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Design Research in Information Systems

Author : Alan Hevner
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It is 5 years since the publication of the seminal paper on “Design Science in Information Systems Research” by Hevner, March, Park, and Ram in MIS Quarterly and the initiation of the Information Technology and Systems department of the Communications of AIS. These events in 2004 are markers in the move of design science to the forefront of information systems research. A suf cient interval has elapsed since then to allow assessment of from where the eld has come and where it should go. Design science research and behavioral science research started as dual tracks when IS was a young eld. By the 1990s, the in ux of behavioral scientists started to dominate the number of design scientists and the eld moved in that direction. By the early 2000s, design people were having dif culty publishing in mainline IS journals and in being tenured in many universities. Yes, an annual Workshop on Information Technology and Systems (WITS) was established in 1991 in conju- tion with the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) and grew each year. But that was the extent of design science recognition. Fortunately, a revival is underway. By 2009, when this foreword was written, the fourth DESRIST c- ference has been held and plans are afoot for the 2010 meeting. Design scientists regained respect and recognition in many venues where they previously had little.

Marketing Research and Information Systems

Author : I. M. Crawford
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Marketing Research and Information Systems

Qualitative Research in Information Systems

Author : Michael D Myers
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Qualitative research has become a legitimate approach within the information systems community, but researchers have traditionally drawn upon material from the social sciences given the absence of a single source relevant to them. Qualitative Research in Information Systems: A Reader represents just such a volume and is both timely and relevant. Information systems and qualitative research articles are now widely used for teaching on many upper level courses in information systems, and there is demand for a definitive collection of these readings as a basic reader and teaching text. This book expertly brings together the seminal works in the field, along with editorial introductions to assist the reader in understanding the essential principles of qualitative research. The book is organised according to the following thematic sections: · Part I: Overview of Qualitative Research · Part II: Philosophical Perspectives · Part III: Qualitative Research Methods · Part IV: Modes of Analyzing and Interpreting Qualitative Data Qualitative Research in Information Systems: A Reader should become the benchmark reference point for students and researchers in information systems, management science and others involved in information technology needing to learn about qualitative research.

Project Research in Information Systems

Author : Tony Cornford
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Research Methods

Author : Kirsty Williamson
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Research Methods: Information, Systems, and Contexts, Second Edition, presents up-to-date guidance on how to teach research methods to graduate students and professionals working in information management, information science, librarianship, archives, and records and information systems. It provides a coherent and precise account of current research themes and structures, giving students guidance, appreciation of the scope of research paradigms, and the consequences of specific courses of action. Each of these valuable sections will help users determine the relevance of particular approaches to their own questions. The book presents academics who teach research and information professionals who carry out research with new resources and guidance on lesser-known research paradigms. Provides up-to-date knowledge of research methods and their applications Provides a coherent and precise account of current research themes and structures through chapters written by authors who are experts in their fields Helps students and researchers understand the range of quantitative and qualitative approaches available for research, as well as how to make practical use of them Provides many illustrations from projects in which authors have been involved, to enhance understanding Emphasises the nexus between formulation of research question and choice of research methodology Enables new researchers to understand the implications of their planning decisions

Handbook of Research on Information Management and the Global Landscape

Author : Hunter, M. Gordon
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Explores the many issues surrounding living and working in a global environment. Relates how necessary it is for companies to conduct business while taking a global perspective to their operations.

Research and Information Management

Author : Joe Mackall
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The importance of research and knowing how to analyze information is essential in many careers. Research and Information Management, Second Edition (the first edition was titled Information Management) helps students learn how to acquire and manage information of all types. In todayOCOs information age, it is easy to be bewildered by the vast amount of data that is easily available. This book looks at different ways of approaching research and information management. Topics covered include research methods, evaluating information for relevance, creating effective presentations, and managing information with spreadsheet and word processing software"

Research and Information Management

Author : Facts on File, Inc.
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In today's information age, it is easy to feel bewildered by the vast amount of data that is readily available. The importance of research and knowing how to analyze information is essential in many careers. Research and Information Management, Third Edition helps students learn how to acquire and manage all types of information. Coverage includes the different ways of approaching research and information management with special box features, a new appendix of Web sites, true-or-false quizzes in every chapter, and much more. Chapters include: Welcome to the Information Age Acquiring Research Skills Evaluating Information Now What Do I Do with It? Creating Effective Presentations and Memos Making the Presentation Fit the Data Staying Sane in the Information Age.

The Information Systems Research Challenge

Author : J. F. Nunamaker
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A Survey of Core Research in Information Systems

Author : Anna Sidorova
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The Information Systems (IS) discipline was founded on the intersection of computer science and organizational sciences, and produced a rich body of research on topics ranging from database design and the strategic role of IT to website design and online consumer behavior. In this book, the authors provide an introduction to the discipline, its development, and the structure of IS research, at a level that is appropriate for emerging and current IS scholars. Guided by a bibliometric study of all research articles published in eight premier IS research journals over a 20-year period, the authors identify and present the top 51 IS research topics. For each topic, they provide a brief overview, time trends, and references to related influential research works. The topics are organized into an IS research framework that includes research on the IT artifact and IS development, IT and organizations, IT and individuals, IT and markets, and IT for teamwork and collaboration.

