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Robert Parris Moses

Author : Laura Visser-Maessen
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One of the most influential leaders in the civil rights movement, Robert Parris Moses was essential in making Mississippi a central battleground state in the fight for voting rights. As a leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Moses presented himself as a mere facilitator of grassroots activism rather than a charismatic figure like Martin Luther King Jr. His self-effacing demeanor and his success, especially in steering the events that led to the volatile 1964 Freedom Summer and the formation of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, paradoxically gave him a reputation of nearly heroic proportions. Examining the dilemmas of a leader who worked to cultivate local leadership, historian Laura Visser-Maessen explores the intellectual underpinnings of Moses's strategy, its achievements, and its struggles. This new biography recasts Moses as an effective, hands-on organizer, safeguarding his ideals while leading from behind the scenes. By returning Moses to his rightful place among the foremost leaders of the movement, Visser-Maessen testifies to Moses's revolutionary approach to grassroots leadership and the power of the individual in generating social change.

And Gently He Shall Lead Them

Author : Eric Burner
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The meaning of the American Revolution has always been a much-contested question, and asking it is particularly important today: the standard, easily digested narrative puts the Founding Fathers at the head of a unified movement, failing to acknowledge the deep divisions in Revolutionary-era society and the many different historical interpretations that have followed. Whose American Revolution Was It? speaks both to the ways diverse groups of Americans who lived through the Revolution might have answered that question and to the different ways historians through the decades have interpreted the Revolution for our own time. As the only volume to offer an accessible and sweeping discussion of the period’s historiography and its historians,Whose American Revolution Was It? is an essential reference for anyone studying early American history. The first section, by Alfred F. Young, begins in 1925 with historian J. Franklin Jameson and takes the reader through the successive schools of interpretation up to the 1990s. The second section, by Gregory H. Nobles, focuses primarily on the ways present-day historians have expanded our understanding of the broader social history of the Revolution, bringing onto the stage farmers and artisans, who made up the majority of white men, as well as African Americans, Native Americans, and women of all social classes.

Robert Parris Moses

Author : Clay Purvis
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Robert Parris Moses

Author : Bianca Dumas
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Traces the life of Robert Parris Moses, a leader in the Civil Rights Movement and high school math teacher.

A Lot of Leaders

Author :
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Radical Equations

Author : Robert Parris Moses
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The author, a veteran of the civil rights movement, relates his life experiences with social activism and his career in mathematics and education, sharing his vision of universal math literacy among poor and minority children.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Author : United States. Patent and Trademark Office
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Robert Moses

Author : Bianca Dumas
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Robert Parris Moses was an important leader in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and worked to make many lasting changes in the world. This exciting biography tells his life story and explains the ways his perseverance and unique qualities continue to set examples today. Readers will be inspired to learn about the life of Robert Parris Moses and the ways in which he overcame adversity and hardships, while making his mark in the world.

Capturing the South

Author : Scott L. Matthews
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In his expansive history of documentary work in the South during the twentieth century, Scott L. Matthews examines the motivations and methodologies of several pivotal documentarians, including sociologist Howard Odum, photographers Jack Delano and Danny Lyon, and music ethnographer John Cohen. Their work salvaged and celebrated folk cultures threatened by modernization or strived to reveal and reform problems linked to the region's racial caste system and exploitative agricultural economy. Images of alluring primitivism and troubling pathology often blurred together, neutralizing the aims of documentary work carried out in the name of reform during the Progressive era, New Deal, and civil rights movement. Black and white southerners in turn often resisted documentarians' attempts to turn their private lives into public symbols. The accumulation of these influential and, occasionally, controversial documentary images created an enduring, complex, and sometimes self-defeating mythology about the South that persists into the twenty-first century.

Leaders from the 1960s A Biographical Sourcebook of American Activism

Author : David De Leon
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The throngs at Woodstock, Jane Fonda in Hanoi, I Have a Dream, burning draft cards, fire in the streets--these images of the 1960s are still very much alive today. What happened to the people and principles that dominated that decade? Which leaders from those turbulent years had the most lasting effect on our lives today? How well have the principles for which those leaders fought so strongly withstood the test of time? This thought-provoking biographical dictionary allows the reader to study the leaders, both conservative and liberal, their ideals, and their enduring influence. With major sections on racial democracy, peace and freedom, sexuality and gender, the environment, radical culture, and visions of alternative societies, Leaders from the 1960s includes entries on a wide selection of nationally prominent activists of the 1960s. In addition to those who dominated only the sixties, the volume includes earlier activists who came into prominence in the 1960s and activists of the era who came into prominence since the 1960s. Each entry provides a biographical sketch, but the focus of the entries is on the person's basic concepts or the essence of his or her work and the public response it generated. Included are extensive bibliographies on the individuals and the period.

