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Sadomasochism in Everyday Life

Author : Lynn S. Chancer
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Table of Contents Acknowledgments Introduction Reflecting on a Set of Personal and Political Criteria 1 Pt. 1 Expanding the Scope of Sadomasochism Ch. 1 Exploring Sadomasochism in the American Context 15 Ch. 2 Defining a Basic Dynamic: Parodoxes[sic] at the Heart of Sadomasochism 43 Ch. 3 Combining the Insights of Existentialism and Psychoanalysis: Why Sadomasochism? 69 Pt. 2 Sadomasochism in Its Social Settings Ch. 4 Employing Chains of Command: Sadomasochism and the Workplace 93 Ch. 5 Engendering Sadomasochism: Dominance, Subordination, and the Contaminated World of Patriarchy 125 Ch. 6 Creating Enemies in Everyday Life: Following the Example of Others 155 Ch. 7 A Theoretical Finale 187 Epilogue 215 Notes 223 Index 231

The Language of Sadomasochism

Author : Thomas Edward Murray
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"The Language of Sadomasochism" contains vocabulary and defines activities that many will find offensive. It has been published to aid linguists, folklorists, sociologists, psychologists, and other adult researchers develop a better understanding of this subculture. "The Language of Sadomasochism" represents the first systematic, comprehensive account ever attempted of the specialized terminology used by sadomasochists. The work is divided into three distinct sections. Part one provides a thorough introduction to the subculture of sadomasochism, its history in the Western world, and its place in American culture, in literature, and in the work of non-linguist social scientists. Part two is a comprehensive glossary of more than 800 terms currently in use among sadomasochists. For each term the authors provide part-of-speech labels, etymologies, definitions, citations illustrating actual usage, related forms of the word, cross references to semantically and conceptually related terms, and special notes on usage. Part three contains a linguistic analysis of the terminology and illustrates how the language of sadomasochism is related both to the English language as a whole and to the sadomasochists who use the specialized language. The book concludes with a complete bibliography of all references cited, a list of difficult-to-find sadomasochism-related periodicals, and an index providing easy access to groups of semantically and conceptually related terms.


Author : Peggy J. Kleinplatz
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A book that dispels the myths about those who prefer to go beyond “vanilla” sex Sadomasochism: Powerful Pleasures is a comprehensive exploration of the entire sexual subculture that lies on the cutting edge of society. The mental health professions and society have marginalized people who practice sadomasochism (SM).This interdisciplinary collection dispels myths surrounding SM, bringing together leading scholars from the fields of sexology, psychology, sociology, and medicine, alongside queer studies and sexual minority advocacy. Experts such as Thomas S. Weinberg, PhD, Susan Wright, MA, Margaret Nichols, PhD, Odd Reiersol, PhD, Svein Skeid, Rebecca F. Plante, PhD, Niklas Nordling, MPsych, and N. Kenneth Sandnabba, PhD, among other stellar authorities, reveal research findings, clinical data, and critical thinking about sexuality that lies beyond “vanilla.” To gain a broader understanding of human sexuality, the study of SM is crucial for what it reveals about us as sexual beings. The text discusses the results of research into practitioners’ behaviors and perspectives, the prevalence of SM behaviors in today’s culture, and stresses the need for greater tolerance and understanding. The realization of SM desires and their acceptance are explored in detail. This unflinching look at the world and the people of SM will guide scholars and lay people alike into a more sensitive, sex-friendly viewpoint of the people society calls “kinky.” Sadomasochism: Powerful Pleasures answers questions such as: What is the nature of SM relationships? What are the values and motives of SM participants? How do mental health professionals regard and treat SM practitioners? Should sadomasochism continue to be classified as a mental illness? What is the legal status of SM and what are the consequences of discrimination against SM practitioners? Does increasing visibility of SM imagery decrease stigma or create added problems? What can ordinary lovers learn from those we have marginalized about the farther reaches of human erotic potential? Sadomasochism: Powerful Pleasures is valuable, insightful reading for mental health professionals, students, sex educators, sex counselors, sex therapists, sex researchers, sexual health workers, sociologists, sexual minority groups, and anyone interested in learning more about the sexual pleasures that lie beyond the traditional.

Social Sadomasochism How Emotional Dominance and Submission Affect People s Lives

Author : Martin Kantor MD
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Explains the subtle but pervasive aspects of sadomasochism that affect everyday relationships across our lives, detailing when the power and control dynamics become neurotic and describing actions that can be taken to better individuals and improve society. • Presents vignettes to illustrate social sadomasochism across life events • Details how social sadomasochism is rampant on the 2018 U.S. political scene • Explains how racism, bigotry, and sexism are fueled by social sadomasochism • Describes how sadomasochism, which is not a recognized psychiatric disorder, plays a role in all psychosis, neurosis, and personality disorders

