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Patterson s Rules Your Money in 2009 and Beyond

Author : Tim Patterson
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This is a humorous book that touches on the financial debacle of 2009. The author speaks to what happened, why it happened and how to keep it from happening to you again. The subject matter is drawn from many sources and is delivered in a lighthearted manner. Through the application of his eight simple rules, the author delivers his message in a common sense, easy to understand style that readers of all levels can grasp.

Solve Your Money Troubles

Author : Amy Loftsgordon
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"Learn how to manage the financial impact of COVID-19, stop collection calls and wage garnishments, avoid foreclosure"--Cover.

Making the Most of Your Money in Tough Times

Author : Kerby Anderson
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Your Money My Advice

Author : Subhash Lakhotia
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Money begets money if we invest it properly. There are many investment vehicles and saving mantras that you can use to drive your money to make more money. Wise investment and saving not only gives you financial freedom but also helps in achieving your goal. Both your personal and social life will be better and happier if you become rich. Tax Guru Mr Subhash Lakhotia here presents a lot of practical money making ideas to make your investment strategy more fruitful and more beneficial. Subhash Lakhotia is the Director of 'R.N. Lakhotia and Associates'. He is in the field of income tax for 40 years. He is famous for giving valuable suggestions in tax planning, tax documentation and investment planning. The Director of 'Lakhotia College of Taxation and Management', Subhash Lakhotia gives his suggestions through many daily national newspapers. With his famous coarse 'Zero to Hero in Income Tax', he gives suggestions to people regarding taxation and tax planning and gives benefit to the people through seminars and lecture meetings. His popular TV show named 'Tax Guru' can be viewed on CNBC Awaaz.

The New Master Your Money Workbook

Author : Ron Blue
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Do you know if you have enough? Do you know how much is enough? If you can't answer these questions, The New Master Your Money Workbook is for you. Ron Blue extracts principles from God's Word and applies them to your financial portfolio. Ron's professional experience in financial planning will be an asset to you and to your family for generations to come. This new edition includes important updates and new content you won't want to miss. Written in a 10-week program in workbook format.

Making Your Money Count

Author : Kenneth Ulmer
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In the area of finances, our decision to go it alone by not following God’s ways is what relegates many of us to struggle to live paycheck-to-paycheck as have-nots. Throughout Scripture, God gives us full guidance and instructions, processes and commands on how to live our life and deal with just about every conceivable situation that we might encounter. However, He never forces us to follow His ways—even though experience shows His ways are always best for our ultimate peace, happiness, productivity and success. In this groundbreaking look at the parables of the talents and the man of noble birth, pastor, teacher and author Dr. Kenneth Ulmer reveals Christ’s call to us to “do business” for Him. With Dr. Ulmer’s help, learn: • the difference between bringing a tithe and being a tither • the kingdom principle that money is to earn money • how to reverse the errors of taking the process out of prosperity, buying into the poverty lie and letting the world be smarter than us regarding finances • how to become a producer and not just a consumer • and much more. Whether we have a lot of money or a little, our use of the money entrusted to us will determine whether or not we (and our families) reach our kingdom potential—and our kingdom blessings. Follow Dr. Ulmer’s biblical prescription to see the many blessings that await those who will faithfully take care of business and make their money count.

Managing Your Money All in One For Dummies

Author : The Experts at Dummies
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A hands-on, power-packed guide to managing all things money Time and money. Those are the two most important assets you have, and smart people manage both of them wisely. Managing Your Money All-in-One For Dummies is your one-stop resource to turn to when you’re ready to manage your money. It offers everything you need to confidently handle your finances. When you’re ready to create a budget, pay down debt, and scale back your expenses, you’ll find the support you need here. If you’re eyeing the future, you’ll find advice on improving your credit score, saving for college and retirement, and planning an estate. As if all of that isn’t enough, this comprehensive book covers other financial topics such as buying insurance, investing in your 401(k), and so much more. The authors of Managing Your Money All-in-One For Dummies explain how to handle your money in a way that encourages you to think and act positively, no matter what your financial situation looks like. And as you move toward financial freedom, you can come back to this book to get advice on topics that go beyond day-to-day money management, such as taking out a mortgage, investing online, and more. Get your financial life in order, whatever your stage of life Make a budget, manage your credit, and pay down your debt Demystify financial reports, online investing, and retirement plans Save for college and learn how to balance your saving and spending habits in any economy Navigate the new norm of online banking Spend some time learning how to manage your money today. It’ll be a wise investment of both of your most valuable assets.

How to Make Big Money in Your Own Small Business

Author : Jeffrey J. Fox
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Ever dream of starting your own business? According to USA Today, more than 47 million people want to own their own businesses and over 20 million actually do. In How to Make Big Money in Your Own Small Business, bestselling business author Jeffrey Fox offers sound rules to succeeding in small business, whether you're running a bookstore, consulting business, or restaurant. In short chapters that range from administration and cash flow to marketing and hiring, Fox reminds entrepreneurs what's important and what's not, what makes a business succeed, and what causes it to fail.

It s Your Money Isn t It

Author : G. Edward Reid
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What you are about to discover in this book will be new to many readers very new! To some the principles will seem radical. They will even appear foolish to a non Christian. I have written this book for those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and are seeking to make Him Lord of their lives as well. The materialistically oriented cannot fathom that it really is more blessed to give than to receive, and that life does not consist in the abundance of our possessions. This book will illustrate the importance of these principles.

Renewing Your Money Mind

Author : Barbara Galloway
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"For wealth certainly makes itself wings, like an eagle that flies toward the heavens." - Proverbs 23:5 Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired about your finances? Do you wonder why you just can't seem to get and stay ahead? Why is money so fleeting? Even when you make more money, or tighten up on your spending, does it still seem that it's not enough? Discover biblical principles in seven areas that will improve and change your perspective on money! Imagine.... - Having more than enough - Being debt free - Investing and growing your money - Understanding tithing - Becoming more charitable Renewing Your Money Mind will help you get spiritually, mentally and financially fit!