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Rethinking Success

Author : J. Douglas Holladay
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The founder and CEO of Path North, Georgetown University professor, and former White House advisor teaches you how to find meaning, balance, and purpose throughout your career while reaching the highest levels of professional achievement—how to do well without losing yourself. Throughout his illustrious career, J. Douglas Holladay has taught generations of executives as well as students in his popular MBA course at Georgetown how to use a holistic approach to defining and reaching success in life and business. Success does not come with an instruction manual. Too often “successful” people end up feeling empty, isolated, and depressed because they have lost focus on what is most important in their lives. Rethinking Success can help anyone, no matter their field, maintain the practices and values that keep them in tune with their most cherished beliefs throughout their careers. Drawn from the insights of his network of famous friends as well as his experiences as an investment banker, White House advisor, diplomat, longtime business professor, and non-profit consultant, the advice in Rethinking Success is centered around eight essential questions we must ask ourselves regularly to stay focused, connected, and joyful throughout our working lives. Filled with essential wisdom, Rethinking Success is a powerful guide that allows us to do well while staying in tune with the values and beliefs that are most important to us.

Redefining Success in America

Author : Michael Kaufman
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Work hard in school, graduate from a top college, establish a high-paying professional career, enjoy the long-lasting reward of happiness. This is the American Dream--and yet basic questions at the heart of this competitive journey remain unanswered. Does competitive success, even rarified entry into the Ivy League and the top one percent of earners in America, deliver on its promise? Does realizing the American Dream deliver a good life? In Redefining Success in America, psychologist and human development scholar Michael Kaufman develops a fundamentally new understanding of how elite undergraduate educations and careers play out in lives, and of what shapes happiness among the prizewinners in America. In so doing, he exposes the myth at the heart of the American Dream. Returning to the legendary Harvard Student Study of undergraduates from the 1960s and interviewing participants almost fifty years later, Kaufman shows that formative experiences in family, school, and community largely shape a future adult's worldview and well-being by late adolescence, and that fundamental change in adulthood, when it occurs, is shaped by adult family experiences, not by ever-greater competitive success. Published research on general samples shows that these patterns, and the book's findings generally, are broadly applicable to demographically varied populations in the United States. Leveraging biography-length clinical interviews and quantitative evidence unmatched even by earlier landmark studies of human development, Redefining Success in America redefines the conversation about the nature and origins of happiness, and about how adults develop. This longitudinal study pioneers a new paradigm in happiness research, developmental science, and personality psychology that will appeal to scholars and students in the social sciences, psychotherapy professionals, and serious readers navigating the competitive journey.

Rethinking Microeconomics

Author : Joseph E. Stiglitz
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This is the third volume in a new, definitive, six-volume edition of the works of Joseph Stiglitz, one of today's most distinguished and controversial economists. Stiglitz was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2001 for his work on asymmetric information and is widely acknowledged as one of the pioneers in the field of modern information economics and more generally for his contributions to microeconomics. Volume III contains a selection of Joseph E. Stiglitz's work on microeconomics. It questions well-established tenets, including many that are so fundamental they are almost taken for granted, covering basic concepts of risk and markets; the management of risk; the theory of the firm; the economics of organization; and theory of human behaviour. Stiglitz reflects on his work and the field more generally throughout the volume by including substantial original introductions to the Selected Works, the volume as a whole, and each part within the volume.

Rethinking success of Second Generation Immigrants the Role of Families and Communities in the Transition to Young Adulthood

Author :
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Rethinking the Successful Church

Author : Samuel D. Rima
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Helps ministers and church members to refocus on the role of God’s sovereignty in church growth.

Rethinking Prokofiev

Author : Rita McAllister
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Among major 20th-century composers whose music is poorly understood, Sergei Prokofiev stands out conspicuously. The turbulent times in which Prokofiev lived and the chronology of his travels-he left Russia in the wake of Revolution, and returned at the height of the Stalinist purges-have caused unusually polarized appraisals of his music. While individual, distinctive, and instantly recognizable, Prokofiev's music was also idiosyncratically tonal in an age when tonality was largely pass�. Prokofiev's output therefore has been largely elusive and difficult to assess against contemporary trends. More than sixty years after the composer's death, editors Rita McAllister and Christina Guillaumier offer Rethinking Prokofiev as an assessment that redresses this enigmatic composer's legacy. Often more political than artistic, these appraisals have depended not only upon the date of publication but also the geographical location of the writer. Commissioned from some of the most distinguished and rising scholars in the field, this collection highlights the background and context of Prokofiev's work. Contributors delve into the composer's relationship to nineteenth-century Russian traditions, Silver-Age and Symbolist composers and poets, the culture of Paris in the 1920s and '30s, and to his later Soviet colleagues and younger contemporaries. They also investigate his reception in the West, his return to Russia, and the effect of his music on contemporary popular culture. Still, the main focus of the book is on the music itself: his early, experimental piano and vocal works, as well as his piano concertos, operas, film scores, early ballets, and late symphonies. Through an empirical examination of his characteristic harmonies, melodies, cadences, and musical gestures-and through an analysis of the newly uncovered contents of his sketch-books-contributors reveal much of what makes Prokofiev an idiosyncratic genius and his music intriguing, often dramatic, and almost always beguiling.