Sadomasochism Popular Culture and Revolt

Author : Tom Pollard
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Sadomasochism, Popular Culture, and Revolt: A Pornography of Violenceexplores powerful connections between violent pornography and current gender wars, generational conflicts, political struggles, and racial and ethnic unrest. Long before these conflicts dominated headlines worldwide, they become embedded and contextualized in popular culture. Tracing the history of today' popular porn genres, including torture porn, revenge porn, war porn, and fascist porn, Tom Pollard reveals a "sadomasochistic trope" of fictional and real sexual violence and sexual justice that had largely remained hidden and suppressed. Today it has exploded into public awareness by mass movements like #MeToo demanding justice for sexual assault victims. This movement joins other recent social movements, including Black Lives Matter and advocates of safety from gun violence, which, along with #MeToo, constitute a "revolt of submissives" no longer willing to endure unwanted violence. This thoughtful examination of the history and content of violent pornography reveals portentous patterns and developing trends. By examining pornography's violent content, Pollard forces us to confront wider social and cultural violence. Sadomasochism, Popular Culture, and Revoltwill be of great interest to scholars of gay and lesbian studies and queer studies, while being a vital text for undergraduate and graduate instructors of social movement studies in sociology, political science, American Studies, and history. p;lt;/P> This thoughtful examination of the history and content of violent pornography reveals portentous patterns and developing trends. By examining pornography's violent content, Pollard forces us to confront wider social and cultural violence. Sadomasochism, Popular Culture, and Revoltwill be of great interest to scholars of gay and lesbian studies and queer studies, while being a vital text for undergraduate and graduate instructors of social movement studies in sociology, political science, American Studies, and history.

Sadomasochism Etiology and Treatment

Author : Susanne Petra Schad-Somers
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Aiming to be comprehensive in scope, this work examines sadomasochism as a clinical entity, a sexual perversion, a socially sanctioned aspect of male-female relations, and as the basic element in all pornography, ancient puberty rites and couvade.

Aesthetic Sexuality

Author : Romana Byrne
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To understand why the concept of aesthetic sexuality is important, we must consider the influence of the first volume of Foucault's seminal The History of Sexuality. Arguing against Foucault's assertions that only scientia sexualis has operated in modern Western culture while ars erotica belongs to Eastern and ancient societies, Byrne suggests that modern Western culture has indeed witnessed a form of ars erotica, encompassed in what she calls 'aesthetic sexuality'. To argue for the existence of aesthetic sexuality, Byrne examines mainly works of literature to show how, within these texts, sexual practice and pleasure are constructed as having aesthetic value, a quality that marks these experiences as forms of art. In aesthetic sexuality, value and meaning are located within sexual practice and pleasure rather than in their underlying cause; sexuality's raison d'être is tied to its aesthetic value, at surface level rather than beneath it. Aesthetic sexuality, Byrne shows, is a product of choice, a deliberate strategy of self-creation as well as a mode of social communication.


Author : Bill Thompson
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The sensational conviction of fifteen gay 'sadomasochists' in 1991 provoked demands to criminalize sadomasochistic art, literature and activities. Two years later, the Law Lords' ruling on the 'Spanner' case boosted moral crusades promoting sexual correctness. Sadomasochism is a public challenge to Judge Rant's insistence that the court had to draw a line between what was and what was not acceptable in a civilized society. Thompson's lively polemic unveils the erroneous psychiatric justifications for labelling sadomasochism violent and dangerous, exposes the fallacies in the moral crusaders' assertions that SM sex leads to sex crime, and explores the major research studies to reveal the true nature of this harmless sexual proclivity. Sadomasochism then raises extremely embarrassing questions about the origins of the case and the Law Lords' ruling which seeks to make innocuous acts, from spouse spanking to teenage 'lovebites', criminal offences. In doing so, Dr. Thompson demonstrates that an appeal for tolerance would not be misplaced in a truly civilized society.

Fearful Symmetry

Author : Jack Novick
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Using data from infant observation, and child, adolescent, and adult analyses, the Novicks explicate a multidimensional, developmental theory of sadomasochism that has been recognized as a major innovation. According to the Novicks, each phase of development contributes to the clinical manifestations of sadomasochism. Painful experiences in infancy are transformed into a mode of attachment, then into an embraced marker of specialness and unlimited destructive power, then into a conviction of equality with oedipal parents, and, finally, into an omnipotent capacity to gratify infantile wishes through the coercion of others. By school age, these children have established a magic omnipotent system of thought which undermines alternate means of competent interactions with reality. In adolescence and adulthood it becomes increasingly hard for them to deny, avoid, or distort reality without resorting to escalating self-destructive behaviors. Sadomasochistic phenomena are the source of severe resistances and counterreactions in all phases of therapy. This book helps clinicians recognize and overcome these blocks to treatment progress and success. Here can be found an introduction to the Novicks' reformulation of the therapeutic alliance, and their distinctive contributions to the transformations of memory and the termination of treatment.

