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Resources in Technical Communication

Author : Cynthia L Selfe
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Provides the instructors of introductory technical communication courses with a set of resources for their classrooms.

Handbook of Technical Communication

Author : Alexander Mehler
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The Handbook of Technical Communication brings together a variety of topics which range from the role of technical media in human communication to the linguistic, multimodal enhancement of present-day technologies. It covers the area of computer-mediated text, voice and multimedia communication as well as of technical documentation. In doing so, the handbook takes professional and private communication into account. Special emphasis is put on technical communication by means of web 2.0 technologies and its standardization in system development. In summary, the handbook deals with theoretical issues of technical communication and its practical impact on the development and usage of text and speech technologies.

Resources in Technical Communication

Author : Cynthia L. Selfe
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Provides the instructors of introductory technical communication courses with a set of resources for their classrooms.

Statistical Indicators of Scientific and Technical Communication 1960 1980

Author : Donald W. King
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The Profession and Practice of Technical Communication

Author : Yvonne Cleary
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This practical text offers a research-based account of the technical communication profession and its practice, outlining emergent touchpoints of this fast-changing field while highlighting its diversity. Through research on the history and the globalization of technical communication and up-to-date industry analysis, including first-hand narratives from industry practitioners, this book brings together common threads through the industry, suggests future trends, and points toward strategic routes for development. Vignettes from the workplace and examples of industry practice provide tangible insights into the different paths and realities of the field, furnishing readers with a range of entry routes and potential career sectors, workplace communities, daily activities, and futures. This approach is central to helping readers understand the diverse competencies of technical communicators in the modern, globalized economy. The Profession and Practice of Technical Communication provides essential guidance for students, early professionals, and lateral entrants to the profession and can be used as a textbook for technical communication courses.

Computers and Technical Communication

Author : Stuart A. Selber
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The essays collected in this volume address the full range of pedagogical and programmatic issues specifically facing technical communication teachers and programme directors in the computer age. The authors locate computers and computing activities within the richly-textured cultural contexts of a technological society, focusing on the technical communication instructional issues that remain most important as old versions of hardware and software are endlessly replaced by new ones.

Lean Technical Communication

Author : Meredith A. Johnson
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Winner of the 2020 CCCC Research Impact Award Lean Technical Communication: Toward Sustainable Program Innovation offers a theoretically and empirically-grounded model for growing and stewarding professional and technical communication programs under diverse conditions. Through case studies of disruptive innovations, this book presents a forward-looking, sustainable vision of program administration that negotiates short-term resource deficits with long-term resilience. It illustrates how to meet many of the newest challenges facing technical communication programs, such as building and maintaining change with limited resources, economic shortfalls, technology deficits, and expanding/reimagining the role of our programs in the 21st century university. Its insights benefit those involved in the development of undergraduate and graduate programs, including majors, service courses, minors, specializations, and certificates.

Qualitative Research in Technical Communication

Author : James Conklin
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Brings together a representative sample from the growing body of work in qualitative research in technical communication. This book includes examples of qualitative methodologies - including ethnography, case study, focus groups, action research, grounded theory, and interview research.

Scientific and Technical Communication

Author : James H. Collier
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Scientific and Technical Communication is a major textbook that represents a new focus area in communication studies. It integrates multidisciplinary perspectives on the relations among rhetoric, science, technology, and public policymaking to the process and product of technical communication. The text is inspired by science and technology studies (STS), a field emerging from the history, sociology, and philosophy of science and technology--which also has roots in economics, political theory, and rhetoric. Reformulating the issues raised by STS within the context of technical communication, Scientific and Technical Communication is composed of three highly integrated parts. Part I provides a summary, critique, and alternative to recent theoretical perspectives developed in the rhetoric of science and the sociology of scientific knowledge. Part II applies these critical alternatives to the traditional practices of scientific and technical communication and shows how these new practices can be applied to the communication that is vital in forming national and local science and technology policy. This hands-on, introductory textbook will supply students and professionals in the areas of scientific and technical communication, rhetoric, and media studies with broad-based and applicable knowledge in this area.

Federal Scientific and Technical Communication Activities Progress Report

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