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School Behaviour and Families

Author : Sue Roffey
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This book focuses on the relationship that schools have with parents and carers, especially in the early stages of behavioral difficulty. It aims to promote the best possible partnership with parents in what is often a sensitive and emotionally fraught situation. It contains an overview of the context and a general theoretical framework for home school interactions on behavior; research findings on factors which facilitate or inhibit effective partnerships, helping teachers understand why some parents/carers are reluctant to become involved or may appear aggressive and suggests ways in which schools might usefully respond; and chapters written by contributors with specific expertise in working with parents who have harmed their children, the carers of children in foster families and residential homes, mobile families (including travelers and asylum seekers), and families from diverse communities. The book is intended primarily for teachers and school managers at every phase of education, but will also be of interest to educational psychologists, home-school liaison officers, support staff, counselors, mentors, LEA officers and anyone working in parent partnership schemes.

Better Behaviour Through Home school Relations

Author : Gill Ellis
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How can we create effective partnerships between home, school and the community? How can the relationships and communication between families and school be strengthened? How can families help schools to improve behaviour in their children, both at home and at school? Using a tried and tested framework that has been successfully implemented throughout a wide variety of very different schools and settings, 'Family Values' is a Scheme which engages and empowers families to work in close collaboration with schools and organisations, and which results in long-term improvements in behaviour, communication, pupil achievement and relationships. The 'Family Values' Scheme has been proven to: Help pupils to be more academically diligent Help schools to assume a calmer, more peaceful ambience Forge better pupil-teacher relationships Improve Pupil and teacher wellbeing Help parents to be more engaged with the school Improve children's literacy, behaviour and attendance Provide head teachers and their staff with an effective whole-school strategy. The authors' award-winning 'Family Values' Scheme is underpinned by sound theoretical principles, and they show here how it has been successfully put into practice through case studies in real school settings. The book explores how the Scheme promotes social, emotional and family system theories, and, in linking effectively to SEAL (social and emotional aspects of learning), the Scheme compliments existing personal and social education programmes in all schools. Showing schools and organisations how to create effective partnerships with families and the community in a fun, exciting and sustainable way, Better Behaviour through Home-School Relations will be of huge benefit to all school staff, as well as local authorities, support groups, parents, charities and services.

Engaging Families in Schools

Author : Nicola S. Morgan
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Engaging Families in Schools is a practical resource that provides strategies and ideas that will contribute to the effective engagement of families and the involvement of parents in their child’s education. Parental engagement with school staff has a significant and very positive impact on children’s learning, and strategies presented have been extensively trialled in a variety of different settings. Nicola S. Morgan shows school staff how to understand the importance of family engagement and evidence the outcomes. This book has been split into ten easily accessible units: Understanding the importance of parent engagement Using whole-school strategies to engage parents The role of the family engagement officer Engaging all parents Engaging Dads Engaging multicultural parents Difficult to engage parents Working with parents to improve student attainment Working with parents to improve behaviour and attendance Working with parents of children with additional needs This is a must-read guide for teaching and non teaching staff who wishes to bridge the gap between their student’s school and family life and understand the effects of positive family engagement.

Families with Children in Britain

Author : Lorenc Hoxhallari
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Behaviour and the Role of Home School Agreements

Author : Alan Steer
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Families with Children in Britain

Author : Anne Conolly
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"The 2006 Families and Children Study (FACS) is the eighth in a series of annual surveys to investigate the circumstances of British families with dependent children. The study began in 1999 with a survey of all lone parent families and low/moderate-income couples. In 2001 the third annual study was enlarged to be representative of all families with dependent children. This report presents statistics based on a representative snapshot of the circumstances of all families with dependent children in 2006. The report is divided into two parts. Chapters 2 to 10 look at a distinct feature of family life. Some of the chapters focus on the circumstances of the family unit - such as housing, income and material well being - some on the circumstances of the adults in the family (the 'mother figure' mainly but also her partner if relevant) - such as work and health. Chapters 11 to 16 look at a distinct feature of children's lives - such as health and schooling, childcare, child maintenance and some on the circumstances of the children in the family."--P. 7.

