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Rethinking Agricultural Policy Regimes

Author : Reider Almas
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Through international case studies, this book evaluates how various policy challenges are having an impact on specific agricultural policy regimes, and what future lessons might be learnt from key policy experiments around neoliberalism and multifunctionality.

Handbook of Research on Agricultural Policy Rural Development and Entrepreneurship in Contemporary Economies

Author : Jean Vasile, Andrei
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Promoting rural entrepreneurship is a necessary step to limit the negative effects of classical agricultural policy based on a linear process and attracting secondary resources to the economic process. The analysis of agricultural policy and rural development in conjunction to entrepreneurship in terms of production may represent a further step in understanding the role and importance of diversifying the rural potentials in contemporary economies. The Handbook of Research on Agricultural Policy, Rural Development, and Entrepreneurship in Contemporary Economies is an essential publication of academic research that examines agricultural policy and its impact on shaping future resilient economy in rural areas and identifies green business models and new business patterns in rural communities. Covering a range of topics such as entrepreneurship, product management, and marketing, this book is ideal for researchers, policymakers, academicians, economists, agriculture professionals, rural developers, business investors, and students.

The Neoliberal Regime in the Agri Food Sector

Author : Steven A. Wolf
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For the last three decades, the Neoliberal regime, emphasising economic growth through deregulation, market integration, expansion of the private sector, and contraction of the welfare state has shaped production and consumption processes in agriculture and food. These institutional arrangements emerged from and advanced academic and popular beliefs about the virtues of private, market-based coordination relative to public, state-based problem solving. This book presents an informed, constructive dialogue around the thesis that the Neoliberal mode of governance has reached some institutional and material limits. Is Neoliberalism exhausted? How should we understand crisis applied to Neoliberalism? What are the opportunities and risks linked to the construction of alternatives? The book advances a critical evaluation of the evidence supporting claims of rupture of, or incursions into, the Neoliberal model. It also analyzes pragmatic responses to these critiques including policy initiatives, social mobilization and experimentation at various scales and points of entry. The book surveys and synthesizes a range of sociological frames designed to grapple with the concepts of regimes, systemic crisis and transitions. Contributions include historical analysis, comparative analysis and case studies of food and agriculture from around the globe. These highlight particular aspects of crisis and responses, including the potential for continued resilience, a neo-productivist return, as well as the emergence and scaling up of alternative models.

Rethinking Redistributive Land Reform

Author : Saturnino M. Borras
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Rethinking the Role of the State in Development

Author : Rehman Sobhan
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Agricultural Policies in the European Community

Author : Australia. Bureau of Agricultural Economics
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Rethinking Global Security

Author : Makũmi Mwagiru
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Rethinking Social Policy

Author : Gail Lewis
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Rethinking Social Policy is a comprehensive introduction to, and analysis of, the complex mixture of problems and possibilities within the study of social policy. Contributors at the cutting edge of social policy analysis reflect upon the implications of new social and theoretical movements for welfare and the study of social policy. Topics covered include: criminology and crime control; race, class and gender; poverty and sexuality; the body and the emotions; violence; work and welfare in Europe. Examples are drawn from a variety of welfare sectors such as: social services and community care, health, education, employment, and criminal justice. This is a course reader for The Open University course (D860) R

Rethinking Thuggery

Author : Charles Aaron Bobrow-Strain
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Bibliography of Agriculture

Author :
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Rethinking Good Governance in Developing Economies

Author : André Ufer
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Is "Good Governance" the key for sustainable development and poverty eradication? Careful analysis of economic history in Europe and East Asia shows that its theoretical foundations and explanations do not meet reality: While Good Governance might prepare poor countries to integrate themselves into global markets, they will not experience substantial growth and poverty reduction. Political realities in developing countries are complex, including diverse factions of competing patron-client networks. Hence, reform, instead of cutting states towards a perceived mirror image of Western democracies, should aim to build institutions that enable leaders to introduce changes that transform failing states into "developmental states".

Agricultural Situation in India

Author :
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Rethinking Education in Ethiopia

Author : Tekeste Negash
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Only 20 per cent of the school-age population have access to primary education. Yet the majority of school leavers have few employment opportunities. The current and planned expansion of the formal education sector cannot be defended either on development or moral grounds since formal educational cannot fulfil the educational and developmental needs of the great majority of the population. This study attempts to explore an alternative strategy as regards expansion of literacy and the fulfilment of educational and developmental needs. This study argues that the strategy of non-formal education is in both cases a far better alternative.

The Global Political Economy of Food

Author : Raymond F. Hopkins
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Zimbabwe s Agricultural Revolution Revisited

Author : Mandivamba Rukuni
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Rethinking South Korean Land Reform

Author : Jeong-Koo Kang
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Agricultural Policy Reform and the WTO

Author : Giovanni Anania
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Contiene: Preface Agricultural Policy Reform: Past Present and Future. - Part I: Agriculture and Agricultural Policy Changes Ten Years After the Uruguay Round. - Part II: The Three Pillars of the WTO Negotiations on Agriculture. - Part III: Agricultural Trade Relations, WTO Negotiations on Agriculture and the Developing World. - Part IV: The WTO and the Future of International Trade Relations.

Rethinking Social Development

Author : David Booth
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Provides a report on the reorientation of social development thinking and the issues it poses. It explores a range of possible solutions to difficult issues, while also surveying and exemplifying some of the best work in the social development field in a form accessible to more advanced students.

Rethinking the Politics of Agricultural Policy Making

Author : Andrew MacIntyre
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