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Ritual Sacrifice in Ancient Peru

Author : Elizabeth P. Benson
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Propitiating the supernatural forces that could grant bountiful crops or wipe out whole villages through natural disasters was a sacred duty in ancient Peruvian societies, as in many premodern cultures. Ritual sacrifices were considered necessary for this propitiation and for maintaining a proper reciprocal relationship between humans and the supernatural world. The essays in this book examine the archaeological evidence for ancient Peruvian sacrificial offerings of human beings, animals, and objects, as well as the cultural contexts in which the offerings occurred, from around 2500 B.C. until Inca times just before the Spanish Conquest. Major contributions come from the recent archaeological fieldwork of Steve Bourget, Anita Cook, and Alana Cordy-Collins, as well as from John Verano's laboratory work on skeletal material from recent excavations. Mary Frame, who is a weaver as well as a scholar, offers rich new interpretations of Paracas burial garments, and Donald Proulx presents a fresh view of the nature of Nasca warfare. Elizabeth Benson's essay provides a summary of sacrificial practices.

Sacrifice Violence and Ideology Among the Moche

Author : Steve Bourget
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In a special precinct dedicated to ritual sacrifice at Huaca de la Luna on the north coast of Peru, about seventy-five men were killed and dismembered, their remains and body parts then carefully rearranged and left on the ground with numerous offerings. The discovery of this large sacrificial site—one of the most important sites of this type in the Americas—raises fundamental questions. Why was human sacrifice so central to Moche ideology and religion? And why is sacrifice so intimately related to the notions of warfare and capture? In this pioneering book, Steve Bourget marshals all the currently available information from the archaeology and visual culture of Huaca de la Luna as he seeks to understand the centrality of human sacrifice in Moche ideology and, more broadly, the role(s) of violence in the development of social complexity. He begins by providing a fully documented account of the archaeological contexts, demonstrating how closely interrelated these contexts are to the rest of Moche material culture, including its iconography, the regalia of its elite, and its monumental architecture. Bourget then probes the possible meanings of ritual violence and human sacrifice and their intimate connections with concepts of divinity, ancestry, and foreignness. He builds a convincing case that the iconography of ritual violence and the practice of human sacrifice at all the principal Moche ceremonial centers were the main devices used in the establishment and development of the Moche state.

Ritual Violence in the Ancient Andes

Author : Haagen D. Klaus
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Traditions of sacrifice exist in almost every human culture and often embody a society's most meaningful religious and symbolic acts. Ritual violence was particularly varied and enduring in the prehistoric South American Andes, where human lives, animals, and material objects were sacrificed in secular rites or as offerings to the divine. Spectacular discoveries of sacrificial sites containing the victims of violent rituals have drawn ever-increasing attention to ritual sacrifice within Andean archaeology. Responding to this interest, this volume provides the first regional overview of ritual killing on the pre-Hispanic north coast of Peru, where distinct forms and diverse trajectories of ritual violence developed during the final 1,800 years of prehistory. Presenting original research that blends empirical approaches, iconographic interpretations, and contextual analyses, the contributors address four linked themes—the historical development and regional variation of north coast sacrifice from the early first millennium AD to the European conquest; a continuum of ritual violence that spans people, animals, and objects; the broader ritual world of sacrifice, including rites both before and after violent offering; and the use of diverse scientific tools, archaeological information, and theoretical interpretations to study sacrifice. This research proposes a wide range of new questions that will shape the research agenda in the coming decades, while fostering a nuanced, scientific, and humanized approach to the archaeology of ritual violence that is applicable to archaeological contexts around the world.

Latin American Antiquity

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Skull Collection Modification and Decoration

Author : Michelle Bonogofsky
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This volume is based on papers submitted to the session "Skull Collection, Modification and Decoration" organized for the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, held at University College Cork in Cork, Ireland, September 5-11, 2005. The intent of the volume is to bring together and make available to a wider audience a body of information on skull collection, modification and decoration that spans the Early Neolithic to the twentieth century. The papers are grouped by geographic region - Europe, Middle East, Eurasia, Oceania, New World.

Sex Death and Sacrifice in Moche Religion and Visual Culture

Author : Steve Bourget
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Raises the analysis of Moche iconography to a new level through an in-depth study of visual representations of rituals involving sex, death, and sacrifice.


Author : Luis Guillermo Lumbreras
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Oxbow says: December 2005 marked the re-opening of the Petit Palais, Musee des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris, and from April to July 2006 it hosted an exhibition of dazzling artefacts from Peru.

Moche Art and Archaeology in Ancient Peru

Author : Joanne Pillsbury
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This volume explores the art and archaeology of the Moche, who created impressive monuments and metal objects centuries before the rise of the Inca. A major theme of the volume is how the visual arts and political representation are connected.

Examining Imperial Influence on Peru s Central Coast

Author : Nicole Marie Slovak
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Music archaeology in context

Author : International Study Group on Music Archaeology. Symposium
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The Tattooing Arts of Tribal Women

Author : Lars F. Krutak
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This account of the vanishing art of wmen's tribal tattooing is the record of anthropologist Lars Krutak's ten year research with indigenous peoples around the globe.


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Pre Columbian Art in the Denver Art Museum Collection

Author : Margaret Young-Sánchez
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Andean Past

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Journal of Field Arfchaeology

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Art for Archaeology s Sake

Author : University of Calgary. Archaeological Association. Conference
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The Great Divide

Author : Peter Watson
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In The Great Divide, acclaimed author and historian Peter Watson explores the development of humankind between the Old World and the New, and offers a groundbreaking new understanding of human history. By 15,000 BC, humans had migrated from northeastern Asia across the frozen Bering land bridge to the Americas. When the last Ice Agecame to an end, the Bering Strait refilled with water, dividing America from Eurasia. This division continued until Christopher Columbus voyaged to the New World in the fifteenth century. The Great Divide compares the development of humankind in the Old World and the New between 15,000 BC and AD 1,500. Combining the most up-to-date knowledge in archaeology, anthropology, geology, meteorology, cosmology, and mythology, Peter Watson’s masterful study offers uniquely revealing insight into what it means to be human.

Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying L Z

Author : Robert Kastenbaum
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Comprehensive exploration of the place of death in contemporary life. Coverage of topics is broad and multi-disciplinary.

Illinois Archaeology

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The Hispanic American Historical Review

Author : James Alexander Robertson
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Includes "Bibliographical section".