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Rethinking Military Professionalism for the Changing Armed Forces

Author : Krystal K. Hachey
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This book will make a first contribution to identify the gaps in current practices and provide alternative mechanisms to conceptualize professionalism that is reflective of changing requirements, culture, and demographics of the contemporary military force.The military profession promotes the development, sustainment, and embodiment of ethos, which guides conduct across operational contexts, from times of national and international crises and security challenges (e.g., war, natural disasters, and peace support operations). It is imperative for military leaders to understand how ethos and doctrine shape professional frameworks, which guide the conduct of military members.

EU Internet Law in the Digital Single Market

Author : Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou
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Expertise at Work

Author : Marie-Line Germain
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Democratic Societies and Their Armed Forces

Author : Stuart A. Cohen
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These papers are an edited selection from the BESA conference of 1998. They present an overview of transformations in societal-military relations in the western world, and the specific manifestations in Israel.

A Restless Mind

Author : Benjamin Frankel
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Amos Perlmutter has devoted his academic career to the study of comparative politics, international relations and modern authoritarianism. He has written 14 books and more than 70 articles in academic journals. He has also been a prolific contributor to newspapers in the United States and abroad and offered commentary on TV and radio shows. These essays analyse and explain some of his thinking.

The Military Profession

Author : Charles A. Leggett
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Mexico s Military on the Democratic Stage

Author : Roderic A. Camp
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Explores the history of civil-military relations in Mexico, focusing on changes since 1990 and the likely impact of President Vicente Fox's democratic administration on both institutions.

Generals in the Palacio

Author : Roderic Ai Camp
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Mexico is one of the few Third World nations that has successfully withdrawn the military from political control, with a longer reign of civilian government than any other country in Latin America. However little research has been done on the Mexican military. In Generals in the Palacio, Camp provides the most comprehensive portrait to date of the Mexican military from 1946 through 1990, taking the reader inside a world previously unexamined. Beginning with the historical background, Camp explores the intricacies of the officer corps and the theory upon which it was based, as well as the economic and political context in which it was formed. He also scrutinizes the origins of the leaders of the military, their education, and requirements for promotion to the upper echelon--the rank of general, as well as professionalism and the military's electoral activity. This work includes the latest empirical data for claims concerning the relationships worldwide between the civil and the military leaders of government. Camp succeeds in his wide-ranging analysis despite the Mexican military's intense desire to remain unexamined. The text is enhanced with numerous tables which clearly detail the generals' lives, as well as appendices which highlight the various presidents of Mexico, their defense secretaries, and the structure of the military. This work will be essential for those involved in military sciences, as well as those concerned with political development in general, and modern Mexico.

Forced to Change

Author : Bernd Horn
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Undeniably, the 1990s were a period of crisis for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Drastic budget reductions and a series of endless scandals all collided to form the perfect storm. The outcome of this was nothing short of the implosion of the Canadian Armed Forces Officer Corps. Stripped by the government of the right to regulate itself, the Officer Corps, which represented the nation’s stewards of the profession of arms, was forced to reform itself. Key to this transformation was education. However, the road was not easy, as cultural change rarely is. Forced to Change tells the story of how the Canadian Armed Forces found itself at its lowest point in history and how it managed to reform itself. The question is whether it was a fundamental transformation or just a temporary adjustment to weather the storm.

Gender and the Military

Author : Helena Carreiras
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This is the first comparative, cross-national study of the participation of women in the armed forces of NATO countries. Along side an analysis of this key topic stands a critique of existing theoretical models and the proposal of a revised analytical framework. Unlike previous works this new study employs mixed-methodological research design combining quantitative and qualitative data - a large N-analysis based on general policies and statistical information concerning every country in the sample with more in-depth case-studies. This volume includes original empirical data regarding the presence of women in the armed forces of NATO countries, proposes an index of ‘gender inclusiveness’ and assesses the factors that affect women’s military roles. The book also presents two new key case studies – Portugal and the Netherlands - based on both documentary sources and in-depth interviews of both men and women officers in the two countries. This book will be of great interest to all students and scholars of strategic studies, gender and women studies and military history.

Armed Forces and International Security

Author : Jean M. Callaghan
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Designed as a textbook and interdisciplinary reference for the social sciences, this volume examines key issues in the current global security agenda and relationships between armed forces and society around the world. The book's concise chapters - on a broad range of themes related to national and international security, military sociology, and civil-military relations - were written by experts from 18 countries. This volume also has a groundbreaking section, which - using country studies and regional overviews - discusses civil-military relations in as well as the most salient theoretical and practical features of current means of democratic control of the armed forces in the early 21st century.

Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy 5 Volume Set

Author : Domonic A. Bearfield
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Now in its third edition, Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy remains the definitive source for article-length presentations spanning the fields of public administration and public policy. It includes entries for: Budgeting Bureaucracy Conflict resolution Countries and regions Court administration Gender issues Health care Human resource management Law Local government Methods Organization Performance Policy areas Policy-making process Procurement State government Theories This revamped five-volume edition is a reconceptualization of the first edition by Jack Rabin. It incorporates over 225 new entries and over 100 revisions, including a range of contributions and updates from the renowned academic and practitioner leaders of today as well as the next generation of top scholars. The entries address topics in clear and coherent language and include references to additional sources for further study.

