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The New Book of Sail Trim

Author : Ken Textor
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Editor Ken Textor is a writer and sailing enthusiast.

Solar Sailing

Author : Colin R. McInnes
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Solar sailing - using the sun as a propellant - offers the possibility of low-cost long-distance missions that are impossible with conventional spacecraft. This first comprehensive book on this propulsion method provides a detailed account of solar sailing, at a high technical level, but in a way accessible to the scientifically informed layperson. Solar sail orbital dynamics and solar radiation pressure form the foundations of the book, but the engineering design of solar sails is also considered, along with potential mission applications.

Seamanship in the Age of Sail

Author : John Harland
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Numerous successful reprints of contemporary works on rigging and seamanship indicate the breadth of interest in the lost art of handling square-rigged ships. Modelmakers, marine painters and enthusiasts need to know not only how the ships were rigged but how much sail was set in each condition of wind and sea, how the various manoeuvres were carried out, and the intricacies of operations like reefing sails or 'catting' an anchor. Contemporary treatises such as Brady's Kedge Anchor in the USA or Darcy Lever's Sheet Anchor in Britain tell only half the story, for they were training manuals intended to be used at sea in conjunction with practical experiences and often only cover officially-condoned practices. This book, on the other hand, is a modern, objective appraisal of the evidence, concerned with the actualities as much as the theory. The author's facility in a remarkable range of languages has allowed him to study virtually every manual published over a period of nearly four centuries. This gives the book a completely international balance and allows the author to describe for the first time the proper historical development of seamanship among the major navies of the world.

Advances in Solar Sailing

Author : Malcolm Macdonald
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This book presents the best contributions of the the Third International Symposium on Solar Sailing Glasgow, 11 – 13 June 2013. It is a rapid snap-shot of the state-of-the art of solar sail technology in 2013 across the globe, capturing flight programs, technology development programs and new technology and application concepts. The book contains contributions from all of the leading figures in the field, including NASA, JAXA, ESA & DLR as well as university and industry experts. It therefore provides a unique reference point for the solar sail technology. The book also includes key contributions from the prospective users of solar sail technology, which will allow the technology to be considered by the user in this unique context.

The Physics of Sailing Explained

Author : Bryon D. Anderson
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Bryon D Anderson is a writer and scientist with a special interest in sail.

The Working Guide to Traditional Small Boat Sails

Author : David L. Nichols
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Make your modern sailboat look (and work) like a salty classic. The Golden Age of Sail is long past, sadly, and much of its lore is nearly extinct. Sailboats now almost uniformly use the Bermudan sloop rig—a triangular jib and a triangular mainsail. But that rig evolved mainly to meet esoteric yacht-racing measurement rules. It is not necessarily the most efficient or effective rig. This book lets sailors rediscover the practical advantages—and the aesthetic delights—of such configurations as the sprit sail, the gaff sail, the lug sail, and the gunter rig. It also includes valuable information on marlinspike work like rope-whipping and eye-splicing; and tips on converting your modern sailboat to a traditional rig. ______________________ Some reviews: “This will become the classic book on traditional rigs for small boats. . . . A concise and thorough compendium on using low-cost and efficient traditional rigs, the kind that not only look better but work better on small boats than their modern counterparts.” —Gary Blankenship, Duckworks Magazine “The ‘traditional’ rigs here are the kind you’ll find on the clinker plywood designs of Iain Oughtred and the like; rigs with polyester sails and running rigging. Tufnol blocks and stainless steel shackles. ‘Modern traditional boats’, if you’ll forgive the phrase. Similarly, there’s a nice mix of old and new the manner the material is presented: old in the cleanliness of the page design; new in the extensive use of colour close-up photographs to illustrate details of the rigs. Highly recommended.” —Water Craft Magazine "Mr. Nichols does an excellent job of explaining the fundamentals in terms that are useful to old salts looking to tweak their rigs, builders trying to figure out what's next, and admirers of traditional design." —Good Old Boat

Black Feathers

Author : Jeanne Crawford
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"Follow the evolution of Black Feathers from a stock 1961 Cal 20 sailboat into an effective pocket racer. Go with her and her skipper as they sail solo from San Francisco to beautiful Hanalei Bay, Kauai in the 2008 Singlehanded TransPac. Imagine sailing 2200 miles across the Pacific Ocean in a 20-foot sailboat -- ALONE with NO ENGINE! YOU can be there."--P [4] of cover.

Model Yachts and Model Yacht Sailing

Author : James E. Walton
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Chapman Great Sailing Ships of the World

Author : Otmar Schäuffelen
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A richly illustrated reference on sailing ships from around the globe combines more than 450 full-color photographs with detailed descriptions of various types of vessels and rigging to provide an overview of each ship's specifications, statistics, unique characteristics, rigging, tonnage, use, owner and crew, and history of each vessel, along with a helpful glossary of nautical terminology.

Sailing Around Britain

Author : Kim Sturgess
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Kim Sturgess was a weekend sailor: he enjoyed club racing and several brief sailing holidays, but had never attempted a substantial expedition. Reaching the age of fifty focused the mind and he decided to sail around Britain. While many cruising sailors would not contemplate a 1900 nautical mile voyage, he broke the voyage into a series of day sails, making it an achievable ambition for him, largely single-handed, and for many other weekend sailors who might dream of sailing around their home island. This book tells the quirky traveller’s narrative of the voyage and visits to forty-eight towns. Evoking the spirit of both Jerome K. Jerome with his Three Men in a Boat and Joshua Slocum’s Sailing Alone Around the World, Kim shares his thoughts and struggles, recounting how easy it is for anyone to become an adventurer here at home. But don’t expect to always agree with him – he has been described as “the Jeremy Clarkson of yachting”!

