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Ghost Wolf

Author : Michele Hauf
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"When Daisy-Blu Saint-Pierre starts investigating the mysterious ghost wolf that's been menacing hunters in Tangle Lake, she encounters a juicier sort of discovery in sexy lone wolf Beck. Beck, with his rugged, raw energy and virility to burn... A tragic accident has left Beckett Severo hungry for revenge. Now faery magick has turned him from a werewolf into something more powerful. The lovely Daisy is a great distraction. Time spent in her arms almost makes Beck forget the danger they're in. Almost. Daisy and Beck must risk losing who they are to become what they are meant to be...together" --

Beyond the Moon and Ghost Wolf

Author : Michele Hauf
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"BEYOND THE MOON: For four centuries, vampire hunter Rook has sworn off love and devoted himself to avenging a terrible loss. But something about the pretty witch Verity Van Velde calls to him, and it's not just her long legs ... or her fiery magic. Rook knows that Verity may be his only chance to find his soul mate--and his soul."--Back cover.

Return of the Ghost Wolf

Author : Gary Rowland
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this is my secound book but this is the secound book of my fest one.

The Ghost Wolf

Author : B.J. Akers
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Samantha Benton was only twelve years old when her family was attacked and killed by a monster, a beast of myth and legend. She barely survived the attack but was saved by a large white wolf. Now at twenty-two, the killings have begun again. The beast is back. Samantha has no choice. She has to kill the beast. She has become the beast’s next target. The very day Thorne McCabe returns home, he is told that the very beast that killed not only Samantha’s family but his mother as well is back. With the help of his brothers and grandparents, he must protect Samantha. Not only has the beast returned, but so has the legendary white wolf, the Ghost. Like Samantha, time is running out for Thorne. He too has become the target of the beast.

Through the Eye of the Shaman the Nagual Returns

Author : Robert Ghost Wolf
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Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf is not a singular formulated thought. God is the truth in all thought. There are those who would challange your right to live in the freedom of Being. They would try to pull you back into the murk and mire, only to justify their own struggles with owning their self-truth and worth. Daring to have your very own thought makes you different. It makes you in many ways the "Outcast" ... the "Misfit" ... Are you one of God's radical few...? Through The Eye of the Shaman is a handbook for emerging Masters following the Path Less often Traveled...

Ghost Wolf

Author : Elsa Jade
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The harvest moon is rising… Corrine Ayres was a werewolf with a charmed life. Until her love was taken from her in a place called Mesa Diablo. Javier Roque’s wolf never rose, so he left Angels Rest to make his own way. Until a deadly threat to his pack brought him home. Can the widowed she-wolf and the tattooed bad boy missing his wild side find what they desire? Or will they lose everything before they can claim their fate?

Nothing in This Book Is True But It s Exactly How Things Are 15th Anniversary Edition

Author : Bob Frissell
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Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are is an account of humankind’s function within the grand celestial battle between internal and external knowledge. Author Bob Frissell gives a compelling account of our planetary ascent into higher consciousness, presenting a big-screen view of the Earth through the experience of the Ascended Masters, Thoth, Babaji, and Drunvalo Melchizedek. Pulling in all manner of conspiracy theories from the Secret Government to the Philadelphia Experiment, Frissell proposes both a core transdimensional shift based on the Mayan calendar and a personal Rapture mediated through the connected, affirmed breaths of rebirthing that his teacher Melchizedek used to travel from the other side of the universe to here—breathing your own spacecraft (merkaba) out of and around your aura in order to travel through the astral realms. The 15th anniversary edition of this cult classic is revised and expanded with new illustrations and 50 pages of important new information on the Lucifer Rebellion, the solar storm, and the final three breaths of the merkaba meditation.

The Spirit Wolf

Author : Stephen Stewart
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When one is immortal, time equals memory and before the Earth existed there was only space, celestial bodies and time. When the Earth was created, the Great Spirit placed two beings upon it to guard the world. These beings were pulled from the heavens and given the earthly form of wolves. Spirit Wolves! Through the countless millennia they have existed among us, hidden from mankind, living their lives together in perfect harmony with the world ... until now!

Wolves and the Wolf Myth in American Literature

Author : S.K. Robisch
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The wolf is one of the most widely distributed canid species, historically ranging throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere. For millennia, it has also been one of the most pervasive images in human mythology, art, and psychology. Wolves and the Wolf Myth in American Literature examines the wolf’s importance as a figure in literature from the perspectives of both the animal’s physical reality and the ways in which writers imagine and portray it. Author S. K. Robisch examines more than two hundred texts written in North America about wolves or including them as central figures. From this foundation, he demonstrates the wolf’s role as an archetype in the collective unconscious, its importance in our national culture, and its ecological value. Robisch takes a multidisciplinary approach to his study, employing a broad range of sources: myths and legends from around the world; symbology; classic and popular literature; films; the work of scientists in a number of disciplines; human psychology; and field work conducted by himself and others. By combining the fundamentals of scientific study with close readings of wide-ranging literary texts, Robisch astutely analyzes the correlation between actual, living wolves and their representation on the page and in the human mind. He also considers the relationship between literary art and the natural world, and argues for a new approach to literary study, an ecocriticism that moves beyond anthropocentrism to examine the complicated relationship between humans and nature.

Raven Dance

Author : Robert A. Sloan
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3,700 years from Earth, rebels Janna and Marek awaken the sleeping First Colonist Malcolm Evans who restores human culture to the totalitarian regime that grew up while he slept... and human values to the revolutionaries. They should never have called it Utopia.