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Reverse Engineering of Ancient Metals

Author : Patricia Silvana Carrizo
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This book examines archaeometallurgy and the preservation of ancient materials for cultural heritage. Through understanding the internal structures of relevant ancient materials, their chemical composition, resistance, hardness, etc., their conservation can be more effectively addressed. Preserving cultural artifacts, such as those from border sites, funerary contexts (burials), railway lines, ceremonial sites and road infrastructure, is necessary to provide perspective to a culture’s trajectory. This book addresses how Reverse Engineering can disseminate knowledge of a culture’s heritage by offering technology that can help restore artifacts so they may be displayed and utilized as educational objects.

Reverse Engineering Vedic Vimanas

Author : Enrico Baccarini and Kavya Vaddadi
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The book reveals unearthed discoveries explaining scientific and technical details of vimana shasthra. For the first time in history 3D modelling of Vedic Vimanas are done and their CFD analysis revealing the flying abilities of the Vedic space crafts. Greatest thing is that Famous former DRDO, ISRO Indian Scientists encouragement for the works in the book, also a foreign former NASA scientist special chapter on antigravity is in the book. The re- translations of the vimana shasthra shlokas revealing advanced aerial wars, defence systems, along with eco-friendly manufacturing, propulsion, space travel. A fantastic rendition of modern technology, uncover the 3D printing, and 4D printing possibilities of Vimana 3D models.

A Day in a Working Life 300 Trades and Professions through History 3 volumes

Author : Gary Westfahl
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Ideal for high school and college students studying history through the everyday lives of men and women, this book offers intriguing information about the jobs that people have held, from ancient times to the 21st century. • Provides detailed, interesting essays describing more than 300 professions and occupations across a broad range of eras, including the 21st century, and from around the world, which will give readers a wider understanding of how people have supported themselves throughout time • Supplies historical primary documents that provide personal perspectives on past occupations • Offers fascinating information on how professions began, who did them, and continuity in occupations across time, such as that 18th-century journalists were often imprisoned for displeasing those in authority, and yet 21st-century U.S. journalists may still spend time in jail for refusing to reveal their sources

Economic Theory and the Ancient Mediterranean

Author : Donald W. Jones
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Economic Theory and the Ancient Mediterranean presents a comprehensive introduction to the application of contemporary economic theory to the ancient societies of the Mediterranean Sea from the period of 5000 BCE to 400 CE. Offers an accessible presentation of modern economic theory and its relationships to ancient societies Presents innovative expositions and applications of economic theory to issues in antiquity not often found in the literature Features insightful discussions of the relevance of contemporary economic models to various situations in antiquity Written for a broad range of scholars of ancient Mediterranean regions, including archaeologists, ancient historians, and philologists

Reverse Engineering

Author : Wego Wang
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The process of reverse engineering has proven infinitely useful for analyzing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components to duplicate or repair them, or simply improve on their design. A guidebook to the rapid-fire changes in this area, Reverse Engineering: Technology of Reinvention introduces the fundamental principles, advanced methodologies, and other essential aspects of reverse engineering. The book’s primary objective is twofold: to advance the technology of reinvention through reverse engineering and to improve the competitiveness of commercial parts in the aftermarket. Assembling and synergizing material from several different fields, this book prepares readers with the skills, knowledge, and abilities required to successfully apply reverse engineering in diverse fields ranging from aerospace, automotive, and medical device industries to academic research, accident investigation, and legal and forensic analyses. With this mission of preparation in mind, the author offers real-world examples to: Enrich readers’ understanding of reverse engineering processes, empowering them with alternative options regarding part production Explain the latest technologies, practices, specifications, and regulations in reverse engineering Enable readers to judge if a "duplicated or repaired" part will meet the design functionality of the OEM part This book sets itself apart by covering seven key subjects: geometric measurement, part evaluation, materials identification, manufacturing process verification, data analysis, system compatibility, and intelligent property protection. Helpful in making new, compatible products that are cheaper than others on the market, the author provides the tools to uncover or clarify features of commercial products that were either previously unknown, misunderstood, or not used in the most effective way.

Dawn of the Metal Age

Author : Jonathan M. Golden
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The fifth millennium BCE was a period of rapid social change. One of the key factors was the developments in technology which led to the rise of the metals industry. Archaeological finds from sites dating to the Chalcolithic period indicate the production and use of copper. 'Dawn of the Metal Age' examines a range of sites - from copper mines in Jordan and Israel to the villages of the northern Negev where copper was produced in household workshops, to a series of cave burials where a range of luxury metal goods were buried with the elite members of Chalcolithic society. Ancient technology is reconstructed from the archaeological evidence, which also illuminates the changing economic, social, religious and political environment of the time.