Sail Tall Ships

Author : Jonathan C. Dickinson
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RYA Sail Trim Handbook E G99

Author : Royal Yachting Association
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The digital edition of the RYA Sail Trim Handbook for Cruisers is crammed with useful tips and pointers on one of the fundamentals of good seamanship: sail trim. The book focuses more on the needs of the cruising sailor as opposed to the out-and-out racer. After all, a well-trimmed cruising yacht will be better balanced, easier to handle, and will sail more comfortably. Sail trim can be bewildering to the novice but the RYA Sail Trim Handbook talks you through the subject in an informative yet entertaining manner. This eBook is further enhanced by a range of clear, well thought-out illustrations. Chapters include: How Sails Work Jibs & Genoas Spinnakers Reefing Sailing Upwind Heavy Weather Sailing Trade Wind Sailing Ultimately this book will have you itching to get back afloat and tinkering with the trim of your sails.

How to Sail A Complete Handbook of the Art of Sailing for the Novice and the Old Hand

Author : Carl D. Lane
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How to Sail is chiefly concerned with the rudiments of sailing skill. It is written to make the first moment aboard the new boat the successful beginning of a long and lusty lifetime of sailing. The novice has his simplest questions answered, explained and diagrammed to his complete satisfaction.

Practical Sailing on Traditional Boats

Author : Douglas Frazar
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Format : PDF, ePub
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This book explains how to manage small boats and yachts under all conditions, with explanatory chapters on ordinary sea-manoevres, and the use of sails, helm and anchor, and advice as to what is to be done in different emergencies; supplemented by a vocabulary of nautical terms. Reprint of the famous book of 1879.

Solar Sails

Author : Giovanni Vulpetti
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Solar sail technology is very close to becoming an engineering reality and it will soon be used in the exploration of the solar system and beyond. This fascinating book provides an accessible introduction to solar sails and details how they work and what they will be used for in the exploration of space. It also examines current plans for solar sails and how advanced technology, such as nanotechnology, might enhance their performance. Coverage shows how solar sail propulsion will make space exploration more affordable and demonstrates how access to destinations within (and beyond) the solar system will become within reach.

Let s Go Sailing

Author : American Sailing Association
File Size : 72.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Want to learn to sail in a small boat? This book will be the foundation of your sailing life forever. Featuring extraordinary images, and written by best-selling author Peter Isler, this book brings the sport of sailing alive. Peter believes that learning to sail a small boat is fundamentally the same regardless of what type of boat you are sailing and takes you through the ABCs of learning to sail using both catamarans and monohulls. Discover why the wind and its direction are the center of every sailor’s universe. Find out how to prepare yourself and your boat for some fun on the water. Learn how to drive, trim sails and crew in any small boat – on any point of sail.

First Sail

Author : Richard Henderson
File Size : 55.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Adam goes sailing with his cousin Beth, who teaches him about sailboats and how to handle them, safety at sea, and other things sailors need to know, just in time for him to put his knowledge to good use when a storm comes up

The Story of Sail

Author : Veres Laszlo
File Size : 37.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From the earliest known craft of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt to the final surviving sailing ships of this century, every major step in the development of sailing is beautifully illustrated in this handsome large-format book. 1,000 highly detailed scale drawings & 16 color plates.

Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die

Author : Chris Santella
File Size : 81.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Landlubbers joke that sailors are always wanting to head off to the ends of the earth, but Chris Santella takes that life-changing desire very seriously. In this, the third installment in his immensely successful ôFifty Placesö series, Santella assembles a crew of the worldÆs greatest championship racers and professional adventurers and persuades them to disclose their favorite destinations around the globe. Interviewees include some of the best-known men and women in the sport: Tom Whidden and Gary Jobson (members of the winning 1987 AmericaÆs Cup crew), Jeff Johnstone (of J-Boats), award-winning sailing writer Lin Pardy, and many others. The amazingly diverse places theyÆve selected range from clubby East Coast ports (Marblehead, Annapolis), to idyllic tropical refuges (Ilha Grande, Brazil; the Polynesian atoll of Mopelia), to some of the most hair-raisingly treacherous waters on earth (Cape Horn). Coastlines around the worldùeven Antarctica and the Arcticùare represented, and the chosen spots include some spectacular inland waters, such as the Bras dÆOr Lakes and the North Channel of Lake Huron. For each of the 50 places, the sailor recommending the venue spins an entertaining yarn about his or her experience there, and each description is accompanied by a make you want to go there now photograph.

Sail and Rig Tuning

Author : Ivar Dedekam
File Size : 23.49 MB
Format : PDF
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Fantastic computer graphics systematically explain how to tune-your-yacht, keelboat or dinghy. This beautifully illustrated and well-organised book shows the reader step by step, how to trim their sails and rig for maximum performance. Ivar Dedekam's revolutionary approach to sail and rig tuning tackles the practical and realistic elements of tuning your boat as well as the theory of sail aerodynamics. The book covers the many variations in boat, sail and rig design.