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Save As Digital Memories

Author : Joanne Garde-Hansen
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In this groundbreaking collection, a range of international scholars examine how digital media are changing memory practices, discourses and forms in different national and cultural contexts around the world.

Save As Digital Memories

Author : J. Garde-Hansen
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This groundbreaking and truly interdisciplinary collection of essays examines how digital media technologies require us to rethink established conceptualisations of human memory in terms of its discourses, forms and practices.

Mediated Memories in the Digital Age

Author : José van Dijck
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This book studies how our personal memory is transformed as a result of technological and cultural transformations: digital photo cameras, camcorders, and multimedia computers inevitably change the way we remember and affect conventional forms of recollection.

Airing the Past Inquiries into Digital Memories

Author : Nuria Rodríguez Ortega
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This anthology provides a variety of critical insights to examine the impact of media culture on the heterogeneous processes of building digital memories through different cultural practices.

Digital Memory Studies

Author : Andrew Hoskins
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Digital media, networks and archives reimagine and revitalize individual, social and cultural memory but they also ensnare it, bringing it under new forms of control. Understanding these paradoxical conditions of remembering and forgetting through today’s technologies needs bold interdisciplinary interventions. Digital Memory Studies seizes this challenge and pioneers an agenda that interrogates concepts, theories and histories of media and memory studies, to map a holistic vision for the study of the digital remaking of memory. Through the lenses of connectivity, archaeology, economy, and archive, contributors illuminate the uses and abuses of the digital past via an array of media and topics, including television, videogames and social media, and memory institutions, network politics and the digital afterlife.

Social Movements Cultural Memory and Digital Media

Author : Samuel Merrill
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This collected volume is the first to study the interface between contemporary social movements, cultural memory and digital media. Establishing the digital memory work practices of social movements as an important area of research, it reveals how activists use digital media to lay claim to, circulate and curate cultural memories. Interdisciplinary in scope, its contributors address mobilizations of mediated remembrance in the USA, Germany, Sweden, Italy, India, Argentina, the UK and Russia.

Memory Conflict and New Media

Author : Ellen Rutten
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This book examines the online memory wars in post-Soviet states – where political conflicts take the shape of heated debates about the recent past, and especially World War II and Soviet socialism. To this day, former socialist states face the challenge of constructing national identities, producing national memories, and relating to the Soviet legacy. Their pasts are principally intertwined: changing readings of history in one country generate fierce reactions in others. In this transnational memory war, digital media form a pivotal discursive space – one that provides speakers with radically new commemorative tools. Uniting contributions by leading scholars in the field, Memory, Conflict and New Media is the first book-length publication to analyse how new media serve as a site of political and national identity building in post-socialist states. The book also examines how the construction of online identity is irreversibly affected by thinking about the past in this geopolitical domain. By highlighting post-socialist memory’s digital mediations and digital memory’s transcultural scope, the volume succeeds in a twofold aim: to deepen and refine both (post-socialist) memory theory and digital-memory studies. This book will be of much interest to students of media studies, post-Soviet studies, Eastern European Politics, memory studies and International Relations in general.

The Politics of Ephemeral Digital Media

Author : Sara Pesce
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In the age of "complex Tv", of social networking and massive consumption of transmedia narratives, a myriad short-lived phenomena surround films and TV programs raising questions about the endurance of a fictional world and other mediatized discourse over a long arc of time. The life of media products can change direction depending on the variability of paratextual materials and activities such as online commentaries and forums, promos and trailers, disposable merchandise and gadgets, grassroots video production, archives, and gaming. This book examines the tension between permanence and obsolescence in the production and experience of media byproducts analysing the affections and meanings they convey and uncovering the machineries of their persistence or disposal. Paratexts, which have long been considered only ancillary to a central text, interfere instead with textual politics by influencing the viewers’ fidelity (or infidelity) to a product and affecting a fictional world’s "life expectancy". Scholars in the fields of film studies, media studies, memory and cultural studies are here called to observe these byproducts' temporalities (their short form and/or long temporal extention, their nostalgic politics or future projections) and assess their increasing influence on our use of the past and present, on our temporal experience, and, consequently, on our social and political self-positioning through the media.

Memory in a Mediated World

Author : Andrea Hajek
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Considering both retrospective memories and the prospective employment of memories, Memory in a Mediated World examines troubled times that demand resolution, recovery and restoration. Its contributions provide empirically grounded analyses of how media are employed by individuals and social groups to connect the past, the present and the future.

Digital Snaps

Author : Jonas Larsen
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Photography as an everyday practice is once again changing dramatically. At this moment of transition from analogue to digital, Digital Snaps aims to develop a new media ecology that can accommodate these changes to photography 'as we know it'. Expert contributors representing varied disciplines demonstrate how and to what extent the traditional social practices, technologies and images of analogue photography are being transformed with the movement to digital photography. They zoom in on typical, vernacular, everyday practices: the development of the family photo album from a physical object in the living room to a digital practice on the Internet; the use of mobile phones in everyday life; photo communities on the Internet; photo booth photography; studio photography; and fine arts' appropriation of amateur photography. They explore how this media convergence transforms the media ecology - the networks, objects, performances, meanings and circulations - of vernacular photography, as we research it through ordinary people's use of such new cameras and interactive Internet spaces as part of their everyday lives.