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The Riddle of the Dinosaur

Author : John Noble Wilford
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This fascinating account traces a history of paleontology in relation to dinosaurs & discusses current theories concerning their extinction.

Why Didn t the Dinosaur Cross the Road

Author : Joanne E. Bernstein
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A collection of riddles about dinosaurs and cave men, including "What does a dinosaur have on the bathroom floor? Rep-tiles".

Dinosaur Paleobiology

Author : Stephen L. Brusatte
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The study of dinosaurs has been experiencing a remarkable renaissance over the past few decades. Scientific understanding of dinosaur anatomy, biology, and evolution has advanced to such a degree that paleontologists often know more about 100-million-year-old dinosaurs than many species of living organisms. This book provides a contemporary review of dinosaur science intended for students, researchers, and dinosaur enthusiasts. It reviews the latest knowledge on dinosaur anatomy and phylogeny, how dinosaurs functioned as living animals, and the grand narrative of dinosaur evolution across the Mesozoic. A particular focus is on the fossil evidence and explicit methods that allow paleontologists to study dinosaurs in rigorous detail. Scientific knowledge of dinosaur biology and evolution is shifting fast, and this book aims to summarize current understanding of dinosaur science in a technical, but accessible, style, supplemented with vivid photographs and illustrations. The Topics in Paleobiology Series is published in collaboration with the Palaeontological Association, and is edited by Professor Mike Benton, University of Bristol. Books in the series provide a summary of the current state of knowledge, a trusted route into the primary literature, and will act as pointers for future directions for research. As well as volumes on individual groups, the series will also deal with topics that have a cross-cutting relevance, such as the evolution of significant ecosystems, particular key times and events in the history of life, climate change, and the application of a new techniques such as molecular palaeontology. The books are written by leading international experts and will be pitched at a level suitable for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates, and researchers in both the paleontological and biological sciences. Additional resources for this book can be found at:

A Short History of Nearly Everything

Author : Bill Bryson
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Bill Bryson describes himself as a reluctant traveller, but even when he stays safely at home he can't contain his curiosity about the world around him. A Short History of Nearly Everything is his quest to understand everything that has happened from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization - how we got from there, being nothing at all, to here, being us. Bill Bryson's challenge is to take subjects that normally bore the pants off most of us, like geology, chemistry and particle physics, and see if there isn't some way to render them comprehensible to people who have never thought they could be interested in science. The ultimate eye-opening journey through time and space, A Short History of Nearly Everything is the biggest-selling popular science book of the 21st century, and reveals the world in a way most of us have never seen it before.

All About Dinosaurs Gr 2

Author : Ruth Solski
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From the albertousaurus to the ultrasaurus! Budding paleontologists will be amazed at what they don't already know about the giants of the past. More than 50 activities in phonics, word study, creative writing, brainstorming, science, art and math as well as a reproducible student booklet, will keep students engaged and wanting to learn more about prehistoric times. 122 pages

Gideon Mantell and the Discovery of Dinosaurs

Author : Dennis R. Dean
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This is a scholarly yet accessible 1999 biography of a pioneering dinosaur hunter and scholar.

Riddle of the Feathered Dragons

Author : Alan Feduccia
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"Inspired by the spectacular discoveries of the past two decades from the Age of Reptiles in China, Riddle of the Feathered Dragons explores how these miraculous fossils have transformed the contentious arena of bird and dinosaur evolution. Aside from being the most comprehensive discussion of these avian and associated discoveries, the author delves into the world of investigative journalism to expose the darker side of the world of fossil birds and dinosaurs. The book exposes the massive unfounded speculation that has characterized the field of vertebrate paleontology and published extensively in the world's most prestigious journals, including everything from supposed dinosaur protein to so-called feathered dinosaurs. The book questions the validity of the foundational tenets of the now "unquestionable orthodoxy" of bird and dinosaur evolution, including bird origins, feathered dinosaurs, flight origin from the ground-up and hot-blooded dinosaurs and their proteins. It exposes how speculation has gone far beyond the ability of the currently available evidence to yield answers. The author concludes that birds are best defined by a more traditional definition of the possession of feathers and avian flight architecture, that the so-called "feathered dinosaurs" are most likely derived avians, and that flight clearly originated from the trees-down, from ancestors that antedated the dinosaurs, rather than a direct linear descent"--

The Boilerplate Rhino

Author : David Quammen
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A collection of twentysix essays about the natural world captures the relationship between human and animal, with such topics as rattlesnakes and their handlers, and spiders and arachnophobia, all told in an entertaining, enlightening style.

