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Rescue Your Retirement

Author : Russell K. Jalbert
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“You don't have to accept risk in order to grow your money.” What readers discover in this book is the woeful ineffectiveness of retirement planning as practiced by Wall Street and the brokerage industry. In place of this failed approach Jalbert offers the logic of financial tools provided by the insurance industry. These tools, though not well known in the marketplace, are many, varied and most often free of the risk associated with volatile markets. His mission is to design retirement plans that are as foolproof as possible, and making sure that a stable and predictable lifelong income is provided under any economic circumstances.

Rescue My Retirement

Author : Charles Scott
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How to rescue your retirement dollars from Uncle Sam. Whether you know it or not the IRS has a lien on your retirement accounts! There are several critical factors you'll need to consider if you want to disinherit Uncle Sam.

Purpose Based Investing

Author : Michael Stewart
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"The past twenty years of the stock market have been a roller coaster ride and many investors nearing retirement are looking for a better way to preserve their retirement savings and generate an income that will last them for the rest of their lives. Mike and Dan share ... strategies that allow you to take back control of your retirement"--Back cover.

Your Pension Shortfall Your Retirement Rescue Plan

Author : Gill Alton
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The Financial Crisis has rewritten the rules of Retirement. No longer can you rely on your Pension to deliver the golden retirement you were promised - even if you have contributed to it for years. You're not alone - millions, just like you through no fault of their own, are unaware of the size of their 'Pension Shortfall' and are destined for a retirement of hardship and money worries. Packed full of easy to read facts and figures, this book provides a candid and refreshingly honest approach to property investment. Sharing invaluable knowledge and guidance which will help you 'Rescue your Retirement' within a limited time frame. A must read if: * You are in your mid 40's or early 50's * You will be solely reliant on your Pension in retirement * You are worried about your Pension * You are new to property investment

52 Ways to Wreck Your Retirement

Author : Tina Di Vito
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Retirement planning isn't something that happens at a specific point in time or at a specific age - we are all affecting our retirement plans every day with every decision we do or don't make. Canadians are living longer, and the average retiree in the future may have as much as 30 years of retirement to plan for, and there are many simple things that will impact our eventual retirement life. 52 Ways to Wreck Your Retirement identifies 52 things we do that could wreck our retirement, explains why it puts your retirement at risk, and provides the strategy to correct the mistake, or better still, avoid it entirely. The book is organized under several key areas of the planning process, including: Starting to Plan for Retirement Mistakes around Investing Mistakes around Debt Saving for Retirement Pensions Living in Retirement Spending in Retirement New Realities about Retirement 52 Ways to Wreck Your Retirement is not a feel-good book about how wonderful retirement will be or an alarming fear-mongering book about dying broke, nor is it a get-rich-late-retirement solution. Quite simply, it is an easily-accessible and practical guide written for Canadians of all ages that gives you the tools you need to better manage the financial and personal aspects of your retirement.

Rescue your finances

Author : Infinite Ideas
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Who wouldn’t like a bit more financial security these days? There’s a never-ending avalanche of books, magazines, websites and TV programmes to allegedly ‘help’. But who’s got the time to wade through this lot to sift the stuff that works from the rubbish? Rescue your finances cuts straight to the heart of the matter. With insider shortcuts and secrets garnered from personal and professional experience, we reveal how everyone can make the most of their financial lot. Whatever your financial position, Rescue your finances is the indispensable guide to making your money work harder and smarter for you.

Rescue Your Money

Author : Ric Edelman
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"A different version of this title was originally published in 2009 by Free Press" -- Title page verso.

Rescue Your Financial Life

Author : Kimberly Lankford
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Sound rules for rebuilding ravaged savings plans and protecting them from today's perilous markets Kiplinger's columnist Kim Lankford has fielded hundreds of questions from readers wondering how to recover from recent market debacles. Rescue Your Financial Life! is Lankford's answer--an easy-tofollow, multistep program for setting new financial goals, getting on course to achieve those goals, and using today's new tools and technologies to make recovery as pain-free as possible. Personal financial goals are more difficult to achieve than ever before. Rescue Your Financial Life! helps readers bring those goals a little closer by showing them how to: Rebuild retirement plans ravaged by stock market losses Find extra money to invest during tough times Lower taxes, cut insurance bills, pay for college, and more

Retirement Held Hostage

Author : Robert Russell
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Radio show host, Robert Russell sheds the light on the bad advice that may be holding your retirement captive from success. You will discover how to: pay less money to the government by utilizing tax saving techniques. Understand strategies like "The Super Roth," "Vertical Diversification," "Personal Pension Planning" and "The Tax-Efficient Frontier".

