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Russian Folk Lyrics

Author : Roberta Reeder
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Considers the Russian folk lyric in the social and historical context in which it was produced. This work presents the customs of Russian peasant life expressed through the ritual of song. In addition to the editor's notes to the text and songs, it supplies a bibliography of Propp's sources as well as a selected bibliography.

Down Along the Mother Volga

Author : Roberta Reeder
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The introductory essay by Propp is a translation of O russkoi narodnoi liricheskoi pesne which was originally published in Narodnye liricheskie pesni, 1961.

Russian Folk Songs

Author : Vadim Prokhorov
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Provides a basis for understanding the ethnomusicological principles of Russian folk song. In addition to his discussion of the various categories, Prokhorov includes a generous selection of songs arranged for voice and piano, together with texts and translations of the song texts. Anyone interested in this rich repertory of folk song, whether as teacher, singer, or music lover, will find this a rewarding collection.

The Study of Russian Folklore

Author : Felix J. Oinas
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Handbook of Russian Literature

Author : Victor Terras
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Profiles the careers of Russian authors, scholars, and critics and discusses the history of the Russian treatment of literary genres such as drama, fiction, and essays

The Routledge Companion to Russian Literature

Author : Neil Cornwell
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The Routledge Companion to Russian Literature is an engaging and accessible guide to Russian writing of the past thousand years. The volume covers the entire span of Russian literature, from the Middle Ages to the post-Soviet period, and explores all the forms that have made it so famous: poetry, drama and, of course, the Russian novel. A particular emphasis is given to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, when Russian literature achieved world-wide recognition through the works of writers such as Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Nabokov and Solzhenitsyn. Covering a range of subjects including women's writing, Russian literary theory, socialist realism and émigré writing, leading international scholars open up the wonderful diversity of Russian literature. With recommended lists of further reading and an excellent up-to-date general bibliography, The Routledge Companion to Russian Literature is the perfect guide for students and general readers alike.

Stravinsky and the Russian Traditions

Author : Richard Taruskin
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During his career, Stravinsky underplayed his Russian past in favour of a European cosmopolitanism. This study defines Stravinsky's relationship to the musical and artistic traditions of his native land and provides a dramatic new picture of one of the major figures in the history of music.

Russian Lyrics

Author : Martha Dickinson Bianchi
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Tales from the Heart of the Balkans

Author : Vasa D. Mihailovich
File Size : 89.79 MB
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Explore the rich Balkan folk tradition through 33 stories that represent all major population groups of the former Yugoslavia. Translated and retold from their original languages, these tales demonstrate the unique dynamic of both diversity and unity within the region. Historical information, color photos of the people and the land, and maps are included.

500 Best Loved Song Lyrics

Author : Ronald Herder
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Complete lyrics for well-known folk songs, hymns, popular and show tunes, more. Oh Susanna, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, hundreds more. Indispensable for singalongs, parties, family get-togethers, etc.

The Pete Seeger Reader

Author : Ronald D. Cohen
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Perhaps the most widely recognized figure in folk music and one of the most well-known figures in American political activism, Pete Seeger now belongs among the icons of 20th-century American culture. The road to his current status as activist and respected voice of folk music was long and often rough, starting from the moment he dropped out of Harvard in the late 1930s and picked up a banjo. Editors Ronald Cohen and James Capaldi trace Seeger's long and storied career, focusing on his work as not only a singer, but also on his substantial contributions as an educator, songwriter, organizer, publisher, and journalist. The son of musicians, Seeger began his musical career before World War II and became well-known in the 1950s as a member of the commercially popular Weavers, only to be blacklisted by much of the mainstream media in the 1960s because of his progressive politics, and to return to the music scene in subsequent decades as a tireless educator and activist. The Pete Seeger Reader gathers writings from numerous sources, mixing Seeger's own work with that of the many people who have, over the years, written about him. Many of the pieces have never before been republished, and cover his entire career. A figure of amazing productivity, influence, and longevity, Seeger is author of a life that has been both cast in heroic terms and vilified. The selections in this book draw from a full range of these perspectives and will inform as they entertain, bringing into focus the life and contributions of one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century.

Russian Lyrical Poetry an Anthology of the Best Nineteenth century Lyrics Selected Accented and Arranged with Notes

Author : A. E. Tebutt
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Author : Martin Sixsmith
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Russia is a country of contradictions: a nation of cultural refinement and artistic originality and yet also a country that rules by 'the iron fist'. In this riveting history, Martin Sixsmith shows how Russia's complex identity has been formed over a thousand years, and how it can help us understand its often baffling behaviour at home and abroad. Combining in-depth research and interviews with his personal experiences as a former BBC Moscow correspondent, Sixsmith skilfully traces the conundrums of modern Russia to their roots in its troubled past, and explains the nation's seemingly split personality as the result of influences that have divided it for centuries. A Sunday Times bestseller, Russia is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the complex political landscape of this country, and its unique place in the modern world.

A Russian song book

Author : Rose N. Rubin
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Twenty-five traditional folk songs, plus 19 songs written in the folk style by 20th-century composers such as Shostakovich, Knipper, and Zakharov. Each of the songs appears with a vocal line, full piano accompaniment, and guitar chords. The lyrics are shown in the original Cyrillic, in transliteration, and in an English translation.

Russian Lyrics in English Verse

Author : Charles T. Wilson
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A History of Russian Literature from Its Beginnings to 1900

Author : Dmitrij Petrovič Mirskij
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"Russian literature has always been inseparably linked to Russian history. D. S. Mirsky, in dealing with this fact, constantly keeps in mind the ever-colorful and ever-changing aspects of the one in discussing the other. Mirsky's book is essential reading for anyone interested in Russian literature. A History of Russian Literature: From its Beginnings to 1900 contains all of the author's History of Russian Literature and the first two chapters of his Contemporary Russian Literature."--BOOK JACKET.

The Folksong Fake Book

Author : Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
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(Fake Book). The ultimate collection of over 1,000 folksongs perfect for performers, school teachers, and hobbyists. This book includes a huge variety of songs spanning hundreds of years and originating from America, England, Canada, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, and other countries. It includes all styles of folk music, including spirituals, cowboy songs, sea chanteys, work songs, children's songs, love ballads, protest songs, and more. Titles include: All the Pretty Little Horses * All Through the Night * The Ash Grove * Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair * The Blue Tail Fly * Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie * Clementine * The Cruel War Is Raging * Danny Boy * Deep River * Down by the Salley Gardens * The Erie Canal * Git Along, Little Dogies * Go, Tell It on the Mountain * Home on the Range * The House of the Rising Sun * How Can I Keep from Singing? * Hush, Little Baby * Jacob's Ladder * John Henry * Kumbaya * Lonesome Valley * Michael Row the Boat Ashore * The Old Chisolm Trail * Shall We Gather at the River * Shenandoah * Simple Gifts * The Streets of Laredo * Swing Low, Sweet Chariot * When Johnny Comes Marching Home * Yankee Doodle * and many, many more! Features the original version of each tune, and all known verses.

Earth Nature Songs

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Perfect for Earth Day celebrations, this is the book for any nature lover! Many of the songs can be used for camp-outs, hiking or just pure fun. Includes I Love the Mountains, Land and Sea, Morning Song, America the Beautiful, Down the River, Earth Day Is Every Day (a children's musical) and many more. Written for voice and piano with guitar chords.

Russia 1855 1991

Author : Peter Oxley
File Size : 29.99 MB
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From Alexander II, through Glasnost, to the present day, Russian history has been characterised by a drive to modernise - a recurring theme in this book.

Russian Lyrics

Author : James Duff Duff
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