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Revisiting the Reading Workshop

Author : Barbara Orehovec
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The A to Z on how to organize, plan, teach, and assess reading workshops.

There s an Ant in Anthony

Author : Bernard Most
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Can you find an ant in the name Anthony? A black ant? A red ant? A fire ant? How about a carpenter ant? Or is the ant in Anthony not an insect at all?

Teaching Reading in the 21st Century

Author : Michael F. Graves
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Humphrey s Corner

Author : Sally Hunter
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A little elephant tries out different spots around the house, until he finds the perfect place to play--near his mother.

Why I Will Never Ever Ever Ever Have Enough Time to Read this Book

Author : Remy Charlip
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A busy girl recounts all of the things she has to do in a day as she tries to find time to read.


Author : Patrick A. Allen
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In this book, Patrick Allen maintains that the benefits of conferring are worth the effort of learning to do it well. He sets out to reveal how teachers can overcome their perceived obstacles and make tangible the somewhat intangible aspect of conferring with readers.--[book cover]

Where Does the Night Hide

Author : Nancy White Carlstrom
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On a trip to town with her mama, a little girl finds many dark places where pieces of the night are hiding, in the cracks of market stalls, under the sidewalk grate, and in the fur of a mother cat.

Running the Road to ABC

Author : Denize Lauture
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Long before the sun even thinks of rising the Haitian children run to school where they learn the letters, sounds, and words of their beautiful books.

Goldilocks and the Three Hares

Author : Heidi Petach
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Presents a contemporary takeoff on the familiar folktale.

Carl Makes a Scrapbook

Author : Alexandra Day
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Carl the rottweiler and the toddler in his care glue items in a scrapbook.

Lessons in Comprehension

Author : Frank Serafini
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Serafini has created a teaching treasure trove that contains nearly a year's worth of comprehension instruction plus an extensive list of children's literature that he has successfully woven into his own reading workshop. Lessons in Comprehension introduces and reinforces meaning-making concepts through eight broad thematic strands that scaffold understanding and responsibility for novice readers.

Teaching the Struggling Reader

Author : Barbara R. Schirmer
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An innovative resource for literacy teachers, Teaching the Struggling Reader takes a novel approach to instruction--the reading program is based on the needs of the struggling reader, rather than the other way around. Most teachers plan their reading lesson and then work in the needs of a struggling reader. This book is for teachers looking for a more contemporary and inclusive way to teach reading. Starting with assessment, the author shows you how to group readers by ability and need rather than by risk factors. Finally, you will save planning time by learning how to incorporate strategies that you already know into developing your lesson, rather than changing your style to accommodate the requirements of a particular reading program.

The Complete Year in Reading and Writing

Author : Patty Vitale-Reilly
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Provides a detailed curriculum uniquely designed for second graders and their growing command of literacy.

Primary Literacy Centers

Author : Susan Nations
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For K-3 teachers Seven easy-to-maintain centers help you work smarter, not harder, as you connect standards-based reading and writing instruction with student application of skills and strategies. Your literacy centers will become focused places of learning, keeping you free to teach small groups and minimize student interruption--and you control how to fit the centers into your day. Primary Literacy Centers: Supports the balanced literacy approach; Features 36 language arts mini-lessons with easy-to-use center connections; Correlates to NCTE/IRA National Language Arts Standards; Incorporates both fiction and nonfiction text; and Gives students time to practice and apply literacy-block skills and strategies that you teach and model &&/UL&&Here's everything you need to know to set up and manage centers in a balanced literacy framework for:Reading, Word Work, Read the Room, Listening, Research, Literature Response, Writing, and Poetry. Make literacy centers a vital part of your classroom!

Wemberly Worried

Author : Kevin Henkes
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Wemberly worried about everything. Big things. Little things. And things in between. Then it was time for school to start.And Wemberly worried even more. If you ever worry (or know someone who does), this is the book for you.

