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Decision Science in Action

Author : Kusum Deep
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This book provides essential insights into a range of newly developed numerical optimization techniques with a view to solving real-world problems. Many of these problems can be modeled as nonlinear optimization problems, but due to their complex nature, it is not always possible to solve them using conventional optimization theory. Accordingly, the book discusses the design and applications of non-conventional numerical optimization techniques, including the design of benchmark functions and the implementation of these techniques to solve real-world optimization problems. The book’s twenty chapters examine various interesting research topics in this area, including: Pi fraction-based optimization of the Pantoja–Bretones–Martin (PBM) antenna benchmarks; benchmark function generators for single-objective robust optimization algorithms; convergence of gravitational search algorithms on linear and quadratic functions; and an algorithm for the multi-variant evolutionary synthesis of nonlinear models with real-valued chromosomes. Delivering on its promise to explore real-world scenarios, the book also addresses the seismic analysis of a multi-story building with optimized damper properties; the application of constrained spider monkey optimization to solve portfolio optimization problems; the effect of upper body motion on a bipedal robot’s stability; an ant colony algorithm for routing alternate-fuel vehicles in multi-depot vehicle routing problems; enhanced fractal dimension-based feature extraction for thermal face recognition; and an artificial bee colony-based hyper-heuristic for the single machine order acceptance and scheduling problem. The book will benefit not only researchers, but also organizations active in such varied fields as Aerospace, Automotive, Biotechnology, Consumer Packaged Goods, Electronics, Finance, Business & Banking, Oil, Gas & Geosciences, and Pharma, to name a few.

Information Science in Action System Design

Author : Anthony Debons
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In August 1978, one hundred or so scholars from several countries around the world met in Crete, Greece to discuss the progress made in designing information systems and the relation of information science to this activity. This was the Third Advanced Study Institute supported by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Brussels, Belgium. The first Institute was conducted in 1972 and held in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. The results of this Institute were published by Marcel Dekker and titled Information Sc. ience: Search for Identity. The'second Institute was held at the College of Librarianship, Aberystwyth, Wales in the summer of 1974. The proceedings were published by Noordhoff International Publishing, Leyden, The Netherlands, entitled Perspectives of Information Science edited by A. Debons and Hilliam Cameron. The three institutes that were conducted shared a common purpose, namely, to assess the state of affairs of information science and to share this assessment with inter national community. Information science can be said to have emerged during the past two, three decades in response to the significant increase in data-knowledge processing technology, the growth of knowledge as the result of these trends and the increase in problem solving, decision making complexity that faced all institutions at all levels throughout the world. Information systems, for many reasons, remain as an abstraction. Nevertheless, considerable funds and human efforts are being expended on them. Thus, such systems are of vital concerns to both scientists and technologists who are involved in them.

Science In Action Chemistry 6

Author : Moorthy Gayatri
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Science in Action 6

Author : Louise Petheram
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Focus on Community Development

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Scholars in Action 2 vols

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In Scholars in Action, an international group of 40 authors open up new perspectives on the eighteenth-century culture of knowledge, with a particular focus on scholars and their various practices.

Foresight in Action

Author : Marjolein van Asselt
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Assessing the future is vital in informing public policy decisions. One of the most widespread approaches is the development of scenarios, which are alternative hypothetical futures. Research has indicated, however, that the reality of how professionals go about employing scenarios is often starkly at odds with the theory - a finding that has important ramifications for how the resulting images of the future should be interpreted. It also shows the need for rewriting and updating theory. This book, based on an intensive five year study of how experts actually go about assessing the future, provides a groundbreaking examination of foresighting in action. Obtained via ethnographic techniques, the results lay bare for the first time the real processes by which scenarios are made. It is also the first book to examine foresighting for public policy, which is so often overlooked in favour of business practice. From handling of discontinuity to historical determinism, the analysis reveals and explains why foresight is difficult and what the major pitfalls are. Each chapter ends with a toolkit of recommendations for practice. The book aims to help readers to reflect on their own practices of public-oriented foresight and thus to foster a deeper understanding of the key principles and challenges. Ultimately, this will lead to better informed decision making.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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Includes Part 1, Number 1 & 2: Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals (January - December)

Resources in Education

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Detective Science

Author : Jim Wiese
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Children/Science Become a super science sleuth with . . . Detective Science 40 Crime-Solving, Case-Breaking, Crook-Catching Activitiesfor Kids Search for evidence, gather clues, and discover how science canhelp solve a mystery. From dusting for fingerprints to analyzinghandwriting, these easy, fun-filled activities give you a firsthandlook at how detectives and forensic scientists use science to solvereal-life crimes. Make a plaster cast of a shoe. Identify lip prints left on aglass. Examine hair and clothing fibers. Practice chemistry toidentify mystery substances, and much more. In no time at all, you'll be thinking like a detective andperforming experiments like a real forensic scientist!