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Science Askew

Author : Donald M Simanek
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Copiously illustrated throughout with many fine drawings by John C. Holden, Science Askew: A Light-Hearted Look at the Scientific World is a refreshing antidote to the daily grind. From continental drip to the life of Konrad Finagle via the murky depths of Loch Ness, we are treated to an off-kilter trip through the scientific world. This pocket-sized goldmine can be produced whenever a spare minute or two presents itself, when the reader feels in need of a chuckle, or when just plain old-fashioned enlightenment is required.

Primary Mathematics and the Developing Professional

Author : Alison Millett
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Abstract. This introduction sets the scene for the remainder of the book by considering first the international context of widespread concern about the improvement of numeracy skills. This is related to reform movements in the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries aimed at modernising primary (elementary) school mathematics curricula. A detailed account is given of the National Numeracy Strategy in England, a systemic government-imposed response to concern about standards implemented in 1999/2000. This includes a discussion of the alternative meanings of numeracy. An earlier initiative sponsored by a United Kingdom charitable trust reacting to concern about primary numeracy was the Leverhulme Numeracy Research Programme. This large-scale longitudinal study and linked set of case-study projects, focusing on reasons for low attainment, took place during 1997-2002. This book, and each other in the same series, is based on results of that research. The timescale fortuitously enabled the research team to also report on some effects of the systemic reform in the National Numeracy Strategy. 1. THE INTERNATIONAL CONTEXT In many countries, there are recurring periods of national concern about the low standards of calculation skills shown by children in primary (elementary) schools. Recently, these concerns have become more urgent and more political with the publication of international comparisons of mathematical achievement, first at secondary and more recently at primary level (e. g. Lapointe, Mead, & Askew 1992; Mullis et al. , 1997).

Chamber s Journal of Popular Literature Science and Arts

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Past and Promise

Author : The Women's Project of New Jersey, Inc.
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This unique book explores the lives and work of nearly 300 New Jersey women from the Colonial period to the present century. Included are biographies of notable, often nationally known individuals, as well as less celebrated people, whose vibrant personal stories illustrate the richness of women's experiences in New Jersey—and, really, in America—from 1600 to the present. Researched, written and illustrated by The Women's Project of New Jersey, this volume both recovers and re-tells the life stories of women who have helped shape our world. Past and Promise is a long-overdue celebration of the accomplishments of these individuals who succeeded, often against overwhelming odds. Past and Promise: Lives of New Jersey Women incorporates an inclusive view of history that understands the past as the history of all of the people, not merely those who held a monopoly of power. As such this work contains biographies of artists, activists, entertainers, scientists, scholars, teachers, factory and agricultural workers, businesswomen, social engineers, and community builders. This easy-to-use and beautifully presented volume is indexed, and full of illustrations. The biographies are arranged alphabetically within four sections covering the following time periods: 1600-1807, 1808-1865, 1866-1920, and 1921 to the present. Each section is introduced by a historical overview, and each biographical entry includes a brief bibliography for further reading and research. This unique and very readable collection of biographies belongs in every public and personal library and deserves a wide audience of general readers from high school age through college and beyond.

The Monkey s Voyage

Author : Alan de Queiroz
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Throughout the world, closely related species are found on landmasses separated by wide stretches of ocean. What explains these far-flung distributions? Why are such species found where they are across the Earth? Since the discovery of plate tectonics, scientists have conjectured that plants and animals were scattered over the globe by riding pieces of ancient supercontinents as they broke up. In the past decade, however, that theory has foundered, as the genomic revolution has made reams of new data available. And the data has revealed an extraordinary, stranger-than-fiction story that has sparked a scientific upheaval. In The Monkey's Voyage, biologist Alan de Queiroz describes the radical new view of how fragmented distributions came into being: frogs and mammals rode on rafts and icebergs, tiny spiders drifted on storm winds, and plant seeds were carried in the plumage of sea-going birds to create the map of life we see today. In other words, these organisms were not simply constrained by continental fate; they were the makers of their own geographic destiny. And as de Queiroz shows, the effects of oceanic dispersal have been crucial in generating the diversity of life on Earth, from monkeys and guinea pigs in South America to beech trees and kiwi birds in New Zealand. By toppling the idea that the slow process of continental drift is the main force behind the odd distributions of organisms, this theory highlights the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the history of life. In the tradition of John McPhee's Basin and Range, The Monkey's Voyage is a beautifully told narrative that strikingly reveals the importance of contingency in history and the nature of scientific discovery.

Art Sex and Eugenics

Author : Anthea Callen
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This book reveals how art and sex promoted the desire for the genetically perfect body. Its eight chapters demonstrate that before eugenics was stigmatized by the Holocaust and Western histories were sanitized of its prevalence, a vast array of Western politicians, physicians, eugenic societies, family leagues, health associations, laboratories and museums advocated, through verbal and visual cultures, the breeding of 'the master race'. Each chapter illustrates the uncanny resemblances between models of sexual management and the perfect eugenic body in America, Britain, France, Communist Russia and Nazi Germany both before and after the Second World War. Traced back to the eighteenth-century anatomy lesson, the perfect eugenic body is revealed as athletic, hygienic, 'pure-blooded' and sexually potent. This paradigm is shown to have persisted as much during the Bolshevik sexual revolution, as in democratic nations and fascist regimes. Consistently posed naked, these images were unashamedly exhibitionist and voyeuristic. Despite stringent legislation against obscenity, not only were these images commended for soliciting the spectator's gaze but also for motivating the spectator to act out their desire. An examination of the counter-archives of Maori and African Americans also exposes how biologically racist eugenics could be equally challenged by art. Ultimately this book establishes that art inculcated procreative sex with the Corpus Delecti - the delectable body, healthy, wholesome and sanctioned by eugenicists for improving the Western race.

Bismuth and Thallium Cuprate Superconductors

Author : C. N. R. Rao
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The New Zealand Journal of Science and Technology

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New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research

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Pesticides Documentation Bulletin

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