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Retirement Pensions and Justice

Author : Mark Hyde
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This book addresses the tendency to mischaracterise liberalism as a “neoliberal” reform project, arguing that liberal political philosophy is concerned only to sustain the conditions that make individual freedom possible. This is illustrated with reference to the design of pensions. Considered in terms of liberal justice, retirement systems require redistributive transfers to help the poor, measures to ensure that retirees are rewarded on their merits, and provisions that treat everyone with equal dignity and respect. Rather than presenting liberal pensions as a close analogue to neoliberalism, this volume highlights their egalitarian virtues. This book will appeal to scholars of retirement and pensions, social policy, economics and political philosophy.

Pensions and Social Justice

Author : Gregory Ponthiere
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Challenges of Ageing

Author : Cornelius Torp
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"Over recent decades, population ageing has become a truly global issue and has increasingly moved to the centre of public attention. Leading international experts in the political and social sciences, demography and history analyse the political and social consequences of demographic ageing. Together the contributions offer three main observations. First, the steadily-rising share of retirees has put pension systems under increasing pressure and has provoked profound pension reforms in many industrialized countries. Second, ageing societies experience significant changes both in the established patterns of transition from work to retirement as well as in the traditional concepts of retirement and old age. Third, running alongside the shift in the balance between younger and older people, the questions of generational justice have increasingly gained prominence in the Western world. This book is essential reading for all those concerned with the profound challenges faced by an ageing world"--.

FDR and Chief Justice Hughes

Author : James F. Simon
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By the author of acclaimed books on the bitter clashes between Jefferson and Chief Justice Marshall on the shaping of the nation’s constitutional future, and between Lincoln and Chief Justice Taney over slavery, secession, and the presidential war powers. Roosevelt and Chief Justice Hughes's fight over the New Deal was the most critical struggle between an American president and a chief justice in the twentieth century. The confrontation threatened the New Deal in the middle of the nation’s worst depression. The activist president bombarded the Democratic Congress with a fusillade of legislative remedies that shut down insolvent banks, regulated stocks, imposed industrial codes, rationed agricultural production, and employed a quarter million young men in the Civilian Conservation Corps. But the legislation faced constitutional challenges by a conservative bloc on the Court determined to undercut the president. Chief Justice Hughes often joined the Court’s conservatives to strike down major New Deal legislation. Frustrated, FDR proposed a Court-packing plan. His true purpose was to undermine the ability of the life-tenured Justices to thwart his popular mandate. Hughes proved more than a match for Roosevelt in the ensuing battle. In grudging admiration for Hughes, FDR said that the Chief Justice was the best politician in the country. Despite the defeat of his plan, Roosevelt never lost his confidence and, like Hughes, never ceded leadership. He outmaneuvered isolationist senators, many of whom had opposed his Court-packing plan, to expedite aid to Great Britain as the Allies hovered on the brink of defeat. He then led his country through World War II.

Justice Committee

Author : Scotland. Parliament. Justice Committee
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Global Political Theory

Author : David Held
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Philosophers have never shied away from interrogating the nature of our obligations beyond borders. From Hobbes to the international lawyers Grotius, Pufendorf, Vattel, and of course Kant, modern philosophy has always attempted to define the nature and shape of a just international order, and the types of mutual obligations members of different political communities might share. In today's hyper-connected world, these issues are more important than ever and have been an impetus to a political theory with global scope and aspirations. Global Political Theory offers a comprehensive and cutting-edge introduction to the moral aspects of global politics today. It addresses foundational aspects of global political theory such as the nature of human rights, the types of distributive obligations that we have toward distant others, the relationship between just war theory and global distributive justice, and the legitimacy of international law and global governance institutions. In addition, it features analyses of key applied moral debates in global politics, including the ethical aspects of climate change, the moral issues raised by the mobility of financial capital, the justness of different international trade regimes, and the implications of natural resource ownership for human welfare and democratic political rule. With contributions from leading scholars in the field, this accessible and lively book will be essential reading for students and teachers of political theory, philosophy and international relations.

Retirement Work and Pensions in Ageing Korea

Author : Jae-Jin Yang
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Even among the four Asian tigers, with their economic miracles during the past several decades that allowed them to join the ranks of the developed nations, South Korea is extraordinary. As significant as its economic progress, from a dirt poor and devastated nation in the 1960s, is South Korea’s emerging welfare state. Although established in a short time, and still immature in some aspects, its unique East-Asian model now faces a population that is aging at an unprecedented rate. This book introduces readers to the impact of demographic changes in Korea, particularly the impact of these on work, retirement and pensions; and as importantly, provides an explanation for the reforms of public policy in these domains. The chapters provide an up-to-date assessment of aging, retirement, and pension policies in South Korea and give valuable insights into the diverse aspects of the unprecedented rapid aging. The theme of this volume, which brings together the foremost Korean scholars and experts, is how rapid demographic change in Korea has been a central factor in income security policy for the elderly, as well as workplace policies.


Author : International Court of Justice
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Monthly Labor Review

Author :
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Publishes in-depth articles on labor subjects, current labor statistics, information about current labor contracts, and book reviews.

Judges on Trial

Author : Shimon Shetreet
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This study of the English judiciary stimulates a discussion of the factors shaping judicial independence, including accountability and constitutional adjudication.