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The Chemistry of Alchemy

Author : Cathy Cobb
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A history of science combines 20 do-it-yourself experiments and brief profiles to demonstrate how ancient alchemists stumbled on the science of chemistry, revealing the unrealized theoretical understandings of Western European alchemists who discovered the properties and reactions of elements.

Distilling Knowledge

Author : Bruce T. MORAN
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Reacting to the perception that the break, early on in the scientific revolution, between alchemy and chemistry was clean and abrupt, Moran literately and engagingly recaps what was actually a slow process. Far from being the superstitious amalgam it is now considered, alchemy was genuine science before and during the scientific revolution. The distinctive alchemical procedure--distillation--became the fundamental method of analytical chemistry, and the alchemical goal of transmuting "base metals" into gold and silver led to the understanding of compounds and elements. What alchemy very gradually but finally lost in giving way to chemistry was its spiritual or religious aspect, the linkages it discerned between purely physical and psychological properties. Drawing saliently from the most influential alchemical and scientific texts of the medieval to modern epoch (especially the turbulent and eventful seventeenth century), Moran fashions a model short history of science volume.

Science of Alchemy

Author : Albert Sidney Raleigh
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Isaac Newton and the Transmutation of Alchemy

Author : Philip Ashley Fanning
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Isaac Newton was a dedicated alchemist, a fact usually obscured as unsuited to his stature as a leader of the scientific revolution. Author Philip Ashley Fanning has diligently examined the evidence and concludes that the two major aspects of Newton’s research—conventional science and alchemy—were actually inseparable. In Isaac Newton and the Transmutation of Alchemy, Fanning reveals the surprisingly profound influence that Newton’s study of this hermetic art had in shaping his widely adopted scientific concepts. Alchemy was an ancient tradition of speculative philosophy that promised miraculous powers, such as the ability to change base metals into gold and the possibility of a universal solvent or elixir of life. Fanning compellingly describes this carefully tended esoteric institution, which may have found its greatest advocate in the career of the father of modern science. Relegated to the fringes of discourse until its twentieth-century revival by innovative thinkers such as psychiatrist Carl Jung, alchemy offers a key to understanding both the foundations of modern knowledge and important avenues in which we may yet discover wisdom.

Science Alchemy and the Great Plague of London

Author : William Scott Shelley
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The Secrets of Alchemy

Author : Lawrence Principe
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An accessible history of alchemy by a leading world authority explores its development and relationship with myriad disciplines and pursuits, tracing its heyday in early modern Europe while profiling some of history's most colorful alchemists and describing the author's recreation of famous alchemy recipes.

Chemistry Alchemy and the New Philosophy 1550 1700

Author : Allen G. Debus
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Alchemy the Ancient Science

Author : Neil Powell
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Examines the principles and meaning of alchemy, discusses ancient and modern alchemists, and describes the practice of alchemy in the twentieth century.

The Chemical Choir

Author : P. G. Maxwell-Stuart
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The Science of Alchemy

Author : William Westcott
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The Science of Alchemy

Author : A. S. Raleigh
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This Is A New Release Of The Original 1916 Edition.


Author : Mari Silva
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A beginner's guide to understanding alchemy and uncovering the secrets within! Have you heard about alchemy and want to know more about this ancient mystical science? Do you want to practice alchemy at home, but don't know where to start? Do you already dabble in alchemy and want to brush up on your skills? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Alchemy: Unlocking Secrets of an Ancient Mystical Science is the book you have been looking for. This book will answer all the questions you may have about alchemy in easy to understand language. In this book, you will: Learn what alchemy is and the principles that govern it Investigate the basics of modern alchemy and its focus on self-transformation Discover the four alchemical elements, their symbols, and the roles they play Explore the seven alchemical metals and their corresponding planets Understand the mundane elements, their symbols, and the roles they play in alchemy Reveal the twelve alchemical operations and how you can execute each one See examples of herbal alchemy and the plants and herbs known to contain specific planetary metals Learn about the spagyric process and its relationship with herbal or plant alchemy Find detailed and easy herbal alchemy recipes Master the art of how to transform yourself into a modern and effective alchemist Learn how to be a powerful alchemist This book holds the ultimate secrets that will lead you to uncover the mystical world of alchemy. So, what are you waiting for? Click the "add to cart" button to get a copy of this book today!

The Spiritual Science of Alchemy

Author : Adam McLean
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Author : E. J. Holmyard
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Classic study by noted authority covers 2,000 years of alchemical history: religious, mystical overtones; apparatus; signs, symbols, and secret terms; advent of scientific method, much more. Illustrated.

