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Rituals of the Light Within

Author : Elizabeth Anderton Fox
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Rituals of the Light Within is a collection of writings by Elizabeth Anderton Fox, who has had wide experience in the Rosicrucian, Masonic and Western Mystery Traditions, and is a supervisor for the coursework of the 'Servants of the Light' school. The rituals in this book were written between 1982 and 2015, and were primarily designed for use by small and large groups in workshop settings. By publishing them in book form, the author hopes they will prove useful to others, as well as being interesting reading material for anyone drawn to the subject. The rituals are based upon a wide range of spiritual and esoteric teachings, and contain elements of the Kabbalah as used in Western Mystery teachings. They incorporate aspects of astrology, science, alchemy and astronomy. Above all, they are a reflection of the author's spiritual journey, based on her personal experiences of the Light which shines within each and every one of us.

Journeys in the Light Within

Author : Elizabeth Anderston Fox
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Journeys in the Light Within is a collection of writings, primarily designed for use within Rituals of the Light Within in workshop settings. They are now offered in the form of solo meditations; it is hoped that they will prove useful to others and interesting as reading material.

Remembering the Light Within

Author : Mary R. Hulnick
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What if you discovered - not as a concept, but rather as a profound inner knowing born from the crucible of your own experience - that the Essence of your very nature is, has always been, and always will be the Presence of Love? That Awareness would change everything. Your consciousness would be transformed, and you would move forward into a Soul-Centred life - your unique and beautiful life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment. The book you hold in your hands is a vehicle for fostering just such an epiphany through the use of the empowering tools of Spiritual Psychology in your everyday life. As co-directors of the University of Santa Monica, the Worldwide Center for the Study and Practice of Spiritual Psychology, Ron and Mary Hulnick have had many years of experience in applying these Principles and Practices in their own lives as well as supporting thousands of students in doing the same. Their intention is nothing less than providing you with inspiration, practical tools, encouragement and opportunities for learning how to live into the Spiritual Context - the Awareness that you are a Soul and that your life serves a spiritual purpose. As you read and engage with this book, you'll learn practical ways for Waking Up more fully into the Awareness of the Loving Being that you are. You will be remembering the Light within - remembering your Essential Nature. Can you imagine walking through this world in a consciousness that is Awake to Love? Wouldn't that be Amazing Grace? Opportunities for just such experiences are available to you, and this book will be your guide through this process.

Lingerings of light in a dark land researches into the Syrian church of Malabar

Author : Thomas Whitehouse
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Fire and Light in the Western Triduum

Author : Alastair J. MacGregor
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The image of Christ as Light of the World, reflected in the use of fire and light in the Triduum, is now central in Christianity. But when did this image develop and why? The 1951 liturgical experiments within the Roman Catholic Church and the 1955 Decree of Maxima Redemptionis, which gave official sanction to those experiments, restored the former prominence and importance of the ceremonies of the Triduum. Yet in spite of the abundance of literature treating the restoration of these paschal rites, no monograph has yet been written that is devoted specifically to a study of the use of light in the services of the Triduum. Fire and Light identifies from a historical viewpoint the cultural and liturgical milieux from which the ceremonies of Tenebrae, the new fire, and the Easter candle emerged. In describing these three light-featuring rituals of the Triduum, it traces their development, incorporating the theological significance and pastoral aspects of each, relating them to the liturgical changes of the 1950s while offering reasons for those changes. A. J. MacGregor's treatment is extensive and thorough. His methods are scholarly, yet his intent is pastoral: to illuminate the meaning of the paschal rites so that they may be celebrated at the parish level more purposefully.

Nerot Mitzvah

Author :
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Rituals in Sacred Stone

Author : Wencke Johanne Braathen
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Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene married? In Rituals in Sacred Stone: Mary Magdalene's message of self empowerment you'll find the depth of love, devotion, knowledge and wisdom that made this famous couple able to work as a powerful team in a world mired in occupation and rebellion. the preserved shrunken head of an ancestor accompanies Mariam while she is educated at the mystery schools of Egypt. As a fully trained priestess, queen and wife, she performs the rituals required to apply the gifts of the Magi. Was the head of John the Baptist an oracle used as a political plot? Why did the crucifixion take place on a hollow hill called "the skull"? What is the Journey of Osiris? Rituals in Sacred Stone: Mary Magdalene's message of self empowerment is a controversial interpretation of the life of Mary Magdalene and brings you to the heart-wrenching choices that her education, her ancestry, and ancient prophecies forced her to make.

