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Robert Spaemann s Philosophy of the Human Person

Author : Holger Zaborowski
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An analysis of the most important features of Robert Spaemann's philosophy. Holger Zaborowski demonstrates the importance of Spaemann's contribution to a number of contemporary debates in philosophy and theology and explains the unity of his thought.

A Robert Spaemann Reader

Author : Jeanne Heffernan Schindler
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The German philosopher Robert Spaemann is one of the most important living thinkers in Europe today. This volume presents a selection of essays that span his career, from his first published academic essay on the origin of sociology (1953) to his more recent work in anthropology and the philosophy of religion. Spaemann is best known for his work on topical questions in ethics, politics, and education, but the light he casts on these questions derives from his more fundamental studies in metaphysics, the philosophy of nature, anthropology, and the philosophy of religion. At the core of the essays contained in this book is the concept of nature and the notion of the human person. Both are best understood, according to Spaemann, in light of the metaphysics and anthropology found in the classical and Christian tradition, which provides an account of the intelligibility and integrity of things and beings in the world that safeguards their value against the modern threat of reductionism and fragmentation. A Robert Spaemann Reader shows that Spaemann's profound intellectual formation in this tradition yields penetrating insights into a wide range of subjects, including God, education, art, human action, freedom, evolution, politics, and human dignity.

The Authority of the Gospel

Author : Robert Song
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Oliver O Donovan is widely regarded as one of the preeminent Protestant Christian ethicists of our time. His teaching and scholarship have exerted a profound influence on countless moral theologians. This volume honoring O Donovan shows how the various contributors -- themselves distinguished scholars -- have developed their own thinking through serious engagement with O Donovan s work. Significantly, they build upon, expand, and critique the agenda for Christian ethics that O Donovan has been instrumental in constructing. As Robert Song and Brent Waters say in their introduction, To genuinely honor O Donovan, one cannot remain content with reciting but must risk one s own exposition. Contributors: Nigel Biggar Brian Brock Jonathan Chaplin Eric Gregory Shinji Kayama Jean-Yves Lacoste Joan O Donovan Oliver O Donovan Robert Song Hans Ulrich Bernd Wannenwetsch Brent Waters John Webster Rowan Williams John Witte Jr. Holger Zaborowski

Phenomenology of the Human Person

Author : Robert Sokolowski
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In this book, Robert Sokolowski argues that being a person means to be involved with truth. He shows that human reason is established by syntactic composition in language, pictures, and actions and that we understand things when they are presented to us through syntax. Sokolowski highlights the role of the spoken word in human reason and examines the bodily and neurological basis for human experience. Drawing on Husserl and Aristotle, as well as Aquinas and Henry James, Sokolowski here employs phenomenology in a highly original way in order to clarify what we are as human agents.

Happiness and Benevolence

Author : Robert Spaemann
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Christian philosopher Robert Spaemann takes the reader on a quest for the fundamental principles of ethics. Writing in a clear style accessible to non-specialists, drawing both on ancient and modern philosophy, from Aristotle, Plato and Aquinas to Kant and Hegel, he discovers the intimate relationship between ethics and ontology - the science of being. This book is written for theologians as well as philosophers - indeed for anyone who is concerned with the meaning of a 'life well lived', with good and evil and the search for happiness.

Every Good Path

Author : Andrew Errington
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Andrew Errington brings the book of Proverbs into discussion with two significant accounts of the nature and foundation of practical reason in Christian ethics: those of Thomas Aquinas and Oliver O'Donovan. Aiming to move towards a framework for understanding Christian moral reasoning, this book develops a significant critique of aspects of Aquinas's thought and provides a major engagement with O'Donovan's moral theology. Errington argues that the way the Book of Proverbs conceives of wisdom presents an important challenge to the Western theological and philosophical tradition. Instead of a perfection of theoretical knowledge, wisdom in Proverbs is a practical knowledge of how to act well, grounded in the reality of the world God has made. Discussing the complexities of practical reason, moral reasoning in Aquinas, world order and deliberation in the work of O'Donovan, and the place of created order in Christian Ethics, this volume is invaluable for scholars and general readers in reconfiguring moral theology.

Embracing Our Finitude

Author : Stephan Kampowski
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Memento mori—remember death—this is how the medieval monks exhort us. Our life, given in birth and taken by death, is radically marked by finitude, which can be a source of great fear and anguish. Our finitude, however, does not in itself need to be something negative. It confronts us with the question of our life’s meaning and spurs us on to treasure our days. Our contingency, as evidenced in our birth and death, reminds us that we have not made ourselves and that there is nothing necessary about the marvelous fact that we exist. Particularly from a Judeo-Christian perspective, embracing our finitude will mean gratefully accepting life as a completely gratuitous gift and living one’s days informed by a sense of this gratitude.

Love and the Postmodern Predicament

Author : D. C. Schindler
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The computer has increasingly become the principal model for the mind, which means our most basic experience of "reality" is as mediated through a screen, or stored in a cloud. As a result, we are losing a sense of the concrete and imposing presence of the real, and the fundamental claim it makes on us, a claim that Iris Murdoch once described as the essence of love. In response to this postmodern predicament, the present book aims to draw on the classical philosophical tradition in order to articulate a robust philosophical anthropology, and a new appreciation of the importance of the "transcendental properties" of being: beauty, goodness, and truth. The book begins with a reflection on the importance of metaphysics in our contemporary setting, and then presents the human person's relation to the world under the signs of the transcendentals: beauty is the gracious invitation into reality, goodness is the self-gift of freedom in response to this invitation, and truth is the consummation of our relation to the real in knowledge. The book culminates in an argument for why love is ultimately a matter of being, and why metaphysical reason in indispensable in faith.

Radical Revelation

Author : Balázs M. Mezei
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This volume offers a practical and innovative interpretation of divine revelation, from a philosophical-theological perspective. Balázs M. Mezei outlines the most important presuppositions of our notion of divine revelation in a historic and semantic setting, as well as elaborating upon the methodology of model analysis. He then introduces and analyses the notion of self-revelation as the most important modern understanding of divine revelation; and presents the notion of “apocalyptic personhood” as a corollary of radical personhood, which is further developed into apocalyptic phenomenology. Mezei further examines the remarkable development of some of the most important notions in the history of Christianity, along with the homogenous infrastructure of these notions in the very essence of the religion: the doctrine of Trinity. Covering aspects of revelation from semantics to historical and cognitive origins, and engaging with a wide variety of texts – including Augustine, Thomas Aquinas and Joseph Ratzinger – Mezei makes a strong and clear statement when explaining what the radical revelation is, how it can be understood and its overall importance.

After Science and Religion

Author : Peter Harrison
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A ground-breaking volume of innovative conversations between science and religion which move beyond hackneyed positions of either conflict or dialogue.