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Risking Hope

Author : Kathleen O'Connell Chesto
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This is a story about healing and hope. In a compelling journal, written as she struggled with the diagnosis of degenerative illness, Kathy Chesto expresses the emotions common to all those confronted with the possible destruction of life as they know it. Her account is filled with fear, anger, and pain, but it is also softly interwoven with humor and warmth and gently invites the reader to hope.

Risking Intimacy

Author : Nancy Groom
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The longing for relational intimacy is met by yielding first to the Lord, who provides the grace from which genuine oneness with others can flow.

A philosophy of human hope

Author : J.J. Godfrey
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Few reference works in philosophy have articles on hope. Few also are systematic or large-scale philosophical studies of hope. Hope is admitted to be important in people's lives, but as a topic for study, hope has largely been left to psychologists and theologians. For the most part philosophers treat hope en passant. My aim is to outline a general theory of hope, to explore its structure, forms, goals, reasonableness, and implications, and to trace the implications of such a theory for atheism or theism. What has been written is quite disparate. Some see hope in an individualistic, often existential, way, and some in a social and political way. Hope is proposed by some as essentially atheistic, and by others as incomprehensible outside of one or another kind of theism. Is it possible to think consistently and at the same time comprehensively about the phenomenon of human hoping? Or is it several phenomena? How could there be such diverse understandings of so central a human experience? On what rational basis could people differ over whether hope is linked to God? What I offer here is a systematic analysis, but one worked out in dialogue with Ernst Bloch, Immanuel Kant, and Gabriel Marcel. Ernst Bloch of course was a Marxist and officially an atheist, Gabriel Marcel a Christian theist, and Immanuel Kant was a theist, but not in a conventional way.

Risking Exposure

Author : Jeanne Moran
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Munich, 1938. A timid Hitler Youth member contracts polio. Photographs she takes of fellow polio patients are turned into propaganda, mocking people with disabilities. She realizes she's now an outsider, a target of Nazi scorn and possible persecution. Her only weapon is her camera. This well-researched historical novel offers a different slant on the Nazi era, highlighting a hero who doesn't understand the big picture until it applies to her. An empowering story suitable for middle-grade, young adult, and adult readers. This story concludes in The Path Divided.

Risking Her Heart

Author : Wendy Etherington
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As manager of her family's champion team, Rachel Garrison learned the woes of mixing business with pleasure the hard way. And no way is she going to get involved with NASCAR sponsor Parker Huntington, the guy who almost ruined her brother's career! But that doesn't mean she can deny her instant and unwanted attraction to his considerable charms.... Parker is used to getting exactly what he wants--and when Rachel needs his help finding out who's embezzling from her family, their sleuthing soon leads to stolen kisses. However, neither knows how to trust in love...or whether they even want to take that risk. And Parker isn't about to let down his guard until he sweet-talks Rachel into surrendering her heart!

The Dare Mills Boon Blaze Risking It All Book 2

Author : Cara Summers
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Does she dare... To score the first-ever photo of reclusive business tycoon Jared Slade? Little does struggling reporter Rory Gibbs know she'll first have to get past his big, sexy bodyguard, Mark Hunter.

Risking the Church

Author : Richard Lennan
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As a consequence of numerous social and theological movements over the last few decades, the Roman Catholic Church finds itself in a situation that some have described as a state of 'peril'. This book traces the emergence of that 'peril', develops a systematic ecclesiology that identifies both the mission and resources of the Church in the present-day, and explores possible responses to some of the specific challenges facing the contemporary Church. The book develops an understanding of the Catholic tradition in order to highlight its potential for development.

Risking Forever A Single Dad Nanny Romance

Author : A. M. Kusi
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She’s looking for a fresh start. He’s still mourning the past. Will a short-term summer arrangement open them up to a beautiful future together? Elise Aki desperately needs a stroke of luck. Grieving after a painful breakup forced her into couch surfing, the strong-willed teacher craves a fill-in before her new job begins in the fall. So the live-in nanny gig she lands feels like a godsend… until her charge’s handsome single dad comes home and assumes she’s a thief. Roman Emerson never wants to feel the agony of loss again. Dedicated to his mute daughter, the alarmed father confronts the stranger rifling through their belongings only to be met by a nose-bruising punch. And even after discovering his mom hired the curvy knockout with a mean right hook, he’s certain his unwanted attraction makes her a not-so-good fit for their heartbroken household. Determined to prove she’s capable, Elise steps up to the challenge of caring for the cute kid and her overprotective parent. And though Roman tries to trust his gorgeous housemate, he struggles with a fierce need to guard his traumatized child and safeguard his fragile heart. Can two wounded fighters learn to read the love growing between them? Risking Forever is the spicy second book in The Emerson Family of Shattered Cove contemporary romance series. If you like relatable characters, emotional connections, and charming small towns, then you’ll adore A. M. Kusi’s path to passion. Buy Risking Forever to never let go today! **No cheating. HEA guaranteed.*** ---------- Keywords related to this contemporary romance novel: Contemporary romance series, interracial romance, grumpy hero romance, asian romance, tall heroine romance, curvy woman romance, single dad romance, single parent romance, curvy heroine romance, plus size romance, small town romance, interracial romance books, contemporary romance novel, nanny romance, interracial romance books, strong female lead, babysitting romance, strong women, beach reads, strong heroine, romance ebook, IR romance books, contemporary romance series, small town romance, single parent romance, scarred hero romance, romance books, ir books, romance novels to read, love story, emotional romance, love story books, interracial relationship, multicultural romance, small town romance series, shattered cove series, widower romance, deaf romance, blue collar hero, blue collar romance, mute romance, hearing impaired romance, beekeeper romance, romance books, romance novels.

Risking Together

Author : Dick Bryan
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Between Hope and Despair

Author : Roger I. Simon
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At the end of a century of unfathomable suffering, societies are facing anew the question of how events that shock, resist assimilation, and evoke contradictory and complex responses should be remembered. Between Hope and Despair specifically examines the pedagogical problem of how remembrance is to proceed when what is to be remembered is underscored by a logic difficult to comprehend and subversive of the humane character of existence. This pedagogical attention to practices of remembrance reflects the growing cognizance that hope for a just and compassionate future lies in the sustained, if troubled, working through of these issues.