The Whole World Is Watching

Author : Todd Gitlin
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New preface for this classic of media studies. One of the founders of SDS describes the response of the various news organizations and arrives at the way the New Left came to be characterized.


Author : William Sturkey
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In this rich multigenerational saga of race and family in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, William Sturkey reveals the personal stories behind the men and women who struggled to uphold their southern "way of life" against the threat of desegregation, and those who fought to tear it down in the name of justice and racial equality.--

The Social Movements Reader

Author : Jeff Goodwin
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The Social Movements Reader, Second Edition, provides themost important and readable articles and book selections on recentsocial movements from around the world. With selected readings and editorial material this bookcombines the strengths of a reader and a textbook Reflects new developments in the study of social movements,both empirical and theoretical Provides original texts, many of them classics in the field ofsocial movements, which have been edited for the non-technicalreader Sidebars offer concise definitions of key terms as well asbiographies of famous activists and chronologies of several keymovements Requires no prior knowledge about social movements or theoriesof social movements

Chalkboard Heroes Twelve Courageous Teachers and Their Deeds of Valor

Author : Terry Lee Marzell
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A collection of inspiring and informative narratives, Chalkboard Heroes: Twelve Courageous Teachers and Their Deeds of Valor introduces us to real American heroes. Author and educator Terry Lee Marzell shines a spotlight on heroic teachers in American history who were both exemplars of teaching and role models of society. We meet the teachers who protected our country like Henry Alvin Cameron, who fought in World War I, and Francis Wayland Parker, a Civil War veteran. We learn about the social reformers who put themselves at risk to fight for improved conditions and better lives for disenfranchised citizens like Dolores Huerta, the champion of migrant farm workers; Robert Parris Moses, the civil rights activist; Prudence Crandall, who defied prevailing convention to open a school for African American girls; Carrie Chapman Catt, the suffragist; and Zitkala-Sa, who campaigned for the constitutional rights of Native Americans. We get to know the brave pioneers who took great risks to blaze a trail for others to follow such as Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher in space; Willa Brown Chappell, the aviatrix who taught Tuskegee airmen to fly; Etta Schureman Jones, who was interned for four years in a POW camp in Japan during WWII; and Olive Mann Isbell, who established the first English school in California while the Mexican American War raged around her. Lastly, we discover teachers like Dave Sanders of Columbine High School who put their own lives at risk to protect the students whose safety was entrusted to their care. Chalkboard Heroes combines superb storytelling and scholarship in this engaging, inspirational work that is sure to inspire as well as educate.

Chalkboard Heroes

Author : Terry Lee Marzell
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Encyclopedia of African American History 1896 to the Present J N

Author : Paul Finkelman
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Alphabetically-arranged entries from J to N that explores significant events, major persons, organizations, and political and social movements in African-American history from 1896 to the twenty-first-century.

Children Bob Moses Led

Author : William Heath
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Winner of the Hackney Literary Award and selected in 2002 by Time as one of the eleven best novels on the African American experience, The Children Bob Moses Led is a compelling, powerful chronicle of the events of Freedom Summer. The novel is narrated in alternating sections by Tom Morton, a white college student who joined the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee for the summer, and Bob Moses, the charismatic leader of the Mississippi Summer Project. With clarity and honesty, Heath’s novel recalls the bittersweet spirit of the 1960s and conveys the hopeful idealism of the young students as they begin to understand both the harsh reality faced by those they try to help and the enormity of the oppression they must overcome.

The Civil Rights Movement A Reference Guide 2nd Edition

Author : Peter B. Levy
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Drawing on the most recent scholarship, The Civil Rights Movement provides a concise overview of the most important social movement of the twentieth century and will expand readers' understanding of the fight for racial equality. • Offers up to date information based on the latest scholarship in the field • Combines analytical essays with historical documents and concise biographies • Examines traditional as well as new themes, from the rise of Martin Luther King, Jr. to the battle against Jim Crow in the North • Ties the historic struggles of the 1950s and 1960s to the movements today against mass incarceration and police abuse

Inviting Understanding

Author : Sonja K. Foss
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Inviting Understanding provides a comprehensive, coherent portrait of invitational rhetoric in a way that allows readers to understand the theory, to explore possible extensions, to see the practices of invitational rhetoric at work, and to access a comprehensive bibliography of works on the subject. --Stacey Sowards, University of Texas at Austin

The Sixties

Author : Todd Gitlin
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Say “the Sixties” and the images start coming, images of a time when all authority was defied and millions of young Americans thought they could change the world—either through music, drugs, and universal love or by “putting their bodies on the line” against injustice and war. Todd Gitlin, the highly regarded writer, media critic, and professor of sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, has written an authoritative and compelling account of this supercharged decade—a decade he helped shape as an early president of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and an organizer of the first national demonstration against the Vietnam war. Part critical history, part personal memoir, part celebration, and part meditation, this critically acclaimed work resurrects a generation on all its glory and tragedy.