SandM Studies in Sadomasochism

Author : Thomas Weinberg
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Sadomasochism and the BDSM Community in the United States

Author : Stephen K. Stein
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Sadomasochism and the BDSM Community in the United States: Kinky People Unite chronicles the development of sadomasochistic sexuality and its communities in the United States from the post-war period to the present day. Having evolved from scattered networks of sadomasochists to a coherent body bound by shared principles of "safe, sane, consensual," activists worked to transform popular perceptions of their community, end its routine harassment by law enforcement, and win inclusion in American society. Often paralleling the work of LGBTQ activists, people who engaged in BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism) transformed both their own sexual practices and how outsiders perceived them, successfully changing popular perceptions of them from fascists, murderers, and outlaws to people living an alternative lifestyle. The development of this community highlights the interactions of people of different sexual orientations within a sexual community, the influence of various campaigns for sexual freedom, and the BDSM community's influence on popular perceptions of sexuality and sexual freedom. The text’s historical perspective gives depth and texture to a specific dimension of American history of sexuality. This book will be of interest to students and scholars in the history of sexuality. It’s clear and direct approach offers an important and useful chronology of a movement that has long been neglected.

Battling the Life and Death Forces of Sadomasochism

Author : Harriet I. Basseches
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This book examines the forces of sadomasochism in the clinical domain where transference and countertransference reside. Psychoanalysts write in depth about cases where sadomasochism is present for both analysand and analyst. Four cases present the unfolding analytic exchange where life and death forces collide. Each case is accompanied by three discussions illuminating the complex phenomena that often include lifelong perversions and painful narcissistic difficulties. Through the case presentations and discussions, psychoanalytic therapists will find maps for guiding their own work with sadomasochistic processes. Treatments where sadomasochism is prominent abound with dramas containing control and denigration, domination, and submission. Often there is a history of over stimulation and under stimulation from infancy and childhood influencing the formation of object relations and unconscious fantasy. Since Freud first introduced the concepts of component instincts and psychosexual development, psychoanalysts have been exploring sadomasochism in its various forms. The belief that togetherness involves tormenting pain creates a sense of life and death struggle that is imbued with powerful instinctual gratification. Unconscious sexualized scenes of both dyadic and triadic forms carry humiliation and conquest.


Author : Hans-Jürgen Döpp
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The “happy-few” aspect of the sadomasochistic relations, the fashions that have had a great impact on the population, make these practices seem somewhat commonplace. A number of magazines and films recount these sexual adventures with complete honesty. The enthusiasts are no longer exceptions. Beyond the stereotypes of women in leather boots with a whip in hand, they discover the pleasures of pain. It is a form of sexuality where pleasure looses its codification since procreation is no longer the goal. Travelling towards the limits of emotions is the theme explored by Professor Döpp, supporting his developments on an exceptional iconography.

The Sadomasochism of Everyday Life

Author : John Munder Ross
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A noted psychologist examines the many ways in which people make themselves miserable and endure the self-inflicted suffering of everyday life, and offers readers a chance to break free of self-destructive behavior and find happiness. 17,500 first printing.

Don t Stop Now You re Killing Me

Author : David Brandt
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Describes common examples of sadistic and masochistic behavior, explains how people develop these self-destructive tendencies, and gives advice on changing one's behavior


Author : Estela V. Welldon
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Is sadomasochism yet another perversion? In this challenging and thought-provoking book, the author dares the reader to think again.

The Commerce of Peoples

Author : Biman Basu
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The Commerce of Peoples introduces a new way of reading. It puts into place a sadomasochistic framework which allows for both diachronic and synchronic analysis. By reading sadomasochistic practice as historical and defining it in terms of practices of embodiment, by alternating between analysis and synthesis, between specific texts and general principles, it provides a new theoretical framework and a new methodology for the analysis of literature and culture.

Safe Sane and Consensual

Author : Darren Langdridge
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Psychological and medical perspectives on sadomasochism have historically been concerned with understanding it as a form of psychopathology. In the past (but still often today) studies of S/M have been concerned with extreme and most often non-consensual acts. However, more recently there has been growing interest in exploring the meaning of S/M in non-pathological ways. This book directly addresses this development, presenting some of the most recent cutting edge work on S/M by leading international scholars who all seek to understand rather than pathologise. This includes the latest thinking on theory and practice, academic-community pieces, as well as the presentation of new empirical findings across the range of identities and practices that constitute S/M.

Playing on the Edge

Author : Staci Newmahr
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Representations of consensual sadomasochism range from the dark, seedy undergrounds of crime thrillers to the fetishized pornographic images of sitcoms and erotica. In this pathbreaking book, ethnographer Staci Newmahr delves into the social space of a public, pansexual SM community to understand sadomasochism from the inside out. Based on four years of in-depth and immersive participant observation, she juxtaposes her experiences in the field with the life stories of community members, providing a richly detailed portrait of SM as a social space in which experiences of "violence" intersect with experiences of the erotic. She shows that SM is a recreational and deeply gendered risk-taking endeavor, through which participants negotiate boundaries between chaos and order. Playing on the Edge challenges our assumptions about sadomasochism, sexuality, eroticism, and emotional experience, exploring what we mean by intimacy, and how, exactly, we achieve it.

The Social Construction of Sexuality and Perversion

Author : A. Beckmann
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This book deconstructs the pathologizing category of 'sadomasochism' in order to account for the 'lived realities' of consensual 'SM' play, emphasizing the connection between the corporeal and the political in contemporary consumer cultures. It discusses the homogenization of desire and ownership and use of 'body' and 'sexual ethics'.