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Saint Hildegard

Author : Susan Garthwaite
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Saint Hildegard: Ancient Insights for Modern Seekers is a treasure trove of St. Hildegard’s bracing, rich, and transforming insights. Written for today’s seekers and spiritual directors, it takes us deeper into our own experiences in the company of the mystic visionary St. Hildegard, whose twelfth-century wisdom, still strikingly relevant to our contemporary struggles, enriches our journeys. Spiritual director and retreat guide Susan Garthwaite knows this journey well—she’s traveled it for years. St. Hildegard has influenced Garthwaite’s spiritual life, as well as her work as a spiritual director, and here she gives concrete examples of spiritual experiences and practices in which St. Hildegard’s insights can draw out our own wisdom. She also gently touches our worst experiences and offers St. Hildegard’s light for our liberation and fullness of life. Like all of us today, St. Hildegard dealt with a world in turmoil. She believed spiritual development was the key to peace in troubled times. With her guidance, read, reflect, pray, discern, journal, heal, befriend your soul, and discover your mystic self. A richer life awaits.

Woman Mystic Selections from Saint Hildegard of Bingen s Scivias

Author :
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Celebrating the 2012 declaration of Hildegard of Bingen (1098 - 1179) as a Doctor of the Church, Elizabeth Obbard, OCD, interprets selections from Hildegard's first and major work, "Scivias." Obbard includes her own drawings, done in the Benedictine tradition, to illuminate the prophetic visions put forth by the German mystic. Hildegard is concerned with the whole panorama of the story of salvation. Reason is paramount. Order is necessary. She writes on creation, the Trinity, baptism and confirmation, lay people, the Eucharist, the history of salvation, virtues, angels, and 'The Symphony of the Blessed.' Obbard's lucid rendering of the English text is an excellent way to access Hildegard's wisdom.

Hildegard of Bingen

Author : Saint Hildegard
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In one series, the original writings of the universally acknowledged teachers of the Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish, and Islamic traditions have been critically selected, translated and introduced by internationally recognized scholars and spiritual leaders.

Hildegard of Bingen s Medicine

Author : Dr. Wighard Strehlow
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This ground-breaking contribution to medicine and healing contains translations of Hildegard text which reflect the high point of medieval, alchemical, and healing science. Commentary by the authors who have worked clinically with Hildegard's wisdom for over thirty years includes information on ways to treat nervous disorders, indigestion, heart problems, and cancer.

The Personal Correspondence of Hildegard of Bingen

Author : Saint Hildegard
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Joseph L. Baird presents a selection of 75 of the most interesting and revealing letters from volumes I, II and III.

The Feminine Images of God in the Visions of Saint Hildegard of Bingen s Scivias

Author : Carolyn Wörman Sur
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30 Day Journey with St Hildegard of Bingen

Author : Shanon Sterringer
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Enrich each day with wisdom from our greatest spiritual thinkers. Through brief daily readings and reflections, the 30-Day Journey series invites readers to be inspired and transformed. By devoting a moment to meaningful reflection and spiritual growth, readers will find deeper understanding of themselves and the world, one day at a time St. Hildegard of Bingen was a visionary mystic, a spiritual leader, and a woman ahead of her time. Whether you love St. Hildegard or are encountering her for the first time, this journey provides the perfect way to engage the thought of a compelling twelfth-century saint.

The Hildegard of Bingen Pilgrimage Book

Author : Annette Esser
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The Hildegard of Bingen Pilgrimage Way is a new path that invites pilgrims from all over the world to walk along the historic sites where the saint lived in the twelfth century. The route leads pilgrims on 140 kilometers (87 miles) from Idar-Oberstein via Disibodenberg and Sponheim to St. Hildegard’s Abbey in Eibingen on the Rhine. It is a path through a fascinating Central European landscape, into Hildegard’s visionary work, into one’s own spirituality, and into God. The Hildegard of Bingen Pilgrimage Book directs you along the way, offering short descriptions of each of the ten stages. It also provides profound information about Hildegard’s life and her theological, musical, medical, and botanical works. Biblical texts and meditative poems are included to offer you additional inspiration, furthering the potential for your own spiritual discoveries in the company of Hildegard.

The Cambridge Companion to Hildegard of Bingen

Author : Jennifer Bain
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"The life of Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) has been recounted and her works have been explored in many languages and in many formats: in pamphlets, books, and newspapers; on the radio and in audio recordings; in film and television documentaries; and on countless websites and blogs"--

Hildegard of Bingen

Author : Fiona Maddocks
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Best known today as a fine composer, the twelfth-century German abbess Hildegard of Bingen was also a religious leader and visionary, a poet, naturalist and writer of medical treatises. Despite her cloistered life she had strong, often controversial views on sex, love and marriage too - a woman astonishing in her own age, whose book of apocalyptic visions, Scivias, would alone have been enough to ensure her lasting fame. In this classic and highly praised biography - first published by Headline in 2001 - distinguished writer and journalist, Fiona Maddocks, draws on Hildegard's prolific writings to paint a portrait of her extraordinary life against the turbulent medieval background of crusade and schism, scientific discovery and cultural revolution. The great intellectual gifts and forceful character that emerge make her as fascinating as any figure in the Middle Ages. More than 800 years after her death, Pope Benedict XVI has made Hildegard a Saint and a Doctor of the Church (one of only four women). Fiona Maddocks has provided a short new preface to cover these tributes to an extraordinary and exceptional woman.