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Russian people

Author : Princess Cantacuzene
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The Russian People

Author : Maurice Baring
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The Russian People Speak

Author : Nikolai Popov
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This is one of the first books to offer the Russian public's view on the most significant political and social transformations the country has witnessed since the Bolshevik revolution. As the current government wields less power in censoring the mass media, images of popular Russian culture become a symbol of their growing democratic voice. The author has given us a rare glimpse into the Russian political psyche by bringing the reader through recent changes in public moods, attitudes, opinions, and behavior. Drawing on the country's rich history - the Bolshevik revolution, the Communist period, the Cold War, Gorbachev's regime, and now perestroika - Popov reveals the new social and political organization that is slowly shaping the country's future. Popov, director of political polling at the Russian Center for Public Opinion Research in Moscow, bases his results on fullscale surveys conducted by one of the few institutions in the former Soviet Union capable of such research. The undeveloped and superficial nature of mass views has resulted in an extremely volatile mass consciousness. Popov found that public opinion can swing from complete support of a policy one day to rejection of the same policy the next. The most important component measured throughout this work is a painful, erratic process of the birth of individual opinion, reckoning, and personal judgment. In his long-range forecasts, Popov speculates that the next five years will be dominated by increasing individualism and entrepreneurship. Totalitarian power destroyed Russian society. Now, in the midst of a painful ascent to capitalist economy and political pluralism, the Russian people are slowly reclaiming their culture. Atthe heart of The Russian People Speak are the underlying dynamics of the roles of old doctrines clashing with the new nonofficial populist movement.

The Russian People and Foreign Policy

Author : William Zimmerman
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Since the fall of communism, public opinion in Russia, including that of a now more diverse elite, has become a substantial factor in that country's policymaking process. What this opinion might be and how it responds to American actions is the subject of this study. William Zimmerman offers important and sometimes disturbing insight into the thinking of citizens in America's former Cold War adversary about such matters as NATO expansion. Drawing on nearly a decade of unprecedented surveys he conducted with a wide spectrum of the Russian public, he gauges the impact of Russia's opening on its foreign policy and how liberal democrats orient themselves to foreign policy. He also shows that insights from the study of American foreign policy are often "portable" to the study of Russian foreign policy attitudes. As Zimmerman shows, the general public, which had a modest but real role in foreign policy decision making, tended much more toward isolationism than did the predominant elites who steered Russia's foreign policy in the 1990s. Interspersing smooth prose with a wide array of richly informative tables, the book represents an invaluable opportunity to discern probable shifts in Russian foreign policy that domestic political changes would bring. And it powerfully suggests that the West, by forging its own policies toward Russia with more prudence, can have a say in the outcome of the great choice facing Russia--whether to forge ahead with democracy or slip back into authoritarianism.

The Songs of the Russian People

Author : W. R. S. Ralston
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An interpretation of the Russian people

Author : Leo Wiener
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The Russian People and Their Socialism A Letter to M Jules Michelet

Author : Aleksandr Ivanovich GERTSEN
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Songs of the Russian People

Author : W. R. S. Ralston
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Struggling Russia

Author :
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From the Other Shore Translated from the Russian by Moura Budberg and The Russian People and Socialism Translated from the French by Richard Wollheim

Author : Aleksandr Herzen
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