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Sacred Geometry and Platonic Solids Coloring Book for Children

Author : Jose Valladares
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110 Sacred Geometry & Platonic Solids designs for children of all ages. Coloring Sacred Geometry & Platonic solids is easy and fun for children. Coloring books benefits development stages for children of all ages. This simple activity helps the development of your children. Some benefits coloring sacred geometry helps your children: handwriting, hand coordination, confidence, creativity, and focus.

Nurturing the Souls of Our Children

Author : Robert Mitchell
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The Sin of Obedience is one of the few works of fiction or non-fiction that looks profoundly and with deep personal reflection into the training of a Catholic priest. The novel, rich and accurate in detail, is the story of a young prodigy torn with between the rigid religious traditions and convictions of his mother and the more-humanity-oriented respect for freedom of his father. Building on his own experiences, including being the subject of sexual abuse by a seminary teacher, the author unfolds a picture of religious life in which the cornerstones of celibacy and a vow of obedience have forced seminarians and priests to make difficult and often impossible decisions in their own personal lives. This well-crafted story enables the reader to go along with a young boy, seminarian and priest on his idealistic pursuit and mission and the consequences he has to face as a result.


Author : Scott Onstott
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Experience some unplugged time coloring and contemplating Geometra's collection of 53 drawings, which includes geometric art, cathedral and temple plans, sacred geometry, optical illusions, crop circles, mathematical curiosities, Platonic solids and more.Well-known geometer Scott Onstott designed this book to be suitable for adults and older children. The black and white drawings are printed on one side of the page so you can create your own original color art pieces without bleed-through using pencils or fine tipped markers.

Math Games Lab for Kids

Author : Rebecca Rapoport
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Math is the foundation of all sciences and key to understanding the world around us. Math Games Lab for Kids shares more than 50 hands-on activities that make learning about math fun by drawing and building shapes, solving puzzles, and playing games. Have fun: exploring geometry and topology by making prisms, antiprisms, Platonic solids, and Möbius strips. building logic skills by playing and strategizing through tangrams, toothpick puzzles, and the game of Nim. drawing and charting graphs to learn the language of connections. discovering how to color maps like a mathematician by using the fewest colors possible. creating mind bending fractals with straight lines and repeat shapes. Everything you need to complete the activities can be found in the book or around the house. Learn to think like a mathematician—see how much you'll discover! The popular Lab for Kids series features a growing list of books that share hands-on activities and projects on a wide host of topics, including art, astronomy, clay, geology, energy, and even how to create your own circus—all authored by established experts in their fields. Each lab contains a complete materials list, clear step-by-step photographs of the process, as well as finished samples. The labs can be used as singular projects or as part of a yearlong curriculum of experiential learning. The activities are open-ended, designed to be explored over and over, often with different results. Geared toward being taught or guided by adults, they are enriching for a range of ages and skill levels. Gain firsthand knowledge on your favorite topic with Lab for Kids.

The Golden Atlantean Book of Healing

Author : Juliet Clare Pankhurst
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Why do we become ill, depressed or stressed and how can we heal illnesses which the doctors seem unable to cure? Many are searching for something, not knowing what because our lives feel empty and meaningless, resulting in many using drugs or alcohol as a temporary relief from this feeling, a means of escape. This book helps us to read the "sign posts" that should not be switched off by pain killers, anti depressants, or drugs but which can be used to guide us to the root cause of physical, mental or emotional illnesses, to listen to our bodies, to understand the underlying cause of their problems and provides the solutions to really turn our lives around. It uses psychology, meditation, visualisation and prayer, enabling the harnessing of healing powers to remove the blockages preventing complete abundance in every area of our lives. This book provides the tools to find self love, personal growth, happiness, success, physical health and emotional healing and can be used to remove negative karma, whether in this life or previous lives, entrenched habits, negative characteristics or anxieties. It shows how to use ancient symbols such as those in Egypt, sacred geometry, the sacred names of the Angels and God and the teachings of the great Atlantean Thoth. It enables enlightenment and the reaching of "heaven on earth" by using the gifted Ancient Knowledge, regardless of denomination, faith, belief, colour or creed. Documented case studies show the reduction of symptoms in Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and how these techniques reduced these symptoms. The act of reading this book enables healing to start. True peace and happiness can be found in the pages of this book.