Mind into Matter

Author : Fred Alan Wolf
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Alchemists of old attempted to make sense of the universe--to discover the connection between mind and matter. Some of today's scientists, in particular quantum physicists, are doing the same. In this contribution to the study of consciousness, physicist Fred Alan Wolf reveals what he calls the "new alchemy"--a melding of the ideas of the old alchemists and the new scientists to reach a fuller understanding of mind and matter. An elegant book with short, stand-alone chapters, each framed by an alchemical symbol and its definition. Thought-provoking for scientists and lay people alike.

Gaia Alchemy

Author : Stephan Harding
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• Examines how integrating important alchemical images with Gaian science can offer insights into our interconnectedness with Gaia • Looks at how the four components of the living earth--biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere--mesh with the four elements of alchemical theory and the four functions of consciousness as understood by depth psychology • Offers guided meditations and contemplative exercises to open your receptivity to messages from the biosphere and help you connect more deeply with Gaia During the scientific revolution, science and soul were drastically separated, propelling humanity into four centuries of scientific exploration based solely on empiricism and rationality. But, as scientist and ecologist Stephan Harding, Ph.D., demonstrates in detail, by reintegrating science with profound personal experiences of psyche and soul, we can reclaim our lost sacred wholeness and help heal ourselves and our planet. Harding begins with compelling introductions to depth psychology, alchemy, and Gaia theory--the science of seeing the Earth as an intelligent, self-regulating system, a theory pioneered by his mentor James Lovelock. He then explores how alchemy, as understood through the depth psychology of C. G. Jung, offers us powerful methods of reuniting rationality and intuition, science and soul. He examines the integration of important alchemical engravings, including L’Azoth des Philosophes and the Rosarium Philosophorum, with Gaian science. He shows how the seven key alchemical operations in the Azoth image can help us develop deeply transformative experiences and insights into our interconnectedness with Gaia. He then looks at how the four components of the living Earth--biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and ­lithosphere--mesh not only with the four elements of alchemical theory but also with the four functions of consciousness from depth psychology. Woven throughout with the author’s own experiences of Gaia alchemy, the book also offers guided meditations, shamanic practices, and contemplative exercises to open your receptivity to messages from the biosphere and help you develop your own Gaia alchemical way of life, full of wonder and healing.

Encyclopedia of the History of Arabic Science Technology alchemy and life sciences

Author : Régis Morelon
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"The Arab contribution is fundamental to the history of science, mathematics and technology, but until now no single publication has offered an up-to-date synthesis of knowledge in this area. In three fully-illustrated volumes the Encyclopedia of the History of Arab Science documents the history and philosophy of Arab science from the earliest times to the present day. Thirty-one chapters, written by an international team of specialists, cover astronomy, mathematics, music, engineering, nautical science, scientific institutions and many other areas. The Encyclopedia is divided into three volumes: 1. Astronomy--Theoretical and applied 2. Mathematics and the Physical Sciences 3. Technology, Alchemy, and the Life Sciences. Extensively illustrated with figures, tables, and plates, each chapter is written by an internationally respected expert, guaranteeing accuracy and quality. Each volume contains an extensive bibliography of sources and suggestions for further reading, and the set is fully indexed. This set will interest mathematicians, engineers and scientists, as well as students of history, the history of science, and Middle Eastern studies."--Publisher's information.

Weights and Balances in the Science of Alchemy

Author : Sadegh Angha
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The contents of this book are the results of the author's forty years of scientific and experimental research into the mysteries of Alchemy, guided by the vastness of his innate, mystical knowledge.

The Alchemy of Paint

Author : Spike Bucklow
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A fascinating look at how pigments were created, used, and revered in the Middle Ages.

A Chemical History Tour

Author : Arthur Greenberg
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Take a stroll through this one-of-a-kind book that offers readers an illustrated tour of how chemistry developed, from alchemy to the emergence of chemistry as a scientific discipline in the early 17th century, and, finally, modern-day chemistry. Discover this rare collection of more than 180 illustrations spanning 400 years of chemical publications, with each illustration accompanied by an essay discussing its significance in the context of historical scientific beliefs as well as modern chemical science. The author's knowledge and enthusiasm for the books, images, and subject matter are clearly reflected throughout the very readable, informative, and frequently funny essays. High-quality, full-page reproductions from the author's art collection, published from 1599 to the present, are eloquently displayed.