Destination Of The Species The Riddle

Author : Michael Meacher
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What is the purpose of existence, and what are we here for? This book seeks to answer just that question. Government minister seeks meaning of life, the universe and everything.

Dot to Dot Riddle Book 3

Author : Dino Copreros
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Riddle of the Raptors

Author : Steve Cole
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Teggs is no ordinary dinosaur -- he's an Astrosaur! He and his crew have taken off on his spaceship, the DSS Sauropod, to fight evil and keep space safe for plant eaters everywhere. On his latest mission Teggs is escorting a group of the Vegetarian Sector's top athletes to the Great Dinosaur Games. When a greedy gang of meat-eating raptors raid the Sauropod and kidnap two of the athletes,Teggs and his crew race to the rescue. But there's more to the raptor's plan than meets the eye. Can Teggs solve their rascally riddle in time?

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved

Author : Ken Ham
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A dinosaur book like you've never seen before! Not only is the "dinosaur mystery" solved, but you'll be taught the TRUE history of the earth and its inhabitants! Your thinking about this world will never be the same again! A wealth of information combined into one volume, this fascinating book is a perfect addition to your family library!


Author : Richard Gaines
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Describes the physical characteristics of the Coelophysis, how it lived, and the discovery of the first fossils.


Author : Richard Gaines
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Describes the physical characteristics of the Triceratops, how they lived, and their environment.

Astrosaurs 1 Riddle Of The Raptors

Author : Steve Cole
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Meet Captain Teggs Stegosaur and the crew of the amazing spaceship DSS Sauropod as the ASTROSAURS fight evil across the galaxy! Flesh-chomping raptors have kidnapped two top dino athletes. With the Great Dinosaur Games about to start, Teggs and his friends must race to the rescue. But there's more to the raptors' plot than meets the eye . . .

My Beloved Brontosaurus

Author : Brian Switek
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A Hudson Booksellers Staff Pick for the Best Books of 2013 One of Publishers Weekly's Top Ten Spring Science Books A Bookshop Santa Cruz Staff Pick Dinosaurs, with their awe-inspiring size, terrifying claws and teeth, and otherworldly abilities, occupy a sacred place in our childhoods. They loom over museum halls, thunder through movies, and are a fundamental part of our collective imagination. In My Beloved Brontosaurus, the dinosaur fanatic Brian Switek enriches the childlike sense of wonder these amazing creatures instill in us. Investigating the latest discoveries in paleontology, he breathes new life into old bones. Switek reunites us with these mysterious creatures as he visits desolate excavation sites and hallowed museum vaults, exploring everything from the sex life of Apatosaurus and T. rex's feather-laden body to just why dinosaurs vanished. (And of course, on his journey, he celebrates the book's titular hero, "Brontosaurus"—who suffered a second extinction when we learned he never existed at all—as a symbol of scientific progress.) With infectious enthusiasm, Switek questions what we've long held to be true about these beasts, weaving in stories from his obsession with dinosaurs, which started when he was just knee-high to a Stegosaurus. Endearing, surprising, and essential to our understanding of our own evolution and our place on Earth, My Beloved Brontosaurus is a book that dinosaur fans and anyone interested in scientific progress will cherish for years to come.

The Dinosaur Expert

Author : Margaret McNamara
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Join Mr. Tiffin and his students on a trip to a natural history museum and learn all about dinosaurs and the scientists who discovered them! Mr. Tiffin and his students are back in another picture book, and this time the focus is on dinosaur-loving Kimmy. During a field trip to the natural history museum, Kimmy is thrilled to share what she knows about the Stegosaurus and the Archaeopteryx and even the ginormous Titanosaurus. That changes when one of her classmates questions whether girls can be paleontologists. Kimmy starts to feel shy. What if they can't? What if no one wants to hear what she has to say? It will take some help from Mr. Tiffin--and from a famous scientist--for Kimmy to find her voice again. Join Mr. Tiffin's class as they learn about dinosaurs big and small, feathered and scaly, winged and ocean-dwelling. And root for Kimmy, the dinosaur expert . . . who might just learn something about herself.


Author : Michael P. Goecke
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Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of the plant-eating Stegosaurus.

Books n Stones n Dinosaur Bones

Author :
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Author : David Norman
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Discusses dinosaurs, their life, death, and discovery, and describes the techniques used for making the TV series "Dinosaurs!"