Public Assistance and Family Behaviour in the Urban United States

Author : N. A. Barr
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Children Families and Schools

Author : Sally Beveridge
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This book is concerned with home-school relations from an 'inclusive'perspective, in that it addresses questions common to all schools, but with an emphasis on children with special needs.

Pupil Behaviour and Teacher Culture

Author : Andy Miller
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A detailed examination of the ways in which teachers and educational psychologists are responding to the challenge of asserting discipline in schools, this book presents the results of a national survey of educational psychologists detailing 68 interventions with difficult pupils. It summarizes the aspects most associated with successful outcomes, and then examines the results of in-depth interviews with 24 teachers who have worked successfully with educational psychologists in overcoming the problems presented to them by a difficult pupil. The many cases the teacher describes the pupil as the most difficult they have ever encountered, and yet they have achieved considerable and even dramatically unexpected improvements.

Teacher parent Collaboration

Author : Louise Porter
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This book describes the skills teachers will need for productive collaboration with their students' parents. It employs a solution-focused approach which honors the diversity of families, respects the expertise of both parents and teachers, and promotes authentic communication between them. Teacher-Parent Collaboration looks at specific challenges that arise in schools and early childhood settings. The book outlines how teachers can respond to the needs of parents whose sons or daughters have disabilities or chronic illness, are gifted learners, are displaying disruptive or aggressive behavior (including bullying) at school, or whose families are enduring adversity, child neglect, or abuse. It describes how teachers can collaborate with parents to resolve these challenges to improve the children's functioning and achievement throughout their education years.

The Multi problem Family

Author : Benjamin Schlesinger
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Children in Britain

Author : Maxine Willitts
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Author :
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Jewish Day Schools Jewish Communities

Author : Alex Pomson
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Evaluates the relationship between Jewish day schools and society, revealing conflicting conceptions of the social functions of schooling and providing a new understanding of the capacity of schools to build community. Original.

Register of Educational Research in the United Kingdom

Author :
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Understanding Family Diversity and Home School Relations

Author : Gianna Knowles
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How can adults in Early Years settings and primary schools fully embrace the diverse nature of family life of the children they are working with? This essential text will help students and those already working with children to understand both theoretically and practically, what may constitute a ‘family’. It explores how to build relationships with a child’s family to ensure early years settings and schools are working in partnership with children’s home environments, thereby supporting the best possible learning outcomes for children. It will help the reader to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of their professional practice in education, and chapter by chapter explores the challenges that may be experienced in working with the diverse nature of family life in the UK, including: mixed race families immigrant, refugee and asylum seeker families step-families and step-parenting gay and lesbian families families and adoption fostering and children in care families living in poverty families and bereavement families and disability (including mental health). Understanding Family Diversity and Home-School Relations is engagingly practical, using case study examples throughout, and providing reflective activities to help the reader consider how to develop their practice in relation to the insights this book provides. It is a unique road-map to understanding pupils’ backgrounds, attitudes and culture and will be essential reading for any student undertaking relevant Foundation and BA Degrees, including those in initial teacher training, taking post-graduate qualifications or as part of a practitioner’s professional development.

Understanding Pupil Behaviour in Schools

Author : Janice Wearmouth
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Written for beginning teachers, teachers in training and teachers pursuing professional development courses in the UK and internationally.

Families Schools and Delinquency Prevention

Author : Glenn C. Loury
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Are there ways to intervene early in a child's life that might reduce, at a reasonable cost, the probability of his becoming a serious delinquent? The results of some small-scale social experiments have been published suggesting that certain kinds of preschool education and parent training might have desirable and lasting effects. In addition, there is growing evidence that some kinds of medical intervention and certain forms of school organization and ethos could help reduce the rate of misconduct. The authors provide a full-scale assessment of the evidence that might lead to the design of new research and action efforts.

Families at Risk

Author : Nicola Madge
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Educating Children with Behaviour Problems

Author : Graham Upton
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