Rethinking Private Authority

Author : Jessica F. Green
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Rethinking Private Authority examines the role of non-state actors in global environmental politics, arguing that a fuller understanding of their role requires a new way of conceptualizing private authority. Jessica Green identifies two distinct forms of private authority--one in which states delegate authority to private actors, and another in which entrepreneurial actors generate their own rules, persuading others to adopt them. Drawing on a wealth of empirical evidence spanning a century of environmental rule making, Green shows how the delegation of authority to private actors has played a small but consistent role in multilateral environmental agreements over the past fifty years, largely in the area of treaty implementation. This contrasts with entrepreneurial authority, where most private environmental rules have been created in the past two decades. Green traces how this dynamic and fast-growing form of private authority is becoming increasingly common in areas ranging from organic food to green building practices to sustainable tourism. She persuasively argues that the configuration of state preferences and the existing institutional landscape are paramount to explaining why private authority emerges and assumes the form that it does. In-depth cases on climate change provide evidence for her arguments. Groundbreaking in scope, Rethinking Private Authority demonstrates that authority in world politics is diffused across multiple levels and diverse actors, and it offers a more complete picture of how private actors are helping to shape our response to today's most pressing environmental problems.

Rethinking Britain

Author : Konzelmann, Sue
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What if we had a government prepared to implement the policies that could radically change 21st century Britain and improve people’s lives? Social and economic policies are rarely communicated clearly to the public, but it’s never been more important for citizens to understand and contribute to the debate around the country’s future. In everyday language, Rethinking Britain presents a range of ideas from some of the country’s most influential thinkers such as Kate Pickett and Ha-Joon Chang. From inflation to tax, and health to education, each contribution offers solutions which, if implemented, would lead to a fairer society. Curated by leading economists from the Progressive Economics Group and accompanied by a ‘jargon buster’, this book is an essential aid for citizens who are interested in critiquing inequalities while looking to build a better future.

Understanding Policy Success

Author : Allan McConnell
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Success and failure are key to any consideration of public policy but there have been remarkably few attempts to assess systematically the various dimensions and complex nature of policy success. This important new text fills the gap by developing a systematic framework and offering an entirely new way of introducing students to policy analysis.

Rethinking the Role of Structures in Shore Protection

Author :
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Resolving Personal and Organizational Conflict

Author : Kenneth Cloke
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"Resolving Personal and Organizational Conflicts and Disputes offers specific methods for assisting disputing parties to communicate their problems without sinking into the twin traps of demonization and victimization. In addition, the authors show how to encourage people and organizations in conflict to identify new ways of sustaining supportive relationships and transforming anger into awareness, dialogue, and reconciliation."--BOOK JACKET.

Rethinking Urban Education

Author : Andrew T. Kopan
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Rethinking the Contemporary Art School

Author : Brad Buckley
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Edited by Brad Buckley, John Conomos.

Rethinking the Company

Author : Thomas Clarke
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Offering a practical account of the forces shaping business over the 21st century, this text covers technology, director's competencies, learning, governance and globalization. It examines the impact of environmental, legal and political pressures on corporate activity.

Rethinking Information Work

Author : G. Kim Dority
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A guide for librarians and information professionals offers advice on career planning, work options, and preparing a professional portfolio.

Rethinking Classroom Management

Author : Patricia Sequeira Belvel
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Provides new real-life examples, intervention techniques, and ready-to-use worksheets for addressing potential problems before learning is disrupted and demonstrates ways to foster student leadership in your classroom.

Rethinking how We Age

Author : C. G. Prado
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Sabah Beyond 2000

Author : Bilson Kurus
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Rethinking Enterprise Policy

Author : Simon Bridge
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In many countries, policies to increase levels of enterprise and entrepreneurship have been pursued for up to 30 years, but now there is evidence to suggest that they do not work. These failures need to be addressed and this book provides answers to the many questions that have resulted from this failure.

Rethinking Development Communication

Author : Neville Jayaweera
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