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San Francisco a Bicycle Travel Journal

Author : Applewood Books
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Create a cherished keepsake of your favorite cycling journeys with this elegant and inspiring pocket-sized bicycle travel journal. Record your travel plans, accommodations, companions, challenges, observations and insights, memorable moments, interesting people met, and favorite sights, meals, and adventures. Includes cycling-specific packing and travel tips, trip charts for cycling stats, an on-the-road repair guide, conversion charts, a point page, and a place to record the addresses of loved ones back home--to send postcards, of course! Sprinkled throughout are stimulating quotations from famous cyclists and biking enthusiasts throughout history, like Albert Einstein, Susan B. Anthony and Eddy Merckx, just the encouragement you need to write down your memories each day and re-live your journey for years to come.

Historical Dictionary of Cycling

Author : Jeroen Heijmans
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The nearly 150-year-old sport of cycling had its first competition in France in 1868. Soon afterward, the need arose for purpose-built cycling tracks because of poor road conditions at the time. Racing on blocked off pieces of street or grass soon evolvedinto racing on special tracks called velodromes. This development marked the split into what are still the two main forms of cycling competition: road racing and track racing. Initially, track cycling was more popular in terms of public attention and money to be earned by racers, but this gradually changed in favor of road racing, which has been the most popular form of cycling since at least the end of World War II. The Historical Dictionary of Cycling takes a closer look at the sport, as well asdiscussing the use of bicycles as a means of fitness, touring, and commuting. This is done through a chronology, an introductory essay, appendixes, photos, a bibliography, and over 500 cross-referenced dictionary entries on cycling's two main disciplines—road and track—as well as brief overviews of the other forms of cycling. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about cycling.

Guidelines for Analysis of Investments in Bicycle Facilities

Author : Kevin J. Krizek
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Estimating Bicycle Facility Costs -- Measuring and Forecasting the Demand for Bicycling -- Benefits Associated with the Use of Bicycle Facilities -- Benefit-Cost Analysis of Bicycle Facilities -- Applying the Guidelines -- Endnotes -- Bibliography and sources -- Appendixes.

Sustainability in America s Cities

Author : Matt Slavin
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"Sustainability" is more than the latest "green" buzzword. It represents a new way of viewing the interactions of human society and the natural world. Sustainability in America's Cities highlights how America's largest cities are acting to develop sustainable solutions to conflicts between development and environment. As sustainability rises to the top of public policy agendas in American cities, it is also emerging as a new discipline in colleges and universities. Specifically designed for these educational programs, this is the first book to provide empirically based, multi-disciplinary case studies of sustainability policy, planning, and practice in action. It is also valuable for everyone who designs and implements sustainability initiatives, including policy makers, public sector and non-profit practitioners, and consultants. Sustainability in America's Cities brings together academic and practicing professionals to offer firsthand insight into innovative strategies that cities have adopted in renewable energy and energy efficiency, climate change, green building, clean-tech and green jobs, transportation and infrastructure, urban forestry and sustainable food production. Case studies examine sustainability initiatives in a wide range of American cities, including San Francisco, Honolulu, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Milwaukee, New York City, Portland, Oregon and Washington D.C. The concluding chapter ties together the empirical evidence and recounts lessons learned for sustainability planning and policy.

Sustainable Mobility in Metropolitan Regions

Author : Gebhard Wulfhorst
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This book is focussing on the results of the mobil.LAB Doctoral Research Group “Sustainable mobility in the metropolitan region of Munich” for its first phase. It highlights the key findings of young scientists from diverse disciplines on selected issues of sustainable mobility, such as neighbourhood mobility, sustainable modes, regional governance and spatial aspects. This includes insights of methods used to assess sustainable mobility, the way how to study and how to conceptualize sustainable development in each of the contributions. Each chapter is built on case studies in cooperation with practice partners and based on empirical data in the metropolitan region of Munich. Moreover, a common understanding of sustainable mobility in metropolitan regions and future research perspectives on mobility cultures are developed. In consequence, the knowledge and experiences are shared in order to generate strategies and actions to address, promote and support sustainable mobility in metropolitan regions.