Unveiling the Light in the Veda

Author : T. V. Kapali Sastry
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Light in Extension

Author : David Godwin
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The grand sweep of Greek magic, philosophy and religion from the archaic period of Homer's Iliad up to the present. This book begins with the magic and mythology of classical Athens; gives detailed considerations of Gnosticism, early Christianity and Neoplatonism; explains the manifestations of Greek thought in the Renaissance; and explores the Greek elements of the magic of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley and others.

Believing in Bits

Author : Simone Natale
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"As technologies that work by computing numbers, digital media apparently epitomize what is considered scientific and rational. Yet, people experience the effects of digital devices and algorithms in their everyday life also through the lenses of magic and the supernatural. Algorithms, for instance, are discussed for their capacity to "read minds" and predict the future; Artificial Intelligence as an opportunity to overcome death and achieve immortality through singularity; and avatars and robots are accorded a dignity that traditional religions restricted to humans. The essays collected in this volume address these and similar phenomena, challenging and redefining established understandings of digital media and culture by employing the notions of belief, religion, and the supernatural." -- Provided by publisher.

Celtic Rituals

Author : Alexei Kondratiev
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In the rat race of our lives, the loss of our connection with the world of nature, and the lack of alternatives to society's conventions for marking important events in life, aspects of Celtic tradition can help. In this guide to Celtic ritual one of its great devotees brings to life the ancient rituals.

Crystal Muse

Author : Heather Askinosie
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Askinosie shows how you can transform life's challenges into opportunities for growth by being equipped with the right crystals and mindset. By tapping into the vibrations of crystals, we can access wisdom that is bigger than us individually or as a society. Crystals can empower your life by attracting love, relieving anxiety, grounding you with the energy of the earth, and much more. -- adapted from text on inside front cover.


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The Problem of Ritual

Author : Tore Ahlbäck
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Collection of papers on ritualistics in religion, including the study of shamans in various cultures, the Norse myths and Scandinavian rituals.

Tribal transformation in India 5 Religion rituals and festivals

Author : Buddhadeb Chaudhuri
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Traditionaly, the tribals lived in isolated areas which are now much exposed to the outside world and influence. In the recent past a number of tribal unrests, movements, tension and conflicts have been noted. Though in a majority of the areas these movements were initiated by the emerging elite sections of the tribals, the exploitation of the non-tribals and the myopic governmental policies and approaches, have often stimulated the scourge of unrest accordingly. The book is divided into 6 parts and covers a numbers of issues related to tribal political systems, tribal involvement in electoral processes, movements and unrest, nature of identity crisis and ethnocultural orientation.

Ancient Egypt the Light of the World

Author : Gerald Massey
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Quest in Modern American Poetry

Author : Peter Revell
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Play Ritual Inversion and Folly Among the Ranters in the English Revolution

Author : Byron Nelson
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A Light Within

Author : Darlene Mindrup
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Enlightenment and the Gasping City

Author : Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko
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With air pollution now intimately affecting every resident of Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko seeks to understand how, as a physical constant throughout the winter months, the murky and obscuring nature of air pollution has become an active part of Mongolian religious and ritual life. Enlightenment and the Gasping City identifies air pollution as a boundary between the physical and the immaterial, showing how air pollution impresses itself on the urban environment as stagnation and blur. She explores how air pollution and related phenomena exist in dynamic tension with Buddhist ideas and practices concerning purification, revitalisation and enlightenment. By focusing on light, its intersections and its oppositions, she illuminates Buddhist practices and beliefs as they interact with the pressing urban issues of air pollution, post-socialist economic vacillations, urban development, nationalism, and climate change.