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Researching Life Stories and Family Histories

Author : Robert L. Miller
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`A comprehensive, balanced and judicious treatment of biographical methods in social research, made all the more useful to students by its careful delineation of the practicalities involved' - Raymond M Lee, Royal Holloway, University of London Specifically designed for those carrying out biographical, life history or family history research, this concise guide covers the methods and issues involved. The author demonstrates that biographical research is a distinctive way of conceptualizing social activity. The three main approaches to biographical and family history research are covered: - Realist - focused around grounded-theory techniques of interviewing;

Researching Life Stories

Author : Dan Goodley
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It has long been argued that 'an age of biography is upon us'; certainly the life-story now has a well-recognised role as a key resource in social research. This book is the first to offer a comprehensive and practical guide to carrying out.

Researching Life Stories

Author :
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It has long been argued that 'an age of biography is upon us'; certainly the life-story now has a well-recognised role as a key resource in social research. This book is the first to offer a comprehensive and practical guide to carrying out.

Memory and History in Estonian Post Soviet Life Stories

Author : Ene Kõresaar
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Life Stories of Refugee Women at Gihembe Refugee Camp in Byumba Rwanda

Author : Carol Lynn Pillsbury Pavlish
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Cultural Trauma and Life Stories

Author : Aili Aarelaid
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Research Methods for Cultural Studies

Author : Michael Pickering
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An introduction to a range of research methods that are deployed in the study of cultural studies and related disciplines.

Researching Ageing and Later Life

Author : Christina Victor
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This edited volume addresses the methodological challenges entailed in studying the process of ageing and life course changes, as well as the experience of being old. The book focuses on the theory and practice of doing research, using a wide range of examples and case studies.

Power in the Academy

Author : Jerome Satterthwaite
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Contributors from the Caribbean, the USA, China and the UK discuss the impact of power on research.

Creative Nonfiction

Author : Philip Gerard
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Writing creative nonfiction intertwines journalistic truth and literary techniques to tell a story that is clear, accurate, and exploding with meaning. Philip Gerard artfully guides readers through the entire creative nonfiction writing process, going beyond the technical basics to address topics such as ethics, voice, and structural integrity. In response to the genre’s evolution, the latest edition includes examples to illustrate how cultural changes have influenced the way writers conduct research, approach writing, and communicate during the production of their projects. Timely, engaging, and poetic, Creative Nonfiction is the practical manual every novice and seasoned writer will want on their bookshelf.

Re mapping Narrative

Author : Gian S. Pagnucci
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This volume is an exploration of the future of narrative discourse. The authors have identified six potential paths, drawing patterns of narrative and visual, pedagogy and possibility. The volume begins with Tales of the Digital Self. By telling stories we define ourselves. This struggle to understand who and what we are is even more amplified on the Web where identity is almost liquid. The authors in the second section picture how stories will be told in the future. In Pixels of Heroes and Heroines, we reconnect the future of narrative discourse to its literary roots. Although it is important to consider the forms narratives will take in the future, it is equally important to consider how these stories will be taught. This is the issue authors take up in Stories from Wired Desktops. Chapters move into the realm of the political in Views of Techno-Identity and Virtual Spaces. The volume concludes with the chapters in Critical Reflections on Project UNLOC.

Oral History

Author :
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Introduction to Research