Research on Women s Issues in Transportation Report of a Conference

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Stunts of Late Nineteenth Century New York

Author : Kirstin Smith
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Stunts of Late Nineteenth- Century New York: Aestheticised Precarity, Endangered Liveness examines the emergence of stunts in the media, politics, sport and art of New York at the turn of the twentieth century. This book investigates stunts in sport, media and politics, demonstrating how these risky performances tapped into anxieties and fantasies concerning work, freedom, gendered/ raced/ classed bodies and the commodifi cation of human life. Its case studies examine bridge jumping, extreme walking contests, stunt journalists such as Nellie Bly, and cycling feats including Annie Londonderry’s round- the- world venture. Supported by extensive archival research and Performance Studies theorisations of precarity, liveness and surrogation, Smith theorises an under- examined form which is still prevalent in art, politics and commerce, to show what stunts reveal about value, risk and human life. Suitable for scholars and practitioners across a range of subjects, from Performance Studies to gender studies, to media studies, Stunts of Late Nineteenth- Century New York explores how stunts turned everyday precarity into a spectacle.

Bicycling The Pacific Coast

Author : Vicky Spring
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CLICK HERE to download the 42 mile ride near Anacortes and the 48 mile ride along the Oregon Coast from Bicycling the Pacific Coast * Bicycle touring the Pacific Coast is outlined in one trip or four separate adventures * Road directions, points of interest, and available restrooms and provisions all built into daily mileage logs * Elevation profiles and Table of Essentials overview for each day's ride From Canada to the Mexican border, Bicycling the Pacific Coast is the most popular guidebook to bicycle touring this gorgeous edge of the U.S. Tom Kirkendall and Vicky Spring guide you turn by turn along the length of Pacific Coast Bicycle Route -- all 1816.5 miles. These forty-two suggested daily itineraries (averaging 53 miles each) begin and end at campsites. Everything you need to know about each day's ride is included: from tunnel-riding strategies to where to buy a new derailer, from one-of-a-kind museums along the way to side trips to lonely lighthouses and towering sand dunes. Cyclists will find a quick-glance Table of Essentials for each daily itinerary, listing availability of bike shops, beach access, hiking trails, youth hostels, and activities while touring through California, Washington, and Oregon.

Invisible Bicycle

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The Invisible Bicycle revisits and questions the existing timelines of bicycle history to create a more nuanced understanding of why and how the popularity of the bicycle and cycling has changed over time and varies in different locations.

Encyclopedia of Transportation

Author : Mark Garrett
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Viewing transportation through the lens of current social, economic, and policy aspects, this four-volume reference work explores the topic of transportation across multiple disciplines within the social sciences and related areas, including geography, public policy, business, and economics. The book’s articles, all written by experts in the field, seek to answer such questions as: What has been the legacy, not just economically but politically and socially as well, of President Eisenhower’s modern interstate highway system in America? With that system and the infrastructure that supports it now in a state of decline and decay, what’s the best path for the future at a time of enormous fiscal constraints? Should California politicians plunge ahead with plans for a high-speed rail that every expert says—despite the allure—will go largely unused and will never pay back the massive investment while at this very moment potholes go unfilled all across the state? What path is best for emerging countries to keep pace with dramatic economic growth for their part? What are the social and financial costs of gridlock in our cities? Features: Approximately 675 signed articles authored by prominent scholars are arranged in A-to-Z fashion and conclude with Further Readings and cross references. A Chronology helps readers put individual events into historical context; a Reader’s Guide organizes entries by broad topical or thematic areas; a detailed index helps users quickly locate entries of most immediate interest; and a Resource Guide provides a list of journals, books, and associations and their websites. While articles were written to avoid jargon as much as possible, a Glossary provides quick definitions of technical terms. To ensure full, well-rounded coverage of the field, the General Editor with expertise in urban planning, public policy, and the environment worked alongside a Consulting Editor with a background in Civil Engineering. The index, Reader’s Guide, and cross references combine for thorough search-and-browse capabilities in the electronic edition. Available in both print and electronic formats, Encyclopedia of Transportation is an ideal reference for libraries and those who want to explore the issues that surround transportation in the United States and around the world.