The Faculty Club

Author : Danny Tobey
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At the world’s most exclusive law school, there’s a secret society rumored to catapult its members to fame and fortune. Everyone is dying to get in . . . Jeremy Davis is the rising star of his first-year class. He’s got a plum job with the best professor on campus. He’s caught the eye of a dazzling Rhodes scholar named Daphne. But something dark is stirring behind the ivy. When a mysterious club promises success beyond his wildest dreams, Jeremy uncovers a macabre secret older than the university itself. In a race against time, Jeremy must stop an ancient ritual that will sacrifice the lives of those he loves most and blur the lines between good and evil. In this extraordinary debut thriller, Danny Tobey offers a fascinating glimpse into the rarefied world of an elite New England school and the unthinkable dangers that lie within its gates. He deftly weaves a tale of primeval secrets and betrayal into an ingenious brain teaser that will keep readers up late into the night. Packed with enigmatic professors, secret codes, hidden tunnels, and sinister villains, The Faculty Club establishes Danny Tobey as this season’s most thrilling new author.

Proceedings of the National Conference on Investment Casting

Author : Biswanath Mondal
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Contributed papers presented at the conference held at Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Durgapur.


Author : Paulo Jorge Bártolo
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Stereolithography: Materials, Processes and Applications will focus on recent advances in stereolithography covering aspects related to the most recent advances in the field, in terms of fabrication processes (two-photon polymerization, micro-stereolithography, infrared stereolithography and stereo-thermal-lithography), materials (novel resins, hydrogels for medical applications and highly reinforced resins with ceramics and metals), computer simulation and applications.

New Approaches to Ancient Material Culture in the Greek Roman World

Author : Catherine Cooper
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This book highlights the diversity of current methodologies in Classical Archaeology. It includes papers about archaeology and art history, museum objects and fieldwork data, texts and material culture, archaeological theory and historiography, and technical and literary analysis, across Classical Antiquity.

Reverse Engineering Mechanisms Structures Systems Materials

Author : Robert Messler
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A comprehensive look at reverse engineering as a legitimate learning, design, and troubleshooting tool This unique book examines the often underappreciated and occasionally maligned technique of reverse engineering. More than a shortcut for the lazy or unimaginative to reproduce an artless copy of an existing creation, reverse engineering is an essential brick – if not a keystone – in the pathway to a society’s technological advancement. Written by an engineer who began teaching after years in industry, Reverse Engineering reviews this meticulous analytical process with a breadth and depth as never before. Find out how to: Learn by “mechanical dissection” Deduce the role, purpose, and functionality of a designed entity Identify materials-of-construction and methods-of-manufacture by observation alone Assess the suitability of a design to purpose from form and fit The rich heritage of engineering breakthroughs enabled by reverse engineering is also discussed. This is not a dry textbook. It is the engaging and enlightening account of the journey of engineering from the astounding creations of ancient cultures to what, with the aid of reverse engineering, promises to be an even more astounding future! Coverage includes: Methods of product teardown Failure analysis and forensic engineering Deducing or inferring role, purpose, and functionality during reverse engineering The Antikythera mechanism Identifying materials-of-construction Inferring methods-of-manufacture or -construction Construction of Khufu’s pyramid Assessing design suitability Value and production engineering Reverse engineering of materials and substances Reverse engineering of broken, worn, or obsolete parts for remanufacture The law and the ethics of reverse engineering

In Search of Eden

Author : Robert M. Yarbrough
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Nearing the end of the Twenty-fourth century, deep space satellites identify a rip in space between Earth and Mars. A military venture class ship code named "Exploration" is sent through the rift, and arrives far beyond what science labeled the edge of the universe. Shortly after arrival the Exploration sends transmissions to Earth that holds the key to unlocking faster than light travel. The next few messages from the ship come in the form of blood soaked screams from the crew members begging for their lives. Almost three decades later, humanity is locked in a civil war, between two alien factions. Questions behind the human involvement in the war have long been silenced by the world government. That is, until a small group of soldiers happen upon the truth of how the war actually began. Now, with the entire population of Earth and the Solar System in danger, it is up to these unlikely heroes to search the stars for a new world to save the human race.

