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Rune Warriors

Author : Keith Jones
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The people of Lokas village, in the land of Gravick, have been at war with their neighbors for generations. Just when peace seems to be finally settling over them they are once again under attack, from an enemy long considered myth. Shatala, the power hungry empress of Zutar, will stop at nothing to bring Gravick and other rebellious lands back under her empire’s rule. After striking a deal with the Circle of Five, a powerful group of mages, she can finally see her plans coming to fruition. For Lars, son of the greatest Lokan warrior, his world is about to change in ways he can not yet understand. This new threat is just one of many that are coming to his people, and is more powerful than he can possibly imagine. Towns and cities are destroyed, their people slaughtered and scattered, blood running freely in the streets. For Lars and his people, considered primitive by many, time is short. An ancient weapon, its purpose and use long forgotten, is all the people of Lokas have at their disposal to counter this new threat. To wield it they will need the help of others, many of whom they once called enemies.


Author : James Jennewein
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It's the eve of the Festival of Greatness and Dane has a big problem. He's yet to choose his nickname. Dane the Dangerous? Dane the Despicable? He can't decide. But when Dane sees his proud father shamed by the evil tyrant Thidrek the Terrifying, Dane's indignation earns him a moniker that sticks—Dane the Defiant! And when Thidrek kidnaps Dane's beloved Astrid in hopes of trading her for the ultimate power of the gods, Dane defiantly goes after him like a bat out of Valhalla. Braving treacherous seas, deadly creatures, and a lovestarved Frost Giant, Dane and his rowdy band of Norseboys embark on an epic quest to end Thidrek's reign of terror and take their place among the greatest Viking heroes of all time.


Author : Tim Korklewski
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The end of the Aesir has come, but not as the prophecies foretold. The dread dragon Niddhoggr has devoured the roots of the World Ash, Yggdrasil, and the great tree has toppled onto its side, crashing the realms of mortal and supernatural together. With the gods dead and the fires of ruin consuming the world, your war clan of Viking warriors know what they must do to survive the destruction of the Nine Realms and restore order: they must become the new gods! Ragnarok is a campaign-driven skirmish game in which players form a Viking war clan seeking to prove itself worthy of becoming the new pantheon. The use of a mechanic called Godspark means that battles are no longer determined by merely striking an opponent and dealing damage. Instead, warriors will be pushing, throwing, and crashing their opponents around the battlefield, making their very environment a weapon. As the war clans develop, they may gain glorious new powers that will bring them closer to godhood, or win the respect of the denizens of the realms, allowing them to bring dire wolves, dwarves, and even the dreaded giants into their war clans. With strategic gameplay and epic storytelling, players must write their own sagas and tell of how their war clans have, through blood and steel, clawed their way up from ruin to stand before the halls of Valhalla.

Runes Theory and Practice

Author : Galina Krasskova
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Runes: Theory and Practice provides a thorough examination of the Norse runes. It will enable a beginner to delve effectively into their usage, but will also challenge the experienced rune-worker to better and deepen his or her understanding of these mysteries. Runes: Theory and Practice begins with an explication of the story of Odin, the Norse god who won the runes by sacrificing himself on the World Tree. It continues by examining each of the individual runes in turn, both the Elder Futhark and the lesser-known Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. Each rune is studied not only from a historical viewpoint, but also from the perspective of a modern practitioner. You will be introduced to the practice of galdr, the proper way to sacrifice to the runes, their magical usage, and the art of reading for divination. Most importantly, Runes: Theory and Practice specifically addresses the runes as living spirits and provides guidance on developing a working relationship with these otherworldly allies.

Nordic Runes

Author : Paul Rhys Mountfort
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Reveals the ancient oracle based on the runic Elder Futhark alphabet of the Norse.

Bound To The Enemy

Author : Maggie Walsh
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This is book 3 of the Eternal Flames Maddox series, you should read Eternal Flames 1-7 and book 1-2 of Eternal Flames Maddox before this book. Dain, Regent to the pixies, and sworn protector of his people. Rune, scientist to the FAE and indirectly responsible for the deaths of a great many souls. Kerrick, leader of the elves and nemesis of the pixie, dragons, phoenix, and shifters...

Viking Warriors

Author : Ben Hubbard
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In Viking Warriors, the Norse invaders, as infamous for their brutality as their exploration, come to life. Students will read about raids, battles, and key fighters and leaders. Illustrations, engravings, and relics depict the Norse culture, marine and combat technology, and fighting styles that gave them the advantage in battle. Maps and diagrams demonstrate their ambitious expansion and conquest of cities and people throughout the Northern hemisphere. With their far-reaching longships and fierce tactics, the influence and violence of the Vikings spread from America to the Middle East, leaving behind traces of an iconic culture and combative strategy.

The Snow Queen

Author : Mercedes Lackey
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Aleksia, Queen of the Northern Lights, is mysterious, beautiful and widely known to have a heart of ice. No one would seek her wisdom except as a last resort. But when she's falsely accused of unleashing evil on nearby villages, she realizes there's an impostor out there far more heartless than she could ever be. And when a young warrior following the Tradition disappears, leaving his sweetheart and mother to fear the worst, Aleksia's powers are needed as never before. Now, on a journey through a realm of perpetual winter, it will take all her skills, a mother's faith and a little magic to face down an enemy more formidable than any she has ever known.…

Player s Handbook

Author : Robert Neri
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A new 114-page supplement from Ranger Games Publishing, the Player's Handbook for Dice & Glory reprints chapters 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 from the Core Rulebook and includes new material to help new and experienced players to create fully realized characters with a full chapter on The Basics (group role & relationships, expanded disposition table, rounding out the details), Step-By-Step Character Creation (a walkthrough of 14 steps), and Character Starter Packages. This book has 9 chapters and a complete index of Specialist Character Classes for all current Dice & Glory publications.

Octopath Traveler The Complete Guide

Author : Square Enix
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Master Square Enix's critically acclaimed RPG Octopath Traveler with this comprehensive guide! Explore every corner of Orsterra with the help of this complete guide which includes insight and explanation of the main narrative as well as boss strategies for each of the games' eight protagonists! Dive deeper with detailed environment maps, subquest information, and beautiful illustrations that fully realize Octopath Traveler's HD-2D graphics with exclusive explanations and commentary from the development team. Dark Horse Books and Square Enix present a faithful localization of the original Japanese volume, offered in English for the first time! Whether you're a first-time player or looking to take your game to one hundred percent completion, this guide book is not to be missed!