Author : Elizabeth DePoy
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This clearly written, easy-to-understand book demystifies the research process and provides a rational foundation from which to critique and understand research designs and applications in health care and human service settings. Divided into five parts - Introduction, Thinking Processes, Design Approaches, Action Processes, and Improving Practice Through Inquiry - it explores multiple research strategies, proposing that naturalistic and experimental-type research strategies have equal value and contribute in complementary and distinct ways to the science of practice. Content in this edition has been significantly expanded and updated to reflect changes in the field, specifically in areas of ethics, informed consent, practice efficacy, and proposal-writing. Key terms, chapter outlines, and exercise ideas in each chapter strengthen understanding of important concepts. Detailed discussions of qualitative and quantitative methodologies offer a unique, balanced focus and comprehensive coverage of research. Specific design strategies for experimental, naturalistic, and mixed method enable readers to compare, contrast, and integrate different designs. Understandable, down-to-earth writing style makes the information more accessible and relevant. 3 new chapters comprehensively address patient boundaries, sharing research knowledge, and practice efficacy. A new appendix provides informed consent documents for use in the practice setting. New and expanded content added to chapters reflects emerging practices and hot-button issues such as ethical considerations, practical considerations, new naturalistic inquiry designs, and more. More case examples interspersed throughout the text are identified with new magnifying-glass icons to alert readers to research dilemmas or potential problems they might encounter.

Biographical Research

Author : Brian Roberts
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"Roberts is certainly successful in conveying a sense of the rich diversity of biographical research. This is a book based upon a formidably wide-ranging bibliography together with his own, by no means insignificant, contributions to the fieldâe¦[the]âe¦reader will be left in no doubt as to the central importance of biographical research and of its legitimate position within the social sciences" - David Morgan, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Manchester University (former President, British Sociological Association), Auto/Biography, a BSA Study Group journal, 2002. "Brian Robertsâe(tm) book is a highly accessible introduction to biographical methodâe¦The author deftly and confidently addresses the available work in a variety of disciplines ranging from education through oral history, feminism to memoryâe¦ I warmly recommend this book to any historian interested in biography and what its study can tell them about what they doâe(tm). - Alun Munslow, Professor of History, Staffordshire University (Editor, Rethinking History), Rethinking History, 7:3, pp. 451-5, October, 2003 * What is biographical research? * Why has it attracted so much interest? * How can biographical research be carried out? Biographical Research reflects a rapid expansion of interest in the study of lives taking place within the social sciences. Life story, oral history, narrative, autobiography, biography and other approaches are being used more and more to explore how individuals interpret experiences and social relationships. This book examines the methodological and theoretical developments associated with research on lives in sociology, oral history, ethnography, biography, and narrative analysis. The author includes numerous examples of biographical research from his own work and other studies, and addresses important areas such as the collection and interpretation of materials, uses of biographical research, oral and written accounts, the interview relationship, the construction of the story, memory, audience, and the researcher's own biography. In conclusion it draws out common themes and emerging concerns. Biographical Research is a comprehensive guide to major issues in the study of lives for students and researchers in the social sciences and related fields.

Researching lives through time

Author : Barbara Adam
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The Teaching of Music in Nine Asian Nations

Author : Manny Brand
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This book encourages music education majors and assists them in embracing the possibilities, pleasures and promises of a life of music teaching. Within a uniquely multi-cultural perspective, this text offers inspiration and ideals to help motivate and sustain the beginning music teacher and to assist the experienced music teacher in recapturing an enthusiasm for a life-long career of challenges and joys of music teaching.

Researching the Indian Land Question in B C

Author : Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs
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Social Research

Author : Tim May
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May examines the research process in general and aspects of its practice in particular, in order to bridge the gap between theory and methods. This expanded edition incorporates the latest developments in social research.

Researching Culture

Author : Pertti Alasuutari
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`This clearly written, well-illustrated text satisfies a long-standing need for an authoritative account of the methodology of cultural studies. It will become required reading on many courses' - David Silverman, Goldsmiths College, University of London The growth of interdisciplinary cultural studies poses new challenges for the process of doing research. In this textbook, Pertti Alasuutari introduces the range of approaches and methodological tools available for undertaking critical research, and shows how cultural studies transcend traditional divisions between qualitative and quantitative methods and between social sciences and humanities. He draws upon three main sources: the qualitative

Writing Life Stories

Author : Bill Roorbach
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A guide to writing stories, memoirs, and personal essays that includes information on remembering distant memories; making real people into characters; using public records, interviews, and diaries to create a believable story; and other related topics.