The Devolution of Man

Author : Loren Psaltis
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The question "Where do we come from?" may never be answered. But "Why do we exist?” that is my interest. Humanity has become a tribe of production and consumption. But for a small percentage of enlightened thinkers through history, the likes of Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Leonardo da Vinci, Fibonacci, Isaac Newton, Rumi, Nikolai Tesla, Socrates, Jesus, Mohammed, Siddhartha Gautama and their peers, for the greater part of human history, we have steadily devolved into a race of slavery to a system that has led us to disease, depression, debt, war and poverty for the majority of the world's population. I have a theory, after many years of studying what ancient cultures knew, to the systems we now have devolved to create, that happiness, health, wealth, good fortune, long life, love and joy are easily achieved. Our birthright in fact. And there is a way back, accessible to all. It is time to know why we exist.

A Beautiful Question

Author : Frank Wilczek
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In this scientific tour de force, world-class physicist Frank Wilczek argues that beauty is at the heart of the logic of the universe, a principle that has guided his pioneering work in quantum physics. As this book demonstrates, the human quest to find the beauty embodied in the universe connects all scientific pursuit from Pythagoras and Plato on to Galileo and Newton, Maxwell and Einstein. Indeed, Wilczek shows us just how deeply intertwined our ideas about beauty and art are with our scientific understanding of the cosmos. Gorgeously illustrated, A Beautiful Question is the culmination of Wilczek's life work and a mind-expanding book that combines the age-old human quest for beauty and the age-old human quest for truth.

Injections in Aesthetic Medicine

Author : Mario Goisis
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The use of injectables, known as dermal fillers, is becoming ever more popular in aesthetic medicine. Full-face and full-body treatments using such fillers are increasingly substituting for various surgical techniques; not only do they provide immediate results at a lower cost, but they also avoid the use of general anesthesia and shorten the recovery period. In addition, dermal fillers can be successfully used for body remodeling, for example in patients with bow legs and those requiring breast remodeling.This book outlines the fundamental principles of the use of different fillers and injection techniques in the treatment of facial and body areas. An impressive collection of sequential color photographs illustrate the procedures step by step and demonstrate the results. The volume will be an invaluable tool for aesthetic doctors, practicing dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and all other physicians interested in the field of aesthetic medicine.​

Journal of the Society of Arts

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Journal of the Royal Society of Arts

Author : Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain)
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Author : Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce
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Euler s Gem

Author : David S. Richeson
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How a simple equation reshaped mathematics Leonhard Euler’s polyhedron formula describes the structure of many objects—from soccer balls and gemstones to Buckminster Fuller’s buildings and giant all-carbon molecules. Yet Euler’s theorem is so simple it can be explained to a child. From ancient Greek geometry to today’s cutting-edge research, Euler’s Gem celebrates the discovery of Euler’s beloved polyhedron formula and its far-reaching impact on topology, the study of shapes. Using wonderful examples and numerous illustrations, David Richeson presents this mathematical idea’s many elegant and unexpected applications, such as showing why there is always some windless spot on earth, how to measure the acreage of a tree farm by counting trees, and how many crayons are needed to color any map. Filled with a who’s who of brilliant mathematicians who questioned, refined, and contributed to a remarkable theorem’s development, Euler’s Gem will fascinate every mathematics enthusiast. This paperback edition contains a new preface by the author.


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Zell s Popular Encyclopedia a Universal Dictionary of English Language Science Literature and Art

Author : Leo de Colange
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The Subtle Body Practice Manual

Author : Cyndi Dale
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Cyndi Dale's The Subtle Body has become the go-to reference guide for anyone who wants to learn about the many varieties of energy healing. With The Subtle Body Practice Manual, she offers an equally valuable resource: a practical instruction manual for putting energy healing into action. Filled with lucid information, step-by-step guidance, diagrams, and key insights, here is an expansive how-to manual that covers practices from a vast range of holistic healing and energy medicine traditions, including: The six core energy techniques that every healer should know Energetic diagnosis practices to determine which kind of modality will be most effective for specific health issues Setting strong and flexible energetic boundaries, with special guidance for those in the healing professions Techniques for working with the subtle aspects of the body, emotions, and the subconscious mind Dozens of practices for healing through the chakras, the meridians, chi, breathwork, auric fields, sacred geometry, acupressure, music, and much more As Cyndi Dale writes, all medicine is energy medicine—which is why subtle energy practices can be used to complement and enhance any approach to healing or self-care. Presented with Cyndi Dale's thorough scholarship and clear writing style, The Subtle Body Practice Manual provides professionals and laypersons alike with an indispensible resource on the many varieties and applications of energetic care—so you can begin using these powerful practices in your own life.

The Education Outlook

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Books in Print 2009 2010

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Current Magazine Contents

Author : Kirke Mechem
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Education Outlook

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AB Bookman s Weekly

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