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Robust Manufacturing Control

Author : Katja Windt
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This contributed volume collects research papers, presented at the CIRP Sponsored Conference Robust Manufacturing Control: Innovative and Interdisciplinary Approaches for Global Networks (RoMaC 2012, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany, June 18th-20th 2012). These research papers present the latest developments and new ideas focusing on robust manufacturing control for global networks. Today, Global Production Networks (i.e. the nexus of interconnected material and information flows through which products and services are manufactured, assembled and distributed) are confronted with and expected to adapt to: sudden and unpredictable large-scale changes of important parameters which are occurring more and more frequently, event propagation in networks with high degree of interconnectivity which leads to unforeseen fluctuations, and non-equilibrium states which increasingly characterize daily business. These multi-scale changes deeply influence logistic target achievement and call for robust planning and control strategies. Therefore, understanding the cause and effects of multi-scale changes in production networks is of major interest. New methodological approaches from different science disciplines are promising to contribute to a new level comprehension of network processes. Unconventional methods from biology, perturbation ecology or auditory display are gaining increasing importance as they are confronted with similar challenges. Advancements from the classical disciplines such as mathematics, physics and engineering are also becoming of continuing importance.

Robust Manufacturing Control

Author :
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Manufacturing Modelling Management and Control 2004

Author : George Chryssolouris
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Design of Simple and Robust Process Plants

Author : J. L. A. Koolen
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The approaches to design process plants described in this book lead to process designs which require 30-40% less capital than usual. The book is unique since it is the first comprehensive work addressing both the total process design and operational approach. Technological developments during the last decade made the design of really competitive processes possible. Mechanical developments have resulted in reliable and robust equipment. Process developments have created opportunities to minimize the amount of equipment; furthermore, different logistic approaches, integration of process functionality and intensification of the unit operations are possible. Computer and control technology allows remote-control operation and first pass prime production. In this work design philosophies are discussed and their implementation is shown as a structured approach for planned and existing plants. Numerous examples are presented to illustrate what simple design can create. The work is intended for experienced engineers and managers involved in process design, control design and operation, but is also interesting for students. Project engineers and managers have to apply these new approaches to achieve competitive processes. "A process plant should meet the simplicity and robustness of a household refrigerator." This book has been written to allow to achieve this aim. "Chairman of the Judges Award" from IChemE 2003

Advances in Production Technology

Author : Christian Brecher
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This edited volume contains the selected papers presented at the scientific board meeting of the German Cluster of Excellence on “Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries”, held in November 2014. The topical structure of the book is clustered in six sessions: Integrative Production Technology, Individualised Production, Virtual Production Systems, Integrated Technologies, Self-Optimising Production Systems and Human Factors in Production Technology. The Aachen perspective on a holistic theory of production is complemented by conference papers from external leading researchers in the fields of production, materials science and bordering disciplines. The target audience primarily comprises research experts and practitioners in the field but the book may also be beneficial for graduate students.

Advances in Social and Organizational Factors

Author : Peter Vink
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An exploration of how ergonomics can contribute to the solution of important societal and engineering challenges, Advances in Social and Organizational Factors discusses the optimization of sociotechnical systems, including their organizational structures, policies, and processes. It includes coverage of communication, crew resource management, work design, design of working times, teamwork, participatory design, community ergonomics, cooperative work, new work paradigms, organizational culture, virtual organizations, telework, and quality management. The book provides research on urban infrastructures and how to shape urban spaces, including stadiums and museums. It covers warning systems in cars, voice-based interfaces, and the positive effects on manufacturing processes available from health informatics and management systems. Several chapters examine the role human factors can play in counter-terrorism efforts and in interpreting deceptive behaviors. They provide suggestions on how to improve enterprise resource planning systems and stress the importance of lifelong learning, personalized learning, and work-life balance. The book also highlights issues with special populations, detailing how to design and adapt products and work situations for these groups. In addition to exploring the challenges faced in optimizing sociotechnical systems, the book underlines themes that play a role in all the challenges and how they are linked to each other. It concludes with an exploration of emotional ergonomics and the important positive effects of making people happy and healthy. With authors from around the globe, the book supplies a broad look at current challenges and possible solutions.

Advances in Production Management Systems Innovative and Knowledge Based Production Management in a Global Local World

Author : Bernard Grabot
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The three volumes IFIP AICT 438, 439, and 440 constitute the refereed proceedings of the International IFIP WG 5.7 Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems, APMS 2014, held in Ajaccio, France, in September 2014. The 233 revised full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 271 submissions. They are organized in 6 parts: knowledge discovery and sharing; knowledge-based planning and scheduling; knowledge-based sustainability; knowledge-based services; knowledge-based performance improvement, and case studies.

Unit Manufacturing Processes

Author : National Research Council
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Manufacturing, reduced to its simplest form, involves the sequencing of product forms through a number of different processes. Each individual step, known as an unit manufacturing process, can be viewed as the fundamental building block of a nation's manufacturing capability. A committee of the National Research Council has prepared a report to help define national priorities for research in unit processes. It contains an organizing framework for unit process families, criteria for determining the criticality of a process or manufacturing technology, examples of research opportunities, and a prioritized list of enabling technologies that can lead to the manufacture of products of superior quality at competitive costs. The study was performed under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation and the Defense Department's Manufacturing Technology Program.

Model Based Tools for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes

Author : Krist V. Gernaey
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The Special Issue on “Model-Based Tools for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes” will curate novel advances in the development and application of model-based tools to address ever-present challenges of the traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing practice as well as new trends. This book provides a collection of nine papers on original advances in the model-based process unit, system-level, quality-by-design under uncertainty, and decision-making applications of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Production and Manufacturing System Management Coordination Approaches and Multi Site Planning

Author : Renna, Paolo
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"This book presents relevant theoretical frameworks and most recent research findings in this area, providing significant theories for research students and scholars to carry out their continuous research as well as practitioners who aim to improve upon their understanding of distributed production planning"--