Retirement Rescue

Author : Terry Nager
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Preparing for retirement today can be very confusing. There are many products and services out there and it is difficult to strike the proper balance between earning a good enough return and not taking on too much risk with your investments. How can you keep your retirement afloat? Fortunately, there is a primer that can help. Drawing upon years of experience in the financial services industry, Terry and Eric Nager share their approach to investing and how individual investors can apply this approach themselves. What is needed is a good research tool, knowing what to look for, and some discipline and patience.

Retirement Rescue

Author : Ronald A. Gelok
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Whether you’re a retiree interested in protecting your assets, a business owner interested in saving taxes or a pre-retiree in need of a sound retirement income plan this book may have the answers you need NOW! The ultimate guide to protecting your nest egg from predatory estate and income taxes, volatile and unpredictable financial markets, and a navigational chart to steer your financial ship through these turbulent times to obtain the peace of mind that comes from a worry free retirement.

English Rescue Your English Upper Intermediate 911

Author : Gerald Donovan, Winie Widya Ariany
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The Retirement Rescue Plan

Author : Melissa Phipps
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"...fresh, realistic, and comprehensive solutions for the millions of Americans who haven't saved enough for retirement." --NANCY COLLAMER, Public Speaker, Career Coach, and Author of Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit Your Passions During Semi-Retirement When financial planning expert Melissa Phipps decided to quit her 9-to-5 and start her own business, she told herself, "the time is now." It wasn't retirement, but it was the first step. Not long after, she found herself in the middle of a large and unanticipated financial dilemma. And in order to survive it, she had to make some major changes that ultimately came down to one thing: redefining retirement. The Retirement Rescue Plan will prepare you for retirement in a way that takes you into account--allowing you to define "retirement" in a new, realistic, and exciting way. The goals are simple: work less, earn enough, and be happier than ever. Are you ready to get planning? Assess what makes you happy--it sounds obvious, but when was the last time you took an honest look at what you really wanted? Gain control of your finances by reviewing your savings, expenses and budget with sample worksheets and exercises Generate ideas for continued earnings by considering your unique skills and interests; and find extra inspiration by reading real-life retirement success stories Ensure your security with five methods to avoid common retirement planning mistakes Nothing compares to the joy and relief you will feel when you find your way from financial despair to a fulfilling future, as you start to enjoy retirement in a way that works for YOU.

How to Enjoy Your Retirement

Author : Tricia Wagner
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A book about retirement that leaves financial worries to other books and simply focuses on enjoyable ways to spend time.


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The New Savage Number

Author : Terry Savage
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Nationally known personal finance expert Terry Savage helps you answer the most important retirement questions During a time when looking to the future is more important than ever, author Terry Savage offers street smart advice for the many soon-to-be retirees wondering how much longer they will have to work to make up for the losses in their retirement accounts. The New Savage Number provides the strategic guidance and hands-on techniques necessary to plan a successful, satisfying retirement. Throughout the book, Savage helps you figure out how much money you need to retire-your savage number-and how to invest to reach that goal. Then, as retirement looms, she guides you through the process of planning withdrawals so the money lasts your entire lifetime. In between, Savage offers practical advice on everything from getting personal finances organized to insuring retirement plans against the disastrous need for long-term care. An informative, engaging book that future retirees of every age can utilize, The New Savage Number Contains updated chapters reflect the current economy including changes to the mortgage market and stock market performance Takes issues such as social security, long term insurance, and new investment risks into consideration Offers guidance on continuing to earn income in retirement Written with every retirement bound individual in mind, The New Savage Number, Second Edition provides you with the tools needed to rescue your retirement.

Working Woman

Author :
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Kiplinger s Personal Finance

Author :
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New Families New Finances

Author : Emily W. Card
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Offers advice on setting financial goals, saving, budgeting, managing family emergencies, investing, retirement, insurance, and estate planning