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Saturn Return Survival Guide

Author : Lisa Stardust
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The Saturn Return Survival Guide is the perfect companion for those seeking guidance as they enter this turbulent time. Every 27 to 29 years, Saturn returns to the sign it was in when you were born - a cycle called the Saturn return. During this phase, you will typically break down in order to rebuild, and question everything from your career to the past to relationships and even finances. It's a time of deep reflection, turmoil and self-doubt. But after Saturn passes into a new sign, you will also experience great clarity and calm as you enter into a new chapter of your life. Understanding this cosmic rite of passage can help you to advance into your next stage of adulthood and the Saturn Return Survival Guide is the definitive guide to navigating this turbulent time. We break down the basics for each star sign and offer meditations and manifestations to help you through (using crystals, candles, and bath magic). Fun and easy to read, the Saturn Return Survival Guide is full of astrological truths for the believers as well as novices searching for meaning. Complete with modern vintage full-colour illustrations by London based artist, Emmy Lupin (@emmylupin).

The Saturn Return

Author : Nancy Ehresman
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Pays special attention to hard aspect phases & case history examples. The critical stages in one's development are described & interpreted to give the reader in-depth knowledge of the Saturn return.

Saturn Return

Author : Akane Torikai
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Surviving Saturn s Return

Author : Sherene Schostak
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For the first time, psychological strategies for surviving the astrological fallout of turning the big 3-0! Many young women approach their 30th birthdays with anxiety. They suddenly notice every tiny wrinkle, question the speed of their corporate ladder climb, or suffer from a biological clock that rivals Big Ben. Is it vanity, fear of aging, early midlife crisis, or insanity? It's actually the result of what astrologers call the "Saturn Return," a phenomenon occurring every 28 years, when Saturn completes its cycle through an individual's birth chart. At this crucial juncture, women often experience a crisis of self, unexplained chaotic feelings, or the uncertainty of personal and professional crossroads. In Surviving Saturn's Return, the first book to explore the subject, the authors combine their psychological and astrological expertise to demystify this cosmic source of strife and offer self-help strategies for surviving, even thriving, during this "quarterlife" crisis. In a fun, friendly, and reassuring tone, they explain how to deal with everything from the father complex to money to marriage to maturing confidently into adulthood.

Saturn s Return

Author : Tommy Murphy
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"Saturn has returned. In fact Saturn returned some time ago for Matt and Marissa. But a moment of doubt changes everything and the two can no longer ignore the fact that the universe has been conspiring against them and they could potentially be jettisoned into orbit. Sex on drugs has become sordid but the allure of the threesome is still tempting. The prospect of having children is no longer odious but mortgages and responsibility remain objects of contempt. Its time for this couple to decide whether they should grow up or grow apart. The latest production from the writer and director of Strangers in Between and Holding the Man, Saturns Return explores the phenomenon of prolonged adolescence and asks, is forty really the new thirty?"--Provided by publisher.

Saturn Returns

Author : Tom Jacobs
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Everyone faces the challenging invitations of the planet Saturn at key times during their lives. The planet of hard work, structure, discipline, and authority asks us to grow up and make of our lives a long-term work that will make a difference in the world. Responding to its invitations with ease and grace requires understand certain things and being willing to change and grow. This books looks at Saturn in the astrological birth chart and what each of the first two returns (ages 29 1/2 and 59) have in store for us. Included are explanations of the aspects in the natal chart between Saturn and other planets framed in terms of what each Saturn return will ask us to do.

Saturn s Return to New York

Author : Sara Gran
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From the author of the Claire DeWitt series: This “witty and poignant” novel of a woman moving on to a new stage of life, as her mother does the same (Rocky Mountain News). Mary Forrest is in her late twenties and comes from a literary family—her widowed mother still runs a prominent journal and shows up at Manhattan book parties packed with writers and intellectuals. Decades ago, Evelyn Forrest faced the kind of harassment that would make headlines in later times, but now her daughter works in publishing in an era that’s a little easier for women. Yet, young Mary is about to face some challenges of her own. Evelyn’s memory has been giving her problems—like “going home” to the place on Twelfth Street where she hasn’t lived since 1977. As Mary tries to support her mother, she struggles with personal relationships, and discovers that a coworker is brazenly trying to steal her job. At an astrological reading that she got as a birthday gift, a psychic explained that this is Mary’s Saturn Return year, her twenty-ninth; the year that the planet Saturn returns to exact spot it was in when she was born. It presages a time of change, and the last painful struggle before finally entering genuine adulthood. So far, it appears to be an accurate prediction . . .

Saturn s Return

Author : Molly Cutpurse
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A comedy drama about a wealthy African man. It is the story of a young, wise-cracking, black businessman living in London. Upon the death of his mother, he travels to Africa to find his father, but while there, discovers far more about himself.

Saturn Return

Author : Mark Levine
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A novel about who you are, where you're going & who you're meant to be with.

This Is The Year Of My Saturn Return

Author : Emma Dray
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An e-book of poems