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Routledge Library Editions

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Routledge Library Editions

Author : VARIOUS.
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This 13 volume set contains titles, originally published between 1949 and 1991. Focusing on eighteenth-century England it includes titles which examine novels, drama and poetry from the time. There are titles that discuss the literature in a historical, sociological and political context as well as from a feminist perspective. Other texts look at the language and structure used in literature and how it has evolved over time. This collection will be of interest to students of literature and literary theory.

Routledge Library Editions 18th Century Philosophy

Author : Various
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This collection reissues 17 titles that provide an excellent overview of 18th century philosophy – as well as the debates that surround the topic. Featuring works on Berkeley, Hume, Kant and Rousseau, among others, the collection examines a host of philosophical arguments by the leading thinkers of the time. It is an essential reference collection.

From Fiction to the Novel

Author : Geoffrey Day
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Originally published in 1987, this title is a comprehensive study focused on experimental forms in eighteenth-century fiction. Looking at works from well-known authors of the time this learned and lively book, gently but precisely undermines a basic category of modern literary understanding.

Literature and Crime in Augustan England

Author : Ian A. Bell
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Before Jane Austen

Author : Harrison R Steeves
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First published in 1965, in the words of the author: 'This volume is to deal with the years in which the novel was still an experiment. At the beginning of the 18th century there was no novel. By the end, novels of every description were being published, not in dozens, but in hundreds.'

The Augustan World

Author : A R Humphreys
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The outlook of writers in the eighteenth century was profoundly influenced by the social and intellectual interests of Augustan life. Originally published in 1954, this book aims to describe that influence, and to set the literature of the period in its social environment with a critical attention. The treatment is compact but readable, and effective use is made of quotations from contemporary literature.

Routledge Library Editions British Sociological Association

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The volumes in this set, originally published between 1969 and 2001, is comprised of original books published in conjunction with the British Sociological Association. The set draws together original research by leading academics based on study groups and conference papers, in the areas of youth, race, the sociology of work, gender, social research, urban studies, class, deviance and social control, law, development, and health. Each volume provides a rigorous examination of related key issues. This set will be of particular interest to students and academics in the field of sociology, health and social care, gender studies and criminology respectively.

Routledge Library Editions Historiography

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The greatest problem in historical scholarship, theoretically and practically, is the relation between historians and their subject matter. The past is gone and historians can only study its remnants. On what basis do scholars select certain facts from the mass of data left from the past? How do they explain the interrelationship of the facts they select? What criteria do they use to evaluate their subject? The 35 volumes in this set, originally published between 1926 and 1990 discuss and answer these essential questions faced by historians. The development of historical understanding during the 18th and 19th centuries was one of the most striking features of Western culture. Both historiography and historical thinking advanced as never before. The historial movment of the 19th century was perhaps second only to the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century in transforming Western thought. One consequence was extensive organisation and professionalization of research, which the volumes in this set reflect.

Routledge Library Editions Women Feminism and Literature

Author : Isobel Armstrong
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Reissuing seminal works originally published between 1979 and 1994, Routledge Library Editions: Women, Feminism and Literature offers a selection of scholarship from a time of great change in feminist studies and literary studies. Topics cover all aspects of women's literature, gender and feminism through literary criticism and the work of women literary theorists.