical reasoning through various metaphors and analogies. His discussion of ethical problems contributes to a better understanding of the scope and strength of different moral principles, such as justice, beneficence, and respect for autonomy. At the same time, Childress demonstrates the major role of metaphorical, analogical, and symbolic reasoning in biomedical ethics, largely in conjunction with, rather than in opposition to, principled reasoning.

Histocompatibility Testing 1965

Author : Boerhaave Cursussen voor Voortgezet Medisch Onderwijs
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Primer on Kidney Diseases E Book

Author : Arthur Greenberg
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This official publication of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) covers all aspects of adult and pediatric kidney diseases and is ideal for nephrologists and non-nephrologists alike. The full-color design, high-quality photographs, and outstanding graphs and tables make information easy to access and understand. The latest management techniques and pearls from leading clinical experts—including international contributors—offer practical and authoritative guidance. Edited by Dr. Arthur Greenberg and members of the NKF Scientific Advisory Board, this state-of-the-art primer provides consistent depth of coverage, balanced discussion of controversy, and a uniform focus of information. Incorporates the latest NKF Kidney/Outcome Quality Initiative (K/DOQI) guidelines on chronic kidney disease staging and management. Features a current and practical review of the anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of kidney disease, fluid and electrolyte disorders, hypertension, dialysis, and renal transplantation. Covers the whole field of nephrology in concise and well-illustrated, four-color chapters. Puts complex material and the latest developments into perspective for in-depth, yet succinct summaries in every area. Includes high-quality photographs, as well as outstanding graphs and tables for a varied approach to the subject matter. new chapters on Disorders of Magnesium Homeostasis and Thombotic Microangiopathies to reflect advances in management. Includes the most up-to-date management guidelines and pearls of wisdom to provide you with best practices. Presents new ideas and perspectives through 25% new contributing clinical experts.

Transplantation Ethics

Author : Robert M. Veatch
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Although the history of organ transplant has its roots in ancient Christian mythology, it is only in the past fifty years that body parts from a dead person have successfully been procured and transplanted into a living person. After fourteen years, the three main issues that Robert Veatch first outlined in his seminal study Transplantation Ethics still remain: deciding when human beings are dead; deciding when it is ethical to procure organs; and deciding how to allocate organs, once procured. However, much has changed. Enormous strides have been made in immunosuppression. Alternatives to the donation model are debated much more openly—living donors are used more widely and hand and face transplants have become more common, raising issues of personal identity. In this second edition of Transplantation Ethics, coauthored by Lainie F. Ross, transplant professionals and advocates will find a comprehensive update of this critical work on transplantation policies.