Process Techniques for Engineering High Performance Materials

Author : Tim Oberle
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Most processed materials retain a memory of their production process at the molecular level. Subtle changes in production—such as variations in temperature or the presence of impurities—can impart performance benefits or drawbacks to individual batches of products. Some product developers have taken advantage of this process dependency to tailor properties to specific customer needs. In other cases, poorly engineered processes have resulted in serious failures. Process Techniques for Engineering High-Performance Materials explores practical strategies to guide you in systematically developing, improving, and producing engineered materials. The book describes an R&D approach that is common to many material types, from polymers, biochemicals, metal alloys, and composites to coatings, ceramics, elastomers, and processed foods. Throughout, hundreds of examples illustrate successes and disasters in the history of materials development. These examples clearly show how product management and development tactics are constrained by the nature of the production process and the strategy of the company. The author offers practical advice on how to: Foster creativity in an industrial environment and avoid factors that unintentionally suppress technical innovation Develop products when the properties of the product are highly dependent on processing variables Avoid the inevitable scale-up problems that occur on process-dependent materials Get the most out of expensive trial work in a production plant environment Combine products into a systems solution to customer problems Highlighting important rules for product development, this book helps you better understand the mechanics of engineering processed materials and how to adjust your processes to improve performance.

Beyond UFOs

Author : Jeffrey Bennett
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The quest for extraterrestrial life doesn't happen only in science fiction. This book describes the startling discoveries being made in the very real science of astrobiology, an intriguing new field that blends astronomy, biology, and geology to explore the possibility of life on other planets. Jeffrey Bennett takes readers beyond UFOs to discuss some of the tantalizing questions astrobiologists grapple with every day: What is life and how does it begin? What makes a planet or moon habitable? Is there life on Mars or elsewhere in the solar system? How can life be recognized on distant worlds? Is it likely to be microbial, more biologically complex--or even intelligent? What would such a discovery mean for life here on Earth? Come along on this scientific adventure and learn the astonishing implications of discoveries made in this field for the future of the human race. Bennett, who believes that "science is a way of helping people come to agreement," explains how the search for extraterrestrial life can help bridge the divide that sometimes exists between science and religion, defuse public rancor over the teaching of evolution, and quiet the debate over global warming. He likens humanity today to a troubled adolescent teetering on the edge between self-destruction and a future of virtually limitless possibilities. Beyond UFOs shows why the very quest to find alien life can help us to grow up as a species and chart a course for the stars. In a new afterword, Bennett shares the most recent developments in extrasolar research, and discusses how they might further our quest to find alien life.

The Colliery Engineer and Metal Miner

Author :
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Experimental Archaeology Making Understanding Story telling

Author : Christina Souyoudzoglou-Haywood
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In this book, based on the proceedings of a two-day workshop on experimental archaeology at the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens in 2017, scholars, artists and craftspeople explore how people in the past made things, used and discarded them, from prehistory to the Middle Ages.

Collecting Inspiration Edward C Moore at Tiffany Co

Author : Medill Higgins Harvey
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Edward C. Moore (1827–1891) was the creative leader who brought Tiffany & Co. to unparalleled originality and success during the late nineteenth century. A silversmith, designer, and prodigious collector, Moore sought out exceptional objects from around the world, which he then used as inspiration for Tiffany’s innovative silver designs. This informative, richly illustrated volume, the first study of Moore’s life, collection, and influence, presents more than 170 examples from his vast collection, ranging from Greek and Roman glass to Spanish vases, Islamic metalwork, and Japanese textiles. These are juxtaposed with sixty magnificent silver objects created by the designers and artisans at Tiffany who were inspired by Moore’s acquisitions. Included among them are the world-famous Bryant Vase drawing upon Greek examples, a love cup featuring ornate “Saracenic” decoration, and a chocolate pot incorporating novel techniques influenced by Japanese ceramics and lacquerware. The illuminating texts have been enriched by groundbreaking research into contemporary sources such as newspapers and periodicals, the Tiffany & Co. Archives, and a newly identified technical manual and supervisor’s diaries, all of which provide an intimate look at the firm’s design processes and Moore’s role in shaping them. A valuable contribution to the history of American decorative arts, Collecting Inspiration illuminates both the legendary Tiffany aesthetic and the legacy of a significant collector, designer, and entrepreneur of the Gilded Age.

The Mechanics Magazine and Journal of Engineering Agricultural Machinery Manufactures and Shipbuilding

Author :
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Proceedings of The 7th MAC 2016

Author : group of authors
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Proceedings of The 7th MAC 2016 - The 7th Multidisciplinary Academic Conference in Prague 2016, Czech Republic

Engineering Materials and Design

Author :
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