Revisiting a Forest Extension Strategy for British Columbia

Author : Shawn Morford
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"Rapid and significant changes in British Columbia are greatly affecting the province's forest sector and are leading to an increased demand for reliable, science-based information. To help guide forestry extension programming in the province over the next 5 years, FORREX Forest Research Extension Partnership (FORREX) staff, in partnership with the Forest Investment Account - Forest Science Program, conducted a survey of clients, partners, and contacts. This web-based survey was designed to: (1) identify perceptions regarding the need for forestry extension in British Columbia; (2) characterize information gaps that exist within the forest sector; (3) identify barriers to the incorporation of new information; (4) evaluate information sources and forestry extension services; and (5) seek recommendations regarding the future of forestry extension. In August 205, a 26-question survey was e-mailed to 1368 potential respondents who were selected from the forrex client database. Using a stratified random sampling method, respondents were chosen from nine groups (academia, consultants, federal government, provincial government, First Nations government, major licensees, municipal government, non-government organizations, and "other"). A response rate of 22% was achieved with this survey instrument; the calculated maximum error was 5.4% at a 95% confidence level. All groups agreed that the need for extension services is greater now than it has been in the past 10 years. The greatest perceived barriers to incorporating science into management and decision-making were the lack of formal organizational processes, the profit focus of land managers, and the lack of time and funding to attend extension events. A majority indicated that extension should be paid by some ratio of public funds and cost recovery, although this ratio was not agreed upon. The operational community indicated a preference for accessible, concise information delivered in a timely fashion that does not require significant investments of time to absorb and incorporate. Overall, this survey showed that there is no "one size fits all" approach for forestry extension services. A goal of future extension could best be described in the succinct words of one respondent, "Keep it relevant and bring the newfound information to the user quickly."

Teaching Reading to Every Child

Author : Diane Lapp
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This popular text, now in its Fourth Edition, introduces pre-service and in-service teachers to the most current theories and methods for teaching literacy to children in elementary schools. The methods presented are based on scientific findings that have been tested in many classrooms. A wealth of examples, hands-on activities, and classroom vignettes--including lesson plans, assessments, lists of children's literature books to fiction and nonfiction texts, and more--illustrate the methods and bring them to life.The text highlights the importance of teaching EVERY child to become competent in all of the nuances and complexities of reading, writing, and speaking. The value of reflection and peer discussion in learning to expand their students' literacies is emphasized. Readers are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences with reading and teaching throughout their lifetimes--experiences that will serve well in learning to teach reading. "Your Turn" boxes invite readers to think about their views of the material presented, and to talk with colleagues and teachers about their "best ways" of learning this new information. "Did You Notice?" boxes engage readers in observation and analysis of methods and classroom situations discussed in the text. Teachers' stories serve as models of successful teaching and to draw readers into professional dialogue about the ideas and questions raised. End-of-chapter questions and activities provide additional opportunities for reflection and discussion. All of these pedagogical features help readers expand and refine their knowledge in the most positive ways. Topics covered in Teaching Reading to Every Child, Fourth Edition: *Getting to Know Your Students as Literacy Learners; *Looking Inside Classrooms: Organizing Instruction; *Assessing Reading Achievement; *The Importance of Oral Language in Developing Literacy; *Word Identification Strategies: Pathways to Comprehension; *Vocabulary Development; *Comprehension Instruction: Strategies At Work; *Content Area Learning; *What the Teacher Needs to Know to Enable Students' Text Comprehension; *Writing: Teaching Students to Encode and Compose; *Discovering the World Through Literature; *Technology and Media in Reading; *Teaching Reading to Students Who Are Learning English; *All Students are Special: Some Need Supplemental Supports and Services to Be Successful; and *Historical Perspectives on Reading and Reading Instruction. New in the Fourth Edition: *A new chapter on technology with state-of-the-art applications; *A new chapter with the most up-to-date information on how vocabulary is learned and on how it is best taught, responding to the national renewed interest in vocabulary instruction; *A new section on Readers/Writer's workshop with a focus on supporting student inquiry and exploration of multiple genres; *A more comprehensive chapter on literature instruction and the role of literature in the reading program with examples that support students' multigenre responses; *A discussion of literary theories with examples for classroom implementation; *Broader coverage of the phases of reading development from the pre-alphabetic stage to the full alphabetic stage; *A more inclusive chapter on writing instruction; and *A thoroughly revised chapter on teaching reading to students who are learning English, including extensive information on assessment and evaluation.

Dear Willie Rudd

Author : Libba Moore Gray
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An adult remembers her childhood relationship with a black woman and wishes she could thank her and apologize for any wrongs committed due to race.

An Angel for Solomon Singer

Author : Cynthia Rylant
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A lonely New York City resident finds companionship and good cheer at the Westway Cafe where dreams come true.

Revisiting Early Childhood Education

Author : Joe L. Frost
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