Handbook of Research on Contemporary Theoretical Models in Information Systems

Author : Dwivedi, Yogesh K.
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"This book provides a comprehensive understanding and coverage of the various theories, models and related research approaches used within IS research"--Provided by publisher.

Information Management

Author : United States. General Accounting Office
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This report conveys the results of the General Accounting Office's review of the National Technical Information Service (NTIS).

Design Science Research in Information Systems Advances in Theory and Practice

Author : Ken Peffers
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology, DERIST 2012, held in Las Vegas, NV, USA, in May 2012. The 24 revised full papers presented together with 7 revised short papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 44 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on DSRIS in practice, DSRIS methodologies and techniques, social and environmental aspects of DSRIS, theory and theory building in DSRIS, and evaluation of DSRIS projects.

Scientific Research in Information Systems

Author : Jan Recker
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This book is designed to introduce doctoral and other higher-degree research students to the process of scientific research in the fields of Information Systems as well as fields of Information Technology, Business Process Management and other related disciplines within the social sciences. It guides research students in their process of learning the life of a researcher. In doing so, it provides an understanding of the essential elements, concepts and challenges of the journey into research studies. It also provides a gateway for the student to inquire deeper about each element covered​. Comprehensive and broad but also succinct and compact, the book is focusing on the key principles and challenges for a novice doctoral student.

Research in Information Systems

Author : David Avison
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Research in Information Systems helps supervisors and their students get the most out of the PhD experience. It can be used as a basis of courses for supervisors and their research students. This book covers: . The supervisor - student relationship . Practical, social and academic issues . Different models for PhD programs, including US, UK, Latin and Scandinavian models Many vignettes of personal experiences and reflections provide context for the material. The book is written by experts - leading international academics in the field of information systems. They all have had wide experience of research supervision over many years in many countries. The only handbook available specifically for Information Systems, and written for both research supervisors and their students Content agreed and approved by an international panel of experts, ensuring worldwide relevance Includes real life anecdotes to educate, entertain, and contextualise

Information Systems Research and Exploring Social Artifacts Approaches and Methodologies

Author : Isaias, Pedro
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Centered on the impact of information and communication technology in socio-technical environments and its support of human activity systems, the study of information systems remains a distinctive focus in the area of computer science research. Information Systems Research and Exploring Social Artifacts: Approaches and Methodologies discusses the approaches and methodologies currently being used in the field on information systems. This reference source covers a wide variety of socio-technical aspects of the design of IS artifacts as well as the study of their use. This book aims to be useful for researchers, scholars and students interested in expanding their knowledge on the assortment of research on information systems.

Information Systems and Qualitative Research

Author : Allen Lee
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This book contains the papers presented and discussed at the conference that was held in May/June 1997, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and that was sponsored by Working Group 8.2 of the International Federation for Information Processing. IFIP established 8.2 as a group concerned with the interaction of information systems and the organization. Information Systems and Qualitative Research is essential reading for professionals and students working in information systems in a business environment, such as systems analysts, developers and designers, data administrators, and senior executives in all business areas that use information technology, as well as consultants in the fields of information systems, management, and quality management.

Handbook of Research on Information Security and Assurance

Author : Gupta, Jatinder N. D.
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"This book offers comprehensive explanations of topics in computer system security in order to combat the growing risk associated with technology"--Provided by publisher.

Handbook of Research on Knowledge Management

Author : Anders Örtenblad
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This innovative Handbook widens our understanding of knowledge management, a field that has risen to prominence in recent decades. It collects contemporary insights from more than 30 contributors into the rich tapestry of knowledge management practices across a broad landscape of cultures and socio-political contexts. The contributors offer authoritative analyses to inform practical applications of knowledge management, along with provoking reinterpretations of its developmental potential to guide future innovation and research in this field. The starting point for discussion centers around establishing a common definition for knowledge management, a concept that has remained nebulous since its inception. Expert contributions examine the relevance of this common definition within various contexts, such as Buddhist organizations, law firms, the army and indigenous organizations. The contributors explore how knowledge management could be effectively applied in these very diverse contexts. Some contributors analyze the universality of Ikujiro Nonaka’s concept of knowledge management. Other contributors suggest alternative definitions of knowledge management. While previous literature has primarily focused on how knowledge management is practiced currently, this handbook sets out alternative visions and conceptualizations of knowledge management in diverse settings and is, thus, focused on how knowledge management ideally should be practiced in various contexts. This Handbook of Research on Knowledge Management will appeal as a point of reference for academics and students of business and management, business administration, sociology and organizational behavior. Practitioners, managers and business-owners alike will also find this an invaluable resource.

Federal Information Sources and Systems

Author :
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Includes subject, agency, and budget indexes.