Rethinking the Principles of War

Author : Anthony McIvor
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This new work features the fresh thinking of twenty-eight leading authors from a variety of military and national security disciplines. Following an introduction by Lt. Gen. James Dubik, Commander I Corps, U.S. Army, and an opening essay titled "State of the Question" by Dr. Colin Gray, the anthology first considers the general question of "An American Way of War?" Sections on operational art, with writers addressing the issues in both conventional and small wars; stability and reconstruction; and intelligence complete the volume. Among the well-known contributors are Fred Kagan, Ralph Peters, Harlan Ullman, and Milan Vego. This collection of essays is the outcome of a seminar series sponsored by the Office of Force Transformation and the U.S. Navy to examine the future of warfare and the underlying principles of war and to educate future military strategists and leaders on these principles. Footnotes, index, and a bibliographic essay make the work a useful tool for students of war and general readers alike.

Joint Force Quarterly

Author :
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Handbook of the Sociology of the Military

Author : Giuseppe Caforio
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This new edition of the volume is presented on the wave of the success which had its first edition (2003). It is entirely updated to the current situation of the disciplines covered, and expanded with particular regard to the new missions, that have become the main challenge for the armed forces in these first decades of the new millennium, with new insights to technological development toward so-called cyborg warriors, new forms of leadership and changes in soldier's identity and organisational culture. It is compiled of documents coming from various researchers at universities around the world as well as military officers devoted to the sector of study. Covered in this volume is a historical excursus of studies prior to contemporary research, interpretive models and theoretical approaches developed specifically for this topic, civic-military relations including issues surrounding democratic control of the armed forces, military culture, professional training, conditions and problems of minorities in the armed forces, an examination of the structural change within the military over the years including new duties and functions following the Cold War.

Latin America

Author : Leslie Bethell
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The Cambridge History of Latin America is a large scale, collaborative, multi-volume history of Latin America during the five centuries from the first contacts between Europeans and the native peoples of the Americas in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries to the present. Latin America: Politics and Society since 1930 consists of chapters from Part 2 of Volume VI of The Cambridge History that provide a thorough account of political movements in Latin America. Each chapter is accompanied by a bibliographical essay.

Military Professionalism in Asia

Author : Muthiah Alagappa
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This authoritative book explores the influential but controversial concept of military professionalism and its role in civil-military relations. Focusing on the evolution of military professionalism in ten key Asian countries, the authors investigate its conception, practice, and consequences. Combining the expertise of military officers and scholars from the region, the study argues that 'old professionalism' is on the rise in Asia as the role of coercion in governance has been reduced and the distribution of power has shifted away from the military in favor of political and civil society.

Breaking Ranks

Author : Christopher Jessup
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Breaking Ranks explores the complex inter-relationship of domestic and working lives in the context of the British and American armed forces, where families are required to manage particularly turbulent and demanding lifestyles. Establishing and sustaining adult personal relationships and family goals and simultaneously maintaining the highest degree of professional military competence - including the ability to move anywhere in the world with little advance warning - demands a highly skilled balancing act. The end of the Cold War brought a 'peace dividend' of redundancy for many British and American Service personnel. Can traditional military values like patriotism and service to the community survive such job insecurity? Why should Servicemen and women risk their lives in the future if unemployment is the likely reward? How long will military authorities be able to exclude Servicewomen from reaching the very highest posts? For how much longer will the military establishment be allowed to exclude homosexuals from joining the Services? This book explores the many social problems facing the armed forces today, and provides an invaluable practical manual in helping to understand them.

Rethinking Military Politics

Author : Alfred C. Stepan
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The last four years have seen a remarkable resurgence of democracy in the Southern Cone of the Americas. Military regimes have been replaced in Argentina (1983), Uruguay (1985), and Brazil (1985). Despite great interest in these new democracies, the role of the military in the process of transition has been under-theorized and under-researched. Alfred Stepan, one of the best-known analysts of the military in politics, examines some of the reasons for this neglect and takes a new look at themes raised in his earlier work on the state, the breakdown of democracy, and the military. The reader of this book will gain a fresh understanding of new democracies and democratic movements throughout the world and their attempts to understand and control the military. An earlier version of this book has been a controversial best seller in Brazil. To examine the Brazilian case, the author uses a variety of new archival material and interviews, with comparative data from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Spain. Brazilian military leaders had consolidated their hold on governmental power by strengthening the military-crafted intelligence services, but they eventually found these same intelligence systems to be a formidable threat. Professor Stepan explains how redemocratization occurred as the military reached into the civil sector for allies in its struggle against the growing influence of the intelligence community. He also explores dissension within the military and the continuing conflicts between the military and the civilian government.

Civil Military Relationships in Developing Countries

Author : Dhirendra K. Vajpeyi
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This book examines two sides of civil–military relations in developing countries. One is the place of civil-military relations within a state’s political and economic systems; the other is the role of the military on a state’s maintenance of peace and stability. The book thus proposes that the function of soldiers is not only to defend and deter, but also to develop. The chapters provide a comprehensive analysis of civil-military relationship with comparative cases on Botswana, China, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, and The Arab Spring Countries of the Middle East including Bahrain, Sudan, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Libya. Each chapter analyzes the historical, cultural and political factors that shape the direction of the man on the white horse (military elite) and the politician. In doing so, this book reveals the potential impact of the nature of civil military relations on democratization, political and economic development, and on regional/international security. Dhirendra Vajpeyi and Glen Segell discuss and critique the current models and literature on civil-military relations. The innovative framework and careful choice of case studies, presented in a jargon-free, accessible style, makes this book attractive to scholars and students of civil military relations